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(CS117) A DAF Labour Book to a Gunter Seidel dated from April 1940 through to January 1944. The book is in nice condition and has been researched or translated by somebody.

GBP 15.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS130) A Nice example of the 2/3 size NSDAP Miniature Party Badge. The badge has no enamel damage and is the type with the full motto around the edge in silver and enamel. The badge is complete with its pin fixing to the reverse and is marked Ges Gesch. Part of a small collection of Party Badges being sold off

GBP 95.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS131) A Winter Help Medallion showing Adolf Hitler's head and neck side profile etched into white plastic. Complete with its original tie, the plastic image is intact. It is quite scarce to find nowadays. In very good condition.

GBP 35.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS132) An NSDAP Party Cap Eagle being a nice silver quality metal of early striking. Complete with its two soldered pins to the reverse, the cap eagle is in very good condition but is non maker marked.

SORRY I AM ON HOLD GBP 35.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS133) A nice example of an Iron Cross 2nd Class 1939. The cross is of standard three piece construction with a magnetic centre. The award is also ring marked, I will leave you to decide what the mark is as I am unsure but it is marked. The cross comes complete with a nice piece of original ribbon. Recently found in a house clearance in Germany.

GBP 110.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS134) A Nice Veteran removed German Eppaulette being green piped for mountain troops. The epp is complete with its button and is a slip on type. There is embroidered into it, an S for the mountain troop school and it is complete with a rank pip and tress to denote the rank of Feldwebel. Scarce to find. In very nice condition although it has suffered a little mothing as can be seen. Priced for this

SORRY I AM ON HOLD GBP 50.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS135) A Nice example of a German SS or Panzer Black Edelweiss for the uniform. The edelweiss is in nice condition with no mothing. The insignia is embroidered onto a black wool base.

GBP 95.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS136) An NSDAP 25 Year Party Emblem. The emblem is a button mounted example with the 25 year emblem in gilt over a piece of 25 year ribbon that is rolled. Very rare to find, this example is RZM maker marked to the reverse.

SORRY I AM ON HOLD GBP 175.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS137) An NSDAP Flag Badge being one of the Early pre-1933 items. The badge shows a little flag encompassed in a gilt frame measuring approximately 15 mm by 10 mm. Examples of this design turn up in the pre-1935 catalogues as after this, these items were not readily available. Scarce to find.

GBP 125.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS138) An Early NSDAP Propaganda Badge being circular in design, with a gilt edging. This is a nice early pre-1933 nsdap badge that still has good colouring. As most of these were desctroyed when Hitler came to power, it is hard to find such things. These types of items are encountered in the Bernhard Richter Catalogue, which I have scanned.

SORRY I AM ON HOLD GBP 125.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS139) A Single Non motto 2/3rd Size NSDAP Badge. The badge has no enamel chips, just a few scratches. The badge has a button fixing of an O to the reverse, for want of a better word and was originally a cufflink. Very scarce to find.

GBP 50.00 (UK Pounds)

(M570) A U-Boat Document Group to Baron Emmerith Freiherr Von Mirbach. The documents consist of a post war British naval document, two promotion documents, one being signed by Raider and a document for qualifying as a u-boat engineer. Also comes with this a couple of other documents and the group is also partially illustrated in the book "Torpedo Los" by Gordon Williamson, being shown on pages 292-294. These items were formally in Gordon Williamsons collection. A very scarce set of documents to acquire. This officer was still alive into the late 1990's. The book also states that he was on U595 and was captured. More research can be found on the internet for this u-boat officer.

