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(CS45) A nice full size Italian Officer's Motorised Infantry Cap Badge with a nice black velvet centre. There is nice silver and gilt bullion work on a nice green background. The badge appears to be ex stores condition. GBP 40.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS46) A nice Italian Officer's Rank Badge with a nice black Backing. . GBP 10.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS48) An Italian Cap Badge showing two crossed cannons with a flaming grenade and a black cross to the centre. The reverse has a small label that has virtually disintegrated. A nice quality item as probably worn by an Italian Officer in an Italian black shirt brigade. GBP 20.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS50) An Italian Colonial Flaming Grenade Cap Badge. The badge is in black embroidery khaki cloth, with the numerals 10 in brass pinned to the centre. In nice condition. GBP 10.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS276) An Italian Airforce Cap Badge of a yellow embroidered eagle with crown on a grey green backing cloth. The badge is in used but good condition.
GBP 15.00 (UK Pounds)

(F871) A small black collar tab removed during the war by a member of the South African Army from an Italian POW. Not sure if it is black shirt division, or what it is.

GBP 7.50 (UK Pounds)

(N352) An Italian ONB Patch. The patch is a nice oval tri-colour patch of green, white and red for the Italian flag, with a gold fasces to the centre and the letters ONB to the base The patch is in very good condition and was picked up at the end of the war by a British Serviceman and stored away until now.

GBP15.00 (UK Pounds)

(N481) An Italian Military Police Pair of Red Backed Officer's Collar Patches. The patches have very nice silver wire and silver bullion embroidery with a metal star pinned through. The patches are in very good condition and are scarce to find.

GBP 35.00 (UK Pounds)

(N482) Italian Collar Patches for Military Police, this is the full Dress set in bullion threads etc

GBP 30.00 (UK Pounds)

(P33) A Cloth Gilt and silver bullion Fasces for use on the Italian headgear. The badge is of nice quality and construction and appears to have not been used.

GBP 30.00 (UK Pounds)

(P34) An Oval Cloth Patch with black letters being "PI OBN" embroidered onto the Italian green, white and red flag with a fasces to the centre. The patch is of nice quality and construction and although it has a couple of small stains, this is nothing too bad. Priced for condition.

GBP 35.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS41) A Black backed Silvered Flaming Grenade Cap Badge in very nice condition. The badge has been removed from a tunic and has a few minor moth nips to it. Other than this, the bullion is nice and fine.

GBP 15.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS42) An Italian Engineers Forage Cap Badge showing a flaming grenade with a metal No. 4 and two crossed axes on a green base cloth. In good but used condition.

GBP 15.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS43) An Italian Alpini Rifle Cap Badge for the Third Infantry Regiment. The badge is in very nice condition and appears to be ex stores. Scarce to find.

GBP 45.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS49) A matched pair of Italian Gil Collar Tabs that are in near mint condition. The tabs are for a low ranking official. The embroidery and finish though, is top quality. Very hard to find nowadays such top quality matched items.

GBP 65.00 (UK Pounds)


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