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A Rare Coffee cup made by the SS. (Allach) The cup was reputedly given by General Albert Kesselring, to another General and even then the cup is a confusing item that it is believed only to have been given to RK with oakleaves and sword holders and then a selected few at that. It has the Knights Cross with Oak leaves and Swords to the front and the SS Allach mark to the base, It is One of two that were given by kesselring to the General and it is in near mint and very rare item, that so far has denied further research GBP £600.00 (UK Pounds)

(K152) A Very Unusual and striking Plate for the German Saar. The plate shows a soldier or SA trooper shaking hands with a resident of the saar with the backdrop of an eagle and swastika. Around the edge is Deutsch Ist Die Saar Deutch Immer Dar 13th Januar 1935. To the reverse, it has a faint trademarkd and a couple of other markings. There are also two holes for hanging the plate to the wall. A very rare plate, only the second I have seen. Recently found in a house clearance in Germany.

GBP £275.00 (UK Pounds)

(J1470) A Beer Stein from the 118 Infantry Regiment in Mainz with an eagle and iron cross design to the lid and the imperial German eagle to the main stein's design. The wording on it says in German " We Germans are frightened of God and nothing else in this world". To the lid, it's also engraved and dated August 1899. A superb and unusual piece complete with it's pewter lid. A very good design and amazing condition for it's age. Recently acquired from a German house clearance agent, the stein was in amongst a pile of old german Luftwaffe and NSFK insignia

GBP £295.00 (UK Pounds)

(S174) A Nice Large Size Naval Oval Platter Dish, being a massive 40 cm by 26 ½ cm at the widest points. The platter has a red border around the white porcelain dish. To the reverse of the platter it has the navy acceptance mark of an eagle and swastika over the letter M and then the letters KPM under a crown and a date code 1942. It also has a star patent mark stamped into it. There are a couple of minor age spots to the glaze but this is to be expected. Post Free GBP £150.00 (UK Pounds)



This book is the first work specifically devoted to an in depth study of the Infantry Assault Badge, one of the best recognised awards of the German military during World War Two. Already highly acclaimed in its German version, the English edition is an important and indispensable addition to every collector's library.Over 1000 colour photographs trace the history of the “Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen” and present multiple views of examples of the badges by all known (and some unknown) manufacturers. Clear colour pictures and specification tables of unprecedented detail provide the collector with a wealth of knowledge that has been heretofore unavailable. Award documents and issue packets are also covered in this comprehensive work. This book is a first rate addition to anyone's military library. Over 250 pages and more than 1000 pictures. To purchase your copy please click on the link (Picture) to the left

Product Code: 12781 GBP £67.50 (UK Pounds)

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