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Shown below in the following two scans are two E- Boat badges. The first is a 2nd Pattern E Boat Badge by the maker Schwerin, the 2nd on the left is a type that has been offered to us by many collectors and dealers, as well as auction houses in the USA, Europe and the UK. I am unhappy with this 2nd type for a number of reasons, some of which are shown below
  1. The badge is not made from zinc.
  2. The badge has different die work, look at the eye and the flag of the badge on the left (Original) and then the badge on the right (IMO Copy).
  3. The overall finish is not as good as it should be (this is my opinion). I feel that this type of award should be avoided, as I am very confident they are wrong.
Shown below is a 100% known original left next to one of the Unknown types. I have no proof as to the fact that they are wrong but I am very confident they are not wartime.

Image of the Eagles head on a Real and IMO Fake E boat


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