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IRON CROSSES 1939 1st Class
Awarded for several act of bravery, this award went on to capture the German nation as well as the rest of the world to become probobly the most widley reconized award in the world.

(CS1160) A Cased Iron Cross 1st Class by A Jeweller. This example has been used in the reference book The Iron Cross of 1939 on page 121 where just the outer card case was used due to the fact the cross is an unmarked example and stating as such, it would be an unknown maker. The card case is nice and complete though age stained, which contains a very nice flat cased iron cross. The case is in virtually mint condition and has a round press stud that is similar in design to the B H Mayer type. There is no wear and tear and has an emblem embossed to the lid. Inside the case, there is an off-white silk lid and a mouse flocked base with cut-outs to hold the iron cross. The iron cross 1st class is in virtually mint condition and has oxidised on the silver frame to an almost petrol blue colour. Very nice condition, this was one of two of these makers that were picked up at the same time in their card cases. GBP 900.00 (UK Pounds)

(T7) A 1st Class Iron Cross for 1939. The cross is a nice Early example being called the Schinkle style. The cross is ascribed to the manufacture of Schickel. The cross is nicely convexed and has a nice working, hinge pin and hook fitting soldered to the reverse. The cross appears to be a one piece steel samped example that has been bronze and silver plated and then black painted. The cross reacts very stronly to a magnet and has been machine convexed. A very nice rare example, probably one of the first to be issued in WWII. Scarce to find. GBP 700.00 (UK Pounds)

(T223) A Cased Iron Cross 1st Class being an unmarked Meybauer example. The cross has a very nice overall finish, with only a little bit of paint wear to the righthand arm. The cross is a magnetic example encompassed in a silver frame, which has no splitting or cracking to it. The cross has a unique pin fitting to the reverse, which is ascribed to the Meybauer firm. The cross comes in a standard domed case with the D and B logo in raised letters under the base etc. This is a classic cross in a classic case, in very nice condition. The case has only minor handling wear. SORRY I AM ON HOLD 15.3.21 GBP 375.00 ( UK Pounds)
(T276) A German Iron Cross 1st Class for 1939 with a non-magnetic Centre. The cross has a nice hinge and hook fitting affixed to the reverse, being the hinge is side affixed and the hook is cut out of flat metal. The cross is believed to be an unmarked Friedrich Orth example. In very good condition with only minor wear to the paint of the swastika. GBP 295.00 (UK Pounds)

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