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Instituted on 20th December 1939 for silver & 1st June 1940 for Bronze Grades

This badge was awarded to the infantry Soldier who had taken part in three or more armed assaults on three or more days, It was also awarded to those members who were wounded on an assault and who then also qualified for a wound badge. Awards originally came in silver Grade but this was later expanded to Bronze for the award to troops of Armoured assault units

And the following makers marks have been encountered
1, 2, 4, L/14,L/51, L/56, A, AS, BSW, C.W., FLL, FZZS, FCL, F.O., G.R.&co, G.W.L., HM.
HA, JFS, KWM, M.K.1, M.K.2, M.K.3, M.K.4,. R.S., R.R.S, R.S.S., S.H.u.Co, WH, W, Small "w", WR 42,
and then you have the full makers names of Frank & Reif Stuttgart and also Fank & Reif Stuttgart, Ernst Muller Pforsheim,
(Please Note that this is not a complete listing)

Please note this is not a complete listing

(CS1113) A Nice example of an Earlier Bronze Infantry Assault Badge. The badge is slightly convexed and retains virtually all of its original bronze finish. The award is an unmarked example, but of good quality. Scarce to find such a nice example. GBP £175.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS885) A Very Nice example of a Bronze Infantry Badge by the maker FLL. The badge retains most of its original bronze finish. This is the type that has both the hinge and the hook soldered to the reverse. There is some oxidisation to the badge as can be seen from the scan but this is nothing serious. Scarce to find such a nice early bronze grade in such good condition, with the added bonus of a nice maker. GBP £150.00 (UK Pounds)

(M822) An Infantry Assault Badge being the type with a semi-scooped rifle often put down to the firm of Steinhauer & Luck, although this has never been confirmed. The badge is of nice quality and construction and is of base zinc. The reverse still retains most of its original aluminium paint finish whereas the front, it is only visible on the lower portions of the badge. Very nice variation, the badge is of good quality and construction.

GBP £99.00 (UK Pounds)

(N670) A Nice Early Infantry Assault Badge. The badge is the type that is heavily plated with copper before being silver plated. This copper has worn through in places, but it hasn't deteriorated the badge's looks. The badge is the type belived by some to be manufactured by the Deschler firm and is of fine quality, construction and detail with particular care taken to the eagle. A nice variation that is accepted in the majore textbooks as a Deschler. This was recently purchased from a German house clearing agent.

GBP £150.00 (UK Pounds)


This book is the first work specifically devoted to an in depth study of the Infantry Assault Badge, one of the best recognised awards of the German military during World War Two. Already highly acclaimed in its German version, the English edition is an important and indispensable addition to every collector's library.Over 1000 colour photographs trace the history of the “Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen” and present multiple views of examples of the badges by all known (and some unknown) manufacturers. Clear colour pictures and specification tables of unprecedented detail provide the collector with a wealth of knowledge that has been heretofore unavailable. Award documents and issue packets are also covered in this comprehensive work. This book is a first rate addition to anyone's military library. Over 250 pages and more than 1000 pictures. To purchase your copy please click on the link (Picture) to the left

Product Code: 38965 GBP £75.00 (UK Pounds)

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