GBP 497.50 (UK Pounds)

(N396) A Superb Example of a Cased With Card Outer Case Bar to the Iron Cross 1st Class. The outer card case is in very good condition although it has had a sticky tape repair to part of it as can be seen from the scan. It has the award's designation and maker's name to the side being BH Mayer. Inside this you have the case for the bar to the iron cross, which is in virtually mint condition. The bar has the full monogram in silver to the lid and is opened by a rectangular press stud. To the reverse, it has a magnetic hinge covered over by black leatherette. Inside the case is nice and clean and has a white undersilk lid and a black velvet type base with a cut out to hold the pin and hook. This contains the bar which is frosted and burnished and in mint condition. The bar is of standard textbook Mayer construction with the oversized hook and small hinge etc. Very hard set to acquire. Part of a group of items brought back by a British Serviceman at the end of the war and stored in a card box.

SORRY I AM ON HOLD GBP 1000.00 (UK Pounds)

(P222) Set of five WWII German Army men`s Post Cards , Priced for all of them All are in vgc with German Combat awards being worn and some have notations to the reverse

GBP 15.00 (UK Pounds)

(P257) A Bronze Close Combat Clasp by the maker C E Juncker. Though the clasp has the spelling mistake of C F Juncker. In the book on close combat clasps, Thomas Durante describes this as the 1st type made by Juncker. The clasp has been used and worn and has had the pin bent by the wearer. Most of the bronzing is intact, but the metal back plate has fallen out. At some time, someone has stuck it in with glue, but the glue is all that remains!! Priced for this.

GBP 225.00 (UK Pounds)

(P258) A Pair of recently recovered metal detected Kriegsmarine Dog Tags. The tags date from the 1944/45 period and are heavily corroded, although still readable. Interesting souveniers that were recovered somewhere along the Baltic coast.

SORRY I AM ON HOLD GBP 22.50 (UK Pounds)

(P259) A Rudolf Souval Silver Infantry Assault Badge in nice condition. This is a post war constructed badge with his classic post war replacement hook. The badge is also marked L/58 to the reverse. The front is identical to their wartime awards. Unusually, this one has the rifle strap area cut out, a feature not known on the original wartime awards.

GBP 50.00 (UK Pounds)

(P260) A Nice Early Hollow Bronze Panzer Badge being manufactured from a nice tombak mixture. The badge is a nice early unmarked striking, similar to a KWM. The badge retains virtually all of its original bronzed finish and has a nice hinge and hook welded to the reverse. Very scarce to find like this.

GBP 275.00 (UK Pounds)

(P283) A Silver Class HJ Sports Badge being maker marked to the reverse RZM M1/34. The badge is of leightweight coupal and retains a high percentage of it's original silvered finish. The badge is complete with it's spring pin fixing to the reverse and is numbered 80727. The badge also shows minor wear and tear to the front of the silver with some of the copper colour coming through especially around the swastika area and arrow head . Hard to find now.

GBP 95.00 (UK Pounds)

(P284) A nice example of the Turkish Iron Half Moon. The award is the type with red enamel and silver fittings. The enamel shows some bruising marks to one of the points to the star although these is no chips to the enamel. Superb quality and maker marked on the reverse BB anc CO . These awards were made after World War One and privatly purchased by Germans etc who were originally awarded them

GBP 255.00 (UK Pounds)


(P288) A Rare Finnish SS Replacement Service Cross being an official 1980`s replacement. These were originally issued to the Finnish volunteers that served in the waffen ss and were numbered and dated. In the 1980's, an official re-strike was done to replace crosses lost by original veterans, for Museums and the Collectors Market And this is one of these examples. The cross has had the rivets glued to hold the emblem tightly to the cross. This type of cross is shown in the Finnish book entitled "Suomen Kunniamerkit, then in English "the orders, decorations and medals of Finland" by Jani Tiainen on page 217 and 218 where are write up and picture of the awards are shown, both the original and replacements. The book gives it a rarity value of 3, on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the most rare. A very hard cross to find. I have shown it next to the official award piece thats dated, and shown the reverse. Also shown is the page from "Foreign Legions of the Third Reich Vol 4 by David Littlejohn, that also shows these crosses

SORRY I AM SOLD GBP 675.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS231) An Iron Cross WWII 2nd Class 1939 The cross is in good condition with a nice magnetic centre. The frame is the soldered version and shows no splitting or crackin although the soldering work around the edges leave a lot to be desired. The cross comes with ribbon and is a non ring marked example. The centre core retains approximately 90% of its paint finish

GBP 85.00 (UK Pounds)

(DR2) A Party Badge for the Opferring Elsass. In zinc metal, the badge is part of the Germans outside of the Reich in the Lothringen part of the French borders. A very scarce badge to find. The badge is maker marked to the reverse. Complete with a nice pin fitting. Scarce to find.

