Luftwaffe Qualification (Flight)Badges
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    (J1489) A very nice and so far unidentified Glider Cloth Patch that shows a silver bird within an oakleaf wreath. The patch shows some mothing but is in very nice condition. In the book "NSKK and NSFK", David Littlejohn shows a similar example and says unidentified. Recently acquired from a German house clearance agent, the cross was in amongst a pile of Luftwaffe and NSFK insignia.

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    (K349) An Early Luftwaffe Honour Goblet being stamped 835 silber with a crown and crescent mark as well as an eagle mark and maker marked Joh Wagner und Sohn. The goblet has had a few knocks and bashes and I feel someone may have attempted to scrub the swastika at some time. But this is still intact and visible. The goblet was preseted on the 31/5/41 to an Oberfeldwebel Johannes Lehmann who was also holder of the German Cross in Gold as well as the iron crosses. He is also listed as being with a KG unit. The goblet also comes in a custom made box that was made post war that says who it was presented to etc. A very nice early quality award. Very few of these were originally made in silver.

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    Instituted on 26th March 1936,

    Instituted on 26th March 1936

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    Instituted on 26th March 1936

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    Instituted on 16th December 1940

    (N310) A 1957 West German Glider Pilots Badge being manufactured in two pieces with the eagle being riveted to the wreath. The badge also has the oversized pin that always seems to be on the glider pilots badges The badge is of nice quality and construction and is scarce to find.

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    The Glider Pilot Badge is among the rarest of all the qualification badges of the Luftwaffe of the Third Reich. Information about the badge has been almost as scarce as genuine examples of the award itself - until now. Here for the first time is a comprehensive collection of such information. Not only are all of the currently known varieties of the badge itself illustrated and described in clear detail, but also included are an overall history of the glider troops, accounts of glider licenses, award documents, and presentation cases, and a lot more. Author Stijn David has done an excellent job of gathering all of this information together into a fascinating book that belongs on the shelf of anyone who is interested in the history of the German Luftwaffe during World War Two.

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    Instituted on 26th March 1936

    (K231) A used and worn Luftwaffe Radio Operator's Badge by the maker JMME & SOHN BERLIN. This mark is stamped into the reverse of the eagle. The reverse also shows a hook repair and that the rivets have been tightened to the badge. The badge has an early eagle on a later style of wreath. Other than the wear and tear, which is only noticeable from the back, the badge is in good condition for a used and worn example. Ideal for anyone that needs a tunic badging up, this item has bags of original character with the "been there, done that" look to it. Not a mint badge, but if only it could talk!!

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    (N795) Luftwaffe Air Gunner/Flight Engineer Badge. These badges were awarded to personnel who had completed the two months training or had completed five operational flights. If the recipient was wounded the time scale could be reduced. This particular example is of a two piece construction and of late war manufacture. The badge is maker marked "W Deumer Ludenscheid" . The eagle is held on to the wreath by two rivits. The badge has been used and worn in service with the wreath having been bent in in places.

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    (N940) A Nice Early Issue Air Gunners Badge by the maker JMME and marked as such to the reverse. The badge is of early quality and construction but the wreath shows high stress crack marks to the surface which denotes the badge has obviously been used and worn and buffeted about over the years. The badge is the early nickel silver style and closely follows the Juncker example. The cracking on the wreath can only really be seen under a glass and makes it sound far worse than it really is. All in all, a scarce example.

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    Instituted on 22nd June 1942

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    Instituted in three types on 30th January 1941 for Fighters, Bombers and Reconnaissance

    (K1223) A Mid to late war example of a Silver Bomber Bar being of two piece construction with the winged bomb held to the badge by a single brass rivet. The reverse is marked F & BL and has a nice silver plated pin, hinge and hook soldered to the reverse. Very nice quality and condition.

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    (M119) A Very Nice Early example of a Luftwaffe Flight Bomber Bar. The clasp is a very nice example with a magnetic bomb held on by a single rivet. The badge has a cast in hinge and countersunk hook and is maker marked M.KUNSTSTOFF GABLONZ, who's badges have often been overlooked for many years. The badge is of very nice quality although it has a little oxidisation to it.

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