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German General Assault Badges For Sale

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(CS1085) A General Assault Badge maker marked "W" to the left hand side of the hinge. The award has been manufactured from grey zinc that has then had an aluminium finish applied. This is the first one I have had of these that has not been silver plated. In very nice condition, the badge shows some minor tarnish marks. This manufacturer some people have put down to the firm of Wurster and as such, is a known textbook style. The badge was traded at the end of the war by a British serviceman who was an RAF Pilot Officer. GBP 150.00 (UK Pounds)

(MC61) A Very Nice example of a 25 Numbered General Assault Badge by the maker RK and marked as such to the righthand 3 o clock position on the reverse. The badge is textbook in every way, with a nice clear maker's mark onto a plated zinc wreath that is slightly bubbling and oxidised. The eagle and bayonet and hand grenade are nicely riveted by 4 ball rivets to the wreath. The hinge and hook which are both magnetic are encompassed into the back of the wreath. To the front, the numbered box sits slightly low in the square, which isn't too far out of tolerance though. The eagle is a nice fit to the badge. A superb badge that matches all known originals by this maker. This was part of a group picked up by someone who was obviously in charge of de-nazification or had light fingers!

(CS805) A General Assault Badge by the firm of JFS being a Number 25 version. We originally owned this badge over 10 years ago when it was part of the 8th Army Gibson Hall of items picked up by a British soldier and then sold off by his family. This was one of the items. The badge is a classic example with all the features of a known original including the slightly unusual stamping of the trade mark. An identical one is shown in the book by "Frank Heukemes" entitled "The General Assault Badge", shown on page 324-325. A badge that cannot be upgraded! SORRY I AM SOLD

(N265) General Assault Badge being a very rare to find 75 engagements. The badge is a text book example and is in very good condition with only minor wear & tear, These badges do not come up very often . This been left for collectors ref


Instituted on 1st June 1940

The general assault award was awarded to troops who did not qualify for the Infantry or Tank battle badges and had taken part in three engagement on three seperate days. This badge was also awarded for the single handed destruction of a tank but was replaced with the tank destruction strip later on in the war. The award was in silver although Bronze versions exist and were awarded. To see picture of the award being worn please use the picture link to the left.


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