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(CS1065) A 1914 Iron Cross 1st Class by the maker No. 4. The cross being of third reich manufacture, is in fact an imperial 1914 issue and is one of the official Steinhauer replacements. The cross retains all it's frosted and beaded finish and also the iron centre retains all of it's blackened finish. The soldering on the edge of the cross is very good but there are some gaps between the inner v's. It is not splitting as such, it is just not soldered up on these arms, as all four are the same. The black paint that has been applied, has been done via the paint dipping technique where the cross was finished and then dipped and then the wax coating to the silver frame was burnt off as the paint was hardened, which is of standard manufacture of this type. . The cross though is virtually mint. A nice item that was picked up at the end of the war and has been stored away in a drawer until now GBP 225.00 (UK Pounds)

(MC622) A 1914 Iron Cross in its Outer Card Case of Issue, with the full title of the award printed to the lid. It also has the red seal still intact to it, which when the box is opened, reveals a small case for the iron cross, with inside, an iron cross for 1914. The cross is of three piece standard construction with a nice magnetic iron centre. This centre retains virtually all of its painted finish. The silver frame and back have no other markings than a P to the underside of the pin. The cross appears to be of silver construction and is of very nice quality and condition. The black case to the inside has a velvet purple base with cut out to take the pin of the cross and a white silk underlid. The iron cross emblem embossed to the lid has toned gold. A nice example to acquire, especially with card out case. GBP 600.00 (UK Pounds)

(MC623) A 1939 manufactured Replacement 1914 Iron Cross. The cross is an unusual example being a number 26 stamped type to the pin, which in theory should not happen, as, as a replacement, it should be LDO numbered and not issue numbered. But the cross is definitely a 26 type. The cross is contained in its original case of issue, which again is a number 26 type, with the rectangular push stud, a feature often associated with this maker. The case is in very good condition, although the hinge cover has now been split. To the underside, it has a white base, with cut out for the cross and a white silk liner. These are both nice and clean. To the lid, it has a monogram of the iron cross embossed to it. To finish off the set, you have the nice outer card cover with the award' title printed to the lid and the maker's name of B H Mayer to the side. The card case is in used condition as can be seen and is probably part of a set of these found in Russia on an armoured train, where they found a carton of iron crosses or varying grades. GBP 450.00 (UK Pounds)

(S109) A Nice example of a German 1914 Iron Cross 1st Class being manufactured for veterans in WWII who needed a replacement piece to wear on their tunics etc. The cross is identical to the WWII counterparts, being of a chunkier manufacture, with thicker arms. This particular example, although tarnished, is near mint, with the black paint being approximately 99% intact. The silver frame which is oxidised and burnished, has tarnished to the burnished edge, but the oxidised silver effect is still highly visible. This may well clean, but I wouldn't. Given for acts of bravery above and beyond the call of duty, the iron cross was an award even Hitler valued. GBP 199.00 (UK Pounds)

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