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Instituted on 20th December 1939 for Silver badges & 1st June 1940 for Bronze badges

The Panzer or Tank battle badge was like the others in the set, (Infantry and General ) given for surviving three or more assaults on three separate days. The award also comes in two grade being Silver for the Panzer crews and Bronze for the crews of assault guns and armoured cars etc. The award like the others can range from high quality silver and bronze plated metal right down to base zinc with a silver/bronze wash sometimes applied.

Known Makers are

A, AS, AS within a Triangle, AWS 1942, EWE, FLC, FLL 43,

Frank & Reif Stutgart, HA, KWM, L/53, RK, RRS, RS, W, Small "W"

Please note this is not a complete listing

(T659) A nice example of a fully maker marked Bronze Panzer badge by the well known maker Frank & Reif. The badge carries it's full mark to the reverse. The badge is slightly convexed and retains a high proportion of it's original bronze finish, with only a few darkened spots. Becoming increasingly hard to find, especially marked. GBP 325.00 (UK Pounds)
(T715)A Nice example of a Near Mint maker marked FLL Silver Panzer Badge. The badge has toned to the front a light grey whereas the back still retains the aluminium coated finish. The badge is unworn and ex stores condition and has been stored away for several years. Nice to find. This is a textbook example complete with the die flaw. GBP 275.00 (UK Pounds)

(S945) A Very Rare example of an Original Issue Spanish Condor Legion Tank Badge. The badge is a very nice, probably silver, striking and has a hinge and hook soldered to the reverse that are handmade, along with the pin, by a jeweller. The solder used is lead. This type of badge is shown in several of the reference works on the subject as the original issue, given in Spain. This is the first time we have had one of these rare awards for sale. We have occasionally had the German replacements. An example of this type is shown in the Niemann price guide book volume 3 on page 500 at the bottom. Only 415 of these rare awards were originally issued, though obviously more of the replacements were manufactured. When all is said and done, this wartime example is a very rare item to acquire. GBP 5500.00 (UK Pounds)


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