GBP 80.00 (UK Pounds)

(DR3) A membership badge for the Grand Duchee of Luxemberg being the Heim Ins Reich Membership badge. In painted zinc and maker marked K & Q to the reverse. Very nice quality and condition and becoming scarce to find.

GBP 75.00 (UK Pounds)

(DR19) A nice used and worn NSDAP party Cap Roundal. The roundal is complete apart from one prong, and has all its enamelled finish. The badge is maker marked RZM M1/34. Priced for condition

GBP 25.00 (UK Pounds)

(VJ2) A German WWII Memorial Card to a Hans Samseriter. The card is of two piece folded construction. The card shows a picture of the soldier in army uniform and states that he was killed in action on 18/6/40 on the Western front. The card is in very good condition.

GBP 5.00 (UK Pounds)

(VJ4) A Police Badge being the 1942 Day Badge showing the Police Eagle within the wreath and the date 1942 to the base. The badge is complete with its pin to the reverse marked G.10

SORRY I AM ON HOLD GBP 15.00 (UK Pounds)

(VJ5) An Old Comrades Day Badge consisting of a downpointing sword over an iron cross with a swastika. The badge has its pin fixing to the reverse and is a zinc example. To the reverse , it has a makers trade mark with a shield with an H to it and a number 36, probably for the year.

GBP 10.00 (UK Pounds)

(VJ1) A Bronze German Mothers Cross being the standard 1938 with the date and Hitlers signature engraved to the reverse. The cross has the usual full length of ribbon which is unsewn and in good condition, with it. The cross has minor staining to the enamel work with only the minute'ist chip on the swastika as can be seen from the scan. Really, this isn't noticeable to the naked eye. Nevertheless priced with this in mind.

GBP 42.50 (UK Pounds)

(VJ6) A German 1st May 1937 Day Badge in used but good condition. There is some minor oxidisation as can be seen from the scan, but nothing too serious. The badge is maker marked to the reverse Tweer & Turck Ludenscheid, a maker we cannot remember encountering before. Unusual to find.

GBP 12.50 (UK Pounds)

(VJ7) A nice to find Reichspartag 1936 Day Badge for the German Party celebration of the establishment of the new German order. Many people from around the world went to these party rallies including Winston Churchill etc. The badge is in nice condition and is one of the harder earlier ones to acquire. Made of better quality metal, the badge has the maker's name to the reverse. In nice condition over all and scarce to find.

GBP 40.00 (UK Pounds)

(VJ8) A 1st Mai 1938 Day Badge showing a dancing couple over and eagle holding a swastika with the date. The badge is maker marked D & Co MENDEN, a maker I have not seen beofre. Unusual in the fact there is no RZM counter code or other information.

GBP 12.50 (UK Pounds)

(VJ9) A shield shaped German Gautag 1939 Day Badge. The badge shows a man holding a torch over an eagle holding a swastika. This is for the Gau Mecklenburg area and has the date 8-11.Juni 1939. The badge is of aluminium construction but was originally gilded. To the reverse, it is nicely maker marked, both with an A trade mark, Assmann & Sohne as well as RZM M91, both confirming the A trade mark and the RZM mark for Assmann.

GBP 22.50 (UK Pounds)

(VJ10) A War Merit Cross 2nd Class With Swords. The cross is the Earlier style of a good quality metal. Complete with a piece of original ribbon, This cross has a separately applied eyering and therefore dates from about 1939-1941. Given for one act of bravery whilst not in the face of the enemy, such as bomb disposal, mine clearance, the award was on par with the imperial non combatant iron cross and as such, was modelled on it, not by design but by award.

GBP 35.00 (UK Pounds)

(VJ11) A War Merit Cross 2nd Class Without Swords in earlier bronzed metal, with a separately applied eyering. The medal has some minor age staining but nothing too bad. It also has a Very Short ribbon. in nice overall condition.

GBP 25.00 (UK Pounds)

(VJ12) An Old Comrades Tie Pin showing the lighthouse in black enamel with a white background standing on a red base with a white roundel and swastika set into it. The badge has some age staining and cracking to the enamel, but the enamel is still complete. To the reverse it is marked Ges Gesch.

GBP 12.50 (UK Pounds)

(N116) A USA German Bund Badge for the standard members. The badge has the usual design for this movement of a swastika on a red background with the letters AV to the base. Very rare to find, the badge is maker marked Apollo Jewelery then BRKLN NY. The badge has been used and worn with one slight chip to it and some minor enamel cracking. Most of these Bund badges have disappeared for obvious reasons and the leader Fritz Kuhn as I remember, died in about 1950.

GBP 300.00 (UK Pounds)

(N678) A Cased Silver Wound Badge being the type manufactured and marked by the Vienna State Mint. The badge is an early silver plated over base tombak metal example and has all the usual features associated with this. It is also stamped No. 30 to the centre of the reverse. Scarce to find early quality heavy badges. Tyhe badge is contained in its original Case of issue which is in vgc It was recently purchased from a German house clearing agent.

GBP 185.00 (UK Pounds)

(N1196) A Finnish Alakurtti Badge for the winter battles of 1942. The badge shows a Finnish ski trooper striding on a blue enamel backing, with the word Alakurtti. The badge to the reverse has the date 1942 with a screw base plate which is maker marked for A Helsinki maker. Nice to find, this former territory is in Russian hands now. In very good condition.

GBP 75.00 (UK Pounds)

(N1208) A German Day Badge showing a cross with the letters OS 20.3.1921 and two crossed tanners. In good condition.

GBP 7.50 (UK Pounds)

A unique Inuit Art hand carving of a seal relaxing. This simple yet elegant piece of art was made by the well known artist Noah Meeko in 2002. This carving comes with an Igloo Tag (Certificate of Authenticity from the Canadian Government) and has a base sticker with matching number. This carving measures 6 cm tall, by 5 cm wide, and 20 cm long and weighs approx 460 grams. The sculpture is made out of Sanikiluaq stone argillite and has a natural seam runnig through the middle as can be seen . A nice carving that is pleasing to the eye.

GBP 149.00 (UK Pounds)

(JC276) A nice stylish USSR made for export Wrist Watch. The watch is a mechanical wound movement by Raketa. It is shockproof and is a 19 jewelled mechanical lever movement. The watch is a nice clean example with a silver coloured case and a black dial with white Roman numerals. The watch has silver hands with a gold second hand. The case shows minor wear and tear with clean glass. The watch has a new brown leather strap fitted and is ready to wear. The watch has been cleaned and serviced The watch measures approximately 36 mm wide including the winder and the strap is 18 mm wide.

GBP 35.00 (UK Pounds)

(Stickers) Part of a group of items, these sticker were used by the German police to show they had checked buildings for survivors and secured the premises. The stickers have 100% of their glue to the reverse and measure approx 15cm by 15cm. Priced at 3.00 each but for 10 or more they are priced at 2.50 each


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(K1237) A Large selection of a German Day Badge showing a man holding some ski's marching. I cannot remember where I have seen this badge but I think it was an SA Ski /whw Tradition Badge. The badge is in pressed silver metal and is of very nice quality and construction.

GBP 10.00 (UK Pounds) Each

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