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Instituted in 1942? & known maker R Souval

(S849) A Nice example of the 3rd Class Azad Hind Breat Star. The award is of multi-piece construction with a gilt tiger's head on a circle plaque with the wording AZAD HIND and two crossed swords. The quality of the award is very nice. There is the manufacturer's name of Rudolf Souval to the reverse. Very scarce to find. We have also managed to aquire som post war cases for this award, (Identical to the original war time type and have added it to the award to set it off GBP 1150.00 (UK Pounds)

(S846) An Azad Hind Breast Star with swords, being the pin on type badge, often described as the 2nd class award. This example has a nice solid pin, hinge and hook fixing to the reverse, with a central disc inscribed "Rudolf Souval Wien 7" to it. To the front, there is the star in silver with a central gilt disc showing a tiger's head, the wording AZAD HIND and two crossed swords. The quality is very nice. These are very scarce to find now. GBP 1250.00(UK Pounds)

(N7) An Azad Hind Silver Award being a mid war example. The medal has gone a grey zinc with only traces of the original silver finish intact. The medal loop is silver but unmarked. The award comes complete with a piece of original ribbon. Given with swords for bravery, and without for merit, this example is a merit award. In very good condition. GBP 335.00 (UK Pounds)


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