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Instituted on 30th January 1944

(MRS1) A Nice example of a Silver Anti-Partisan Badge. The badge is the untwisted sword solid back type often put down to the firm of Steinhauer and Luck - the well known Knight's Cross manufacturer's -as they have often been found on their souvenir boards. This example has no cut-outs around the snakes. This type is shown in the period publication " Der Lohn Der Tat", where they show a picture on page 29. There is also shown in a couple of other books, this type of badge with one being attributed to an SS Obersturmfuhrer Kuehbandner who was given one of these badges in February 1945. The pin, hinge and hook set up on this one are identical to his. This is shown in the book "The German Anti-Partisan Badge in World War II by Rolf Michaelis GBP 2500.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS1384) A Bronze Anti-Partisan Badge being the solid type with no cut-outs. The badge is the type often found on trade boards from the firm of Steinhauer and Luck. This example retains a high percentage of its bronze finish and comes with a Certificate from the previous German dealer Detlev Niemann, dated from 2005, where it has a price of 1700 euros. A nice badge in very good condition and highly detailed. GBP 2225.00 (UK Pounds)

(N1121) A Anti-Partisan Badge in Silver being the semi-hollow style. The badge is a nice text book example with a wide bladed magentic pin and magnetic hook. The badge has a slight twist to the sword hilt with a little cut v shape to it, which is standard. . The size of the badge is approx. 59 mm high by 50 mm wide, well within tolerance. And the badge weighs approx 23 grams . Swapped for a bar of soap in 1946 !


(GE1) An Anti-Partisan Badge in Silver with a history, A nice example of the standard style of the anti partisain badge, This is the style that has the slight twist to the left on the sword hilt and is made from fine zinc. The badge has two cut outs to the main design and the reverse is again the standard semi solid type. The pin which is the needle type is magnetic. Size of Badge . 58.95mm high by 49.65 mm wide .The badge has a known history which will be supplyed to the buyer SORRY I AM SOLD GBP 2250.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS1263) A what appears to be a very rare Relic Gold Anti Partisan Badge in gc. The badge is in zinc with a gold or gilt wash that is about 30% intact. The badge has been used and worn in service and it looks to have been polished . This is the classic text book Junker type with the slight twist to the sword and is the semi hollow back type. This style is shown in the following books, Detlev Niemann`s "Price Guide, Germany 1871-1945 Orders, Decorations, Award Documents, Miniatures and Cases of issue" vol 3 on pages 671-674, "Fuhrer and Fatherland, Military Awards of the Third Reich" by LTC John R Angollia and shown on pages 106-108, also " German Combat Awards 1935-45" by Alan Beadle and shown on pages 107-112., "The Anti Partisan Badge " by Antonio Scapini and this type is shown on pages 94-98. To name a few, The badge measures 58.20 mm high by 49.84mm wide and weighs in at 30 grams approx around the edge it has grinding marks in a regular pattern . The award also has a Non-magnetic broad blade bango type pin and square wire hook mounted onto a plate thats then solderd to the back . . It has the die fault shown in these books like flat headed snake, sword twist, but the badge is well worn and detailing need to be studied under a magnifying glass to confirm them. Priced for condition SORRY I AM SOLD GBP 1650.00 (UK Pounds)


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