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Instituted on 20th December 1939 for silver & 1st June 1940 for Bronze Grades

(CS351) A Silver Infantry Assault Badge being a mid to late war example with the hinge and hook counter sunk into the reverse of the badge. The badge has turned a slate grey and lost virtually all of its original silvered finish. The badge has not been put down to any specific maker although this style is often encountered. GBP 99.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS1164) A Very Nice example of a Hollow backed Infantry Assault badge being nicely convexed. The badge has a nice pin, hinge and hook soldered directly to the zinc sheet metal and the hinge is a nice covered wagon style. The badge is of very nice quality, construction and detailing. A nice variation for the infantry assault badge collector. GBP 125.00 (UK Pounds)
(T652) A Nice example of a Mid War Infantry Assault Badge being the type that has both the hinge and hook held in place by two rivets, within a half moon raised edging. The badge has both the hinge and hook made from bronzed metal and this type can be found in most of the major textbooks. So far, no maker has been put forward for this manufacturer and it classed as quite scarce to find due to the unique set up of the hinge and hook. This style of hinge and hook though has been encountered on maker marked JFS general assault badges. GBP 175.00 (UK Pounds)

(T653) A Silver Plated Infantry Assault Badge. The badge is of very nice quality and construction and has a nice silver plate finish on base zinc metal, that has also had coppering done to help the plating stick. The detailing on the badge is very good, with the eagle having a nice look about him. Very similar to the Deschler style, the badge has a slim wreath and nice rifle. GBP 150.00 (U K POUNDS)

Instituted on 20th December 1939 for silver & 1st June 1940 for Bronze Grades

This badge was awarded to the infantry Soldier who had taken part in three or more armed assaults on three or more days, It was also awarded to those members who were wounded on an assault and who then also qualified for a wound badge. Awards originally came in silver Grade but this was later expanded to Bronze for the award to troops of Armoured assault units

And the following makers marks have been encountered
1, 2, 4, L/14,L/51, L/56, A, AS, BSW, C.W., FLL, FZZS, FCL, F.O., G.R.&co, G.W.L., HM.
HA, JFS, KWM, M.K.1, M.K.2, M.K.3, M.K.4,. R.S., R.R.S, R.S.S., S.H.u.Co, WH, W, Small "w", WR 42,
and then you have the full makers names of Frank & Reif Stuttgart and also Fank & Reif Stuttgart, Ernst Muller Pforsheim,
(Please Note that this is not a complete listing)

Please note this is not a complete listing

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