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  The Army Para badge continued
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We would like to give our thanks to Detlev Niemann of Hamburg, for supplying the following two photos of Army Para badges in Silver as well as a photo of the badge being worn. We would also like to thank Jody Beltram and Gordon Williamson for all there surport and imput onto these badges, as well as many private collectors.
The "Fallschirm Inf Btl" one is the Standard type whereas the "Inf Komp" is the extendid claw type this is best seen from the reverse of the badge.

Also Detlev has supplied us with a photo from his German Price Guide book of the Army para badge being worn, by a man in Luftwaffe uniform.
And finally Mr Paul Skorzeny has kindly supplied a picture of this Army para Badge in Silver that is claimed was picked up in Arnham in 1944 by a British Para and sold to Mr Skorzeny who was also a para and did a commemorative drop in Arnham and met the British Veteran there who sold him the Para Badge

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