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Instituted in 1942? & known maker R Souval

(N7) An Azad Hind Silver Award being a mid war example. The medal has gone a grey zinc with only traces of the original silver finish intact. The medal loop is silver but unmarked. The award comes complete with a piece of original ribbon. Given with swords for bravery, and without for merit, this example is a merit award. In very good condition. GBP 335.00 (UK Pounds)
"Awards of India`s Azad Hind
This Historical Ground Breaking Video shows for the first time these magnificent awards bestowed by Chandra Bose on his supporters and followers in the Indian Legion during World War Two and beyond. The Azad Hind Awards of the Indian Legion 1942- 1962 are a superb made award of stunning quality, Very rare and hard to find, Historians and collectors will be amazed at these items, Also shown are some other original war time items like Collar and arm patches and original film footage of the Legion on parade and in action. Please Note we cannot change History but we can learn from it.
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