Luftwaffe Qualification (Flight)Badges
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    (J1489) A very nice and so far unidentified Glider Cloth Patch that shows a silver bird within an oakleaf wreath. The patch shows some mothing but is in very nice condition. In the book "NSKK and NSFK", David Littlejohn shows a similar example and says unidentified. Recently acquired from a German house clearance agent, the cross was in amongst a pile of Luftwaffe and NSFK insignia.

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    (K349) An Early Luftwaffe Honour Goblet being stamped 835 silber with a crown and crescent mark as well as an eagle mark and maker marked Joh Wagner und Sohn. The goblet has had a few knocks and bashes and I feel someone may have attempted to scrub the swastika at some time. But this is still intact and visible. The goblet was preseted on the 31/5/41 to an Oberfeldwebel Johannes Lehmann who was also holder of the German Cross in Gold as well as the iron crosses. He is also listed as being with a KG unit. The goblet also comes in a custom made box that was made post war that says who it was presented to etc. A very nice early quality award. Very few of these were originally made in silver.

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    Instituted on 26th March 1936,

    (CS93) A Nice family acquired group of Two Citations, Two Badges and some Photographs. The goruping consists of a nice mid war Pilot's Badge maker marked BSW within a clover leaf. The badge retains virtually 90% of it's original finish. The badge has the usual flaw to the eagle's foot and swastika. Then there is a Black Wound Badge being the second pattern steel type, which retains approximately 85% of it's black painted finish. The badge is unmarked. Then there is the Pilot's Citation, named to a Feldwebel Paul Schmidt, this is dated 3.2.43 and signed by a General of the flyers. The citation is folded in four but is still nice and clean. There is also an Award Covering Letter to Paul Schmidt regarding an injury sustained on the 12.6.1940. This relates to his black wound badge. The letter states his wound badge and citation are sent. Then there are 11 photographs showing Herr Schmidt in his uniform with his younger brother, who was an HJ Member being attached to the Luftwaffe Flak Unit. There is a nice one of Paul Schmidt wearing an officers dagger. A couple of him next to his aircraft. One in his pilot uniform. Etc. Then there is A small size Luftwaffe Photograph Album compiled him . The album consists of 51 photographs, with subjects covered being a tank, a hand glider, firing squad party and various Luftwaffe pilot's uniforms etc etc. In good condition. A nice selection. The group was recently acquired from a German House Agent from the centre of Germany. A lovely grouping.

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    (MC255) A Late War example of a Pilot's Badge. The badge has nicely fretted out wing tips and is held to a wreath by two domed rivets. The badge is the type attributed to the Fredrich Linden of Ludenscheid firm. The badge has toned to an overall grey colour. A nice qualification badge to acquire. GBP 325.00 (UK Pounds)

    (N911) A late war Pilot's Badge in a late war Case. The badge is constructed of zinc with a slightly better silver wreath. The badge has nice fretted out wing tips and a nice swastika. The highlights of the wreath are burnished and the swastika also is silvered. Contained in a well used late war case with a card base of blue flocking that has all but worn away. The badge has the designation to the top. The hinge fabric has split. Still a nice original untouched example.

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    (P314) A Luftwaffe Pilot's Badge in its Case of Issue. The badge is the Earlier nickel silver type and has been well used and worn. The reverse has the eagle held by two rivets to the wreath with the lefthand rivet being tightened. The hinge and hook on this example are unaltered and it would appear that only the tightening of the rivet was the only repair done to this badge. The wreath is slightly twisted. The eagle is held nice and tight to the wreath. The eagle has nicely fretted out wing tips and is of nice quality. The case is a two-piece hinged silk lined example that has the award's title to the lid in gold letters that were proabably once silver but have toned. The silk has a little tear to the centre where the swastika and eagle has worn through. The press stud still holds the case securely and this and the hinge are magnetic. A nice example of an early war period pilot's badge that has been used and worn in service.

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    Instituted on 26th March 1936
    (MC71) An Absolutely Superb trial pattern Luftwaffe Observer's Badge made from what appears to be a coupal alloy that has the eagle soldered to the wreath. The badge is two toned heavily plated and is of superb quality with the eagle having superb detail. A stunning example. This was part of a group picked up by someone who was obviously in charge of de-nazification or had light fingers! GBP 650.00 (UK Pounds)

    (P586) A Nice example of a Cased Luftwaffe Observer's Badge. The case the award comes in is a nice Earlier example that has a silk underlid and a nice velvet base. This has a cut out for the award. The award's title is printed in two lines to the top of the box in gold leaf lettering. The award which has nice fletched cut out work, is maker marked C E Juncker Berlin SW. The eagle is a nice heavy tombak that has been oxidised and silvered, with the brass highlights coming through. The silver wreath still retains much of its frosted and burnished finish. The badge has overall a nice character look to it. Becoming hard to find nowadays. GBP 1750.00 (UK Pounds)

    Instituted on 26th March 1936

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    Instituted on 16th December 1940

    (N310) A 1957 West German Glider Pilots Badge being manufactured in two pieces with the eagle being riveted to the wreath. The badge also has the oversized pin that always seems to be on the glider pilots badges The badge is of nice quality and construction and is scarce to find.

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    The Glider Pilot Badge is among the rarest of all the qualification badges of the Luftwaffe of the Third Reich. Information about the badge has been almost as scarce as genuine examples of the award itself - until now. Here for the first time is a comprehensive collection of such information. Not only are all of the currently known varieties of the badge itself illustrated and described in clear detail, but also included are an overall history of the glider troops, accounts of glider licenses, award documents, and presentation cases, and a lot more. Author Stijn David has done an excellent job of gathering all of this information together into a fascinating book that belongs on the shelf of anyone who is interested in the history of the German Luftwaffe during World War Two.

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    Instituted on 26th March 1936

    (K231) A used and worn Luftwaffe Radio Operator's Badge by the maker JMME & SOHN BERLIN. This mark is stamped into the reverse of the eagle. The reverse also shows a hook repair and that the rivets have been tightened to the badge. The badge has an early eagle on a later style of wreath. Other than the wear and tear, which is only noticeable from the back, the badge is in good condition for a used and worn example. Ideal for anyone that needs a tunic badging up, this item has bags of original character with the "been there, done that" look to it. Not a mint badge, but if only it could talk!!

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    (CS291) A Mint Condition Air Gunner/Radio Operator's Badge by B and NL. The badge is of mid war quality construction and retains all of its original finish as can be seen from the scan. The badge has been stored away until recently until now, this has served to preserve the badge extraordinarily well, it just hasn't deteriorated at all. This must be the finest example of this maker we have ever seen.
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    Instituted on 22nd June 1942

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    Instituted in three types on 30th January 1941 for Fighters, Bombers and Reconnaissance

    (CS297) A Nice Luftwaffe Night Fighter Clasp with the arrow pointing up which is for short range night fighters. The clasp is of nice quality and construction and is of early manufacture, with the maker's mark of RK to the reverse. The hinge and hook on this example are stamped into the construction of the badge in RK style found on their numbered badge examples. This is a superb quality clasp by a very rare maker. The badge has been stored away until recently until now, this has served to preserve the badge well.
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    (CS298) A Near Mint example of a Luftwaffe Short Range Day Fighter Clasp with its Pendant attached. This is maker marked GH Osang Dresden to the reverse. The clasp and pendant are both the same colour. A superb set that could not be bettered. The set has been stored away until recently until now, this has served to preserve it well.
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    (K1223) A Mid to late war example of a Silver Bomber Bar being of two piece construction with the winged bomb held to the badge by a single brass rivet. The reverse is marked F & BL and has a nice silver plated pin, hinge and hook soldered to the reverse. Very nice quality and condition.

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