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    (CS90) A small German Swastika Flag with a separately applied roundel to a red triangular flag. The flag is edged in red cotton and measures at it's widest points approximately 28 cm by 34 cm. There appears to be two snap fastenings that have been removed from the flag. All in all, a nice unusual item.

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    (CS332) A Very Rare example of the Table Flag for the SS Finnish Volunteer Battalion. A full size version of this flag was presented by Colonel Walter Horn, the Finnish military attache in Berlin on 15th October 1941 to the members of the Finnish volunteer battalion of the Waffen SS. This is shown in the publication Foreign Legions of the Third Reich by David Littlejohn on page 227 with an illustration shown on page 228. This is a faithful representation of that flag in miniature. The flag is approximately 15 cm by 15 cm in diameter. These were used at dinners and gatherings of the soldiers., so that they would know where to sit. We have had many of the wehrmacht navy and airforce examples over the years and this is the first example of an SS one and a volunteer battalion at that. In beautiful condition. A very rare piece of history, only the second one we have seen in over 35 year collecting, the second being in my personal collection in a bank vault!

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    (F1029) A small size NSDAP Flag that at some time has come into contact with bleach, as it has stained the red
    background as can be seen from the scan. The flag still has some string attached to it as it has been displayed.
    The centre has been separately been applied on both sides and is a printed version. Nice display item. In vgc.

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    (M1090) A German Battle Flag, the type often flown by a navy small craft. The flag is a nice display size example, being approximately 55 cm by 90 cm. The halyard on this example has some black marks but as the flag has bled, it has become a sort of purple shade. The flag has no holes and is in good condition.

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    (M1433) A third reich, removed from a plant wreath, army Funeral Drape as presented by the army command for the soldiers who were either highly decorated of or high rank. The drape has been stapled together after being removed and consists of a top bow, and two hangers, one having a roundel with a swastika, the other having a black edged iron cross embroidered to it. Below this, is the wording OBER KOMMANDO DES HERRES. Both bits are then fringed at the base. A very unusual and hard item to acquire. These were often removed from the wreath and kept by the family as a memento for the loss of their child to the war.

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    (N331) A Bosnian Flag from the Balkan war of 1991-1992. The flag is screen printed nylon that was sewn up at one end. It has a few age stains to it and is quite large being 70 cm by 1.15 cm. The flag was taken by a British member of the Cheshire regiment who swapped it in the field. He also picked up a Russian Wrist Watch which is already listed on the site. An unusual item to find now.

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    (MB119) A Nice cloth German Motorists Flag complete with its attachments for the pole. Consisting of a triangular flag, which is screen printed on both sides, with an eagle holding a swastika on an oval base with the letters DDAK to its chest. The pennant is of superb quality and construction and is nicely sewn up. The pennant is approximately 38 cm long by 25 cm high. It is still nice, bright and clean in condition and double sided. Nicely sewn up with no damaging to the stitching.

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    (MB121) An NSDAP Car pennant being triangular in form with a separately applied central roundel that is sewn directly to the red cloth flag that has a black woven swastika on it. The pennant is double sided and has a white halyard with its hook and rope attached. The pennant measures approximately 20 cm by 34 cm and is in nice clean condition.

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    (MB123) A Nice example of an NSKK Car Pennant complete with its weather proof cover. The pennant is in good clean condition complete with its rope and hook on fixing to the top. Very nice quality, the colours are nice and bright. It is a multi constructed pennant.

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    (MB125) An Army Officers Car Pennant in good condition although some of the material is a little foxed due to the storage, nothing bad though. The embroidery is nice and clean with no snagging, multi constructed, an identical one can be found in the book "Flags and banners of the third reich" by A S Walker on page 117. The size is approximately 22 cm by 30 cm in length.

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    (MB252) A German Navy Battle Flag being the type that shows an iron cross to the corner with the flag divided into 4 quarters and a black swastika on a white circle to the centre. The flag is complete with it's halyard which is marked with Kr.Fl. 80x 135 and in black letters Lorenz Summa Sohne Oberkolzau. The flag halyard also has both rope loops sewn into it. There are a few minor stains, which don't detract from the flag and the flag is the popular wall display size taken usually from u-boats or e-boats.

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    (MB286) A German Service Flag being well marked. The flag is nice and bright and shows the eagle holding a swastika to the corner and the swastika to the centre on a white background. The halyard is marked Reichs DFLG 1.0x1.7 and then has the eagle and swastika and M mark and then is maker marked Kress Sl.Tonis. The flag is in reasonably good condition but has been folded and stained in storage. There are no holes to it. A nice size flag to acquire being 1 metre by 1 m 70 cm as the markings tell.

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    (MB287) A Small Navy Battle Flag being of stiffened canvas. The flag is marked on the halyard OKM 1937 and shows an iron cross to the centre with a swastika to the middle. The flag is approximately 55 cm high by 1.3 m long and is the type that was flown by German boats and subs etc. In good condition although it has been folded and stored for many years like this. There are no holes in it.

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