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(S824) A Set of Oak Leaves to the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross with provenance to an Otto Weiss, an Oberst in the Luftwaffe. The oakleaves come with a postcard photograph of the said Oberst, which is signed by him and dated 1943. There is a history of him and the oakleaves with this grouping signed by Christopher Ailsby. These oakleaves have been shown in a number of books, both by Mr Ailsby and others. The oakleaves themselves are unusual in the fact that they are 800 silver marked and L/19 marked.( I feel that these oak leaves were made by Steinhauer and Luck and then sold on). The oakleaves are of nice quality and condition and are not the normal Godet pattern. It must be stated that although they have the provenance with them, they are not an official award set. Just a replacement set used by this pilot. (In photos he appears to be wearing a hand made set which may account for this set being bought) Still rare and nice and more affordable than the original issue. In used and worn condition, this set could tell a thing or two .. GBP 5250.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS691) A nice near mint Cased German Cross in gold. The Cross is contained in the proper latter style of case without the gold border around the top or press stud.. The cross is the second style Zimmermann type and is maker marked 20 under the pin. It is the lightweight type and the swastika has no enamel damage. The central disc is age stained but the crosses blackened star and silver outer star are again near mint . The red enamel border isstill intact with no chipping or scratching and the wreath still retains a high proportion of it's frosted and burnished finish. . The silver backing star is the coupal style and has both the hinge and hook countersunk into the backing plate. There are 4 nicely domed hollow rivets holding the whole construction together. These are nice and tight and the over all condition of the star is near mint . The case has a couple of scuff marks to it with one showing through to the card underbase, but nothing too bad. The black base has the usual wear where the 8 points of the star have rubbed. Other than this, the case is very nice. GBP 2995.00 (UK Pounds)
(S366) A Very Nice example of a Rarely encountered German Cross in Silver in a replacement case . The cross has been used and worn and shows minor wear and tear, as can be seen from the scan. The cross also has a slightly loose swastika as is often the case, with these lighter made examples. The cross is a standard No. 20, which is stamped into the underside of the pin and you have a countersunk hinge and hook and four doughnut rivets on a coupal star, with a nice blackened star overlaid with the red enamel border and silver wreath encompassing the black and silver swastika. The swastika has no enamel damage, though there is some tarnishing as stated. The cross come isn a replacement case, that are often paced of as real. The case has a silver line around the lid . Opened by a press stud, it has a white silk lid and black card base to take the cross. A superb and rarely encountered item . It is estimated that only 1200 were issued compated to 30,000 of the gold class. Layaway available. SORRY I AM SOLD GBP 2250.00 (UK Pounds)


(CS1160) A Cased Iron Cross 1st Class by A Jeweller. This example has been used in the reference book The Iron Cross of 1939 on page 121 where just the outer card case was used due to the fact the cross is an unmarked example and stating as such, it would be an unknown maker. The card case is nice and complete though age stained, which contains a very nice flat cased iron cross. The case is in virtually mint condition and has a round press stud that is similar in design to the B H Mayer type. There is no wear and tear and has an emblem embossed to the lid. Inside the case, there is an off-white silk lid and a mouse flocked base with cut-outs to hold the iron cross. The iron cross 1st class is in virtually mint condition and has oxidised on the silver frame to an almost petrol blue colour. Very nice condition, this was one of two of these makers that were picked up at the same time in their card cases. GBP 900.00 (UK Pounds)

(S950) A superb example of a Cased Bar to Iron Cross 1st Class. The bar is a textbook example of the BH Mayer and the bar retains virtually all of it's frosted and burnished finish These bars are becoming increasingly hard to find nowadays especially in this condition. The case for the award is in very nice condition also, with the lid having a silver blocked design of the bar to it. To the underside of the black base there is the no "260" stamped into the base The case also has the square catch push stud and has very little wear to it. The inside is as to be expected lined in white silk, with a black base with a cut out for the award. Both are in superb quality and condition. Very hard