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BDM Youth Sports Badges (FEMALE AWARDS) & Hitler Youth, Youth Sports Badges(MALE AWARDS)

(CS347) A Hitler Youth Shooting Award in Gold. The award has been used and worn in service and as such, there is some minor enamel scratches the HJ diamond. One of the harder awards to acquire, few of these gold marksman's awards were issued. This example is marked M1/102 as well as RZM. Priced for condition
GBP 425.00 (UK Pounds)

(M878) A Late war example of a Gauseiger 1944 Badge. The badge is a textbook example of this type being manufactured by G Brehmer Mark Neukirchen, which is in raised letters to the reverse. The badge has a countersunk hinge and hook and is in nice overall condition with only minor paint flaking and minor oxidisation, as can be seen from the scan. This came from a German house clearance agent.

GBP 225.00 (UK Pounds)

(L1013) A DJ Shooting Award. Very scarce to find these. These have a single sigrun to the centre and DJ to either side of the crossed rifles. The badge is non maker marked and is of early quality silver construction. There are some enamel cracks to the white sigrun but nothing serious.

GBP125.00 (UK Pounds)

(N1140) A Hitler Youth Shooting Award in Gold. The award has been used and worn in service and as such, there is some enamel damage to the righthand white arm of the HJ diamond. One of the harder awards to acquire, few of these gold marksman's awards were issued. This example is marked M1/63 as well as RZM. Priced for condition (perfect, you are looking at over 400)

GBP 250.00 (UK Pounds)

(N576) A Nice example of the seldom encountered BDM Sports Badge. The award is a textbook example being RZM M1/15 maker marked and numbered 68758. The ribbon is nice and clean and the brass fretted out work is brilliant. Scarce to find in this quality.

GBP 195.00 (UK Pounds)

(N627) A Scarce to find German Female Youth BDM Badge. The badge has some nice fretting out work with the ribbon behind overlaid with a brass plate. To the reverse, the badge is numbered 56163 and is RZM marked M1/15. A scarce badge to find nowadays.

GBP 225.00 (UK Pounds)

(N686) A German Youth Sports Badge being of standard quality and construction. It has the number 6183 engraved into the top of the award. The badge is shaped in a sigrund design with the motto around the swastika to the centre. Given to young children who qualify for certain sports criteria, this was the badge they wore before they became members of the hitler youth

GBP 125.00 (UK Pounds)

(N872) A Nice HJ Golden Sports Leaders Badge With Miniature. The badge has a nice fire gild finish that is about 85% intact with only moderate wear and tear. The black enamel circular base is intact with no chips or dings and the fire gilt around the edge is also nice and clean. The badge is maker marked RZM M1/101 and is a standard textbook example for this type of badge. The badge is engraved to the reverse No. 9164. The miniature is also maker marked RZM M1/101 and is in superb condition also. Not very often you find such a superb set. These badges are becoming very hard to find.

GBP 775.00 (UK Pounds)

(P283) A Silver Class HJ Sports Badge being maker marked to the reverse RZM M1/34. The badge is of leightweight coupal and retains a high percentage of it's original silvered finish. The badge is complete with it's spring pin fixing to the reverse and is numbered 80727. The badge also shows minor wear and tear to the front of the silver with some of the copper colour coming through especially around the swastika area and arrow head . Hard to find now.

GBP 95.00 (UK Pounds)

(MC69) A Hitler Youth Sport's Badge in coupal. The award is in silver, although the coupal bronze is coming through. The badge is a nice lightweight example and is a secondary replacement type marked B. The badge is also marked RZM M1/101. This was part of a group picked up by someone who was obviously in charge of de-nazification or had light fingers! GBP 75.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS608) A German Hitler Youth Golden Badge of Honour. The badge is of two piece construction and appears to have been gilded on a tombak base metal. The badge is unmarked, except for an old English 12.50 mark to it that is in faded pencil. Nice quality and construction and a rare award to find. This is what I think though to be a wartime museum display or funeral pillar example and not the gold hallmarked type. As such, the value is significantly lower. GBP 750.00 (UK Pounds)

Hitler Youth Membership Badges

(M1345) A Hitler Youth Membership Badge in Very Good Condition. The badge is the Otto Hoffmann marked type and the badge is also Ges Gesch marked.. The enamel is nice and clean although there are a few minor cracks to it, which is to be expected for its age. There is also an enamel flaw to the white enamel, detectable by a magnifying glass. The over all condition is very good. GBP 50.00 (UK Pounds)

(N404) One of a group of individual items that were part of a display card, that has all but disintegrated. This item is a German Youth Early Membership Badge being the rounded enamelled black, red and silvered type. It shows a sigrund to the centre on a red circular background flanked with four silver arms and the letters D and J. The badge is in very nice condition although it is age tarnished. Still stuck to a remnant of the card. Part of a group of items brought back by a British Serviceman at the end of the war and stored in a card box.

GBP 65.00 (UK Pounds)

National Youth Sports Badges 1925-45 (RJA)

(G266) An RJA Sports Badge Pin in very nice condition complete with tie pin fixing to the reverse. The badge is maker marked Wernstein.

GBP 35.00

(CS578) A German Sports Badge being for the RJA. The badge is in silver wire woven into black cloth and the badge has not been mounted or worn. In near mint condition.
GBP 25.00 (UK Pounds)

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