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The Anti-Partisan Badge a hard Original badge to find.

An Original Anti-Partisan Badge

Collectors have long sought after this badge, with the first reproductions appearing on the marketplace in 1945 by the firm of Souval. The badges constructed from zinc are good examples for collectors and have a historical value of their own. Used as trade items, they helped support the people`s of Austria & Germany to trade items for soap, chocolate and petrol with hungry souvenier hunters from the US, England and the USSR. This trade is what really spawned the reproduction markets of today.

Shown below is a copy of one of Souvals early 1945-46 copies of the Anti-Partisan badge. Notice the award is the solid type, and with the post war style of hook. Beware, these badges have had new hooks attached, so extra care is needed when purchasing a "repaired example" of this rare award.

The Anti-Partisan Badge by R Souval.

A Souval Anti-Partisan Badge

Shown next is a hollow backed example of the Anti-Partisan badge. Some collectors believe that these hollow backs are real but this particular type is a definite UK made copy.

Hollow back Reproduction.

A Reproduction hollow Anti-Partisan Badge

A fake Hollow back Anti-Partisan Badge.

And then compared to an original it's easy to see which pattern has been copied.

Another example of a fake Anti-Partisan badge. Visually the award is good, though the hook is wrong, but the best giveaway is the size, the award is too small. If you look at the picture you can see a size comparison Most originals measure approx 59 cm high by 49 cm wide

A fake Hollow back Anti-Partisan Badge.

A fake semi-Hollow back Anti Partisan Badge.

 On the left an Anti-Partisan badge next to A fake Hollow back shown on the right.

An Original Anti-Partisan badge next to a fake (right) hollow anti-partisan badge.

 Reverse of a real semi-hollow Anti-Partisan badge next to A fake semi hollow back shown on the right.

An Original reverse shot of a semi-solid Anti-Partisan badge next to a fake (right) semi hollow Anti-Partisan badge .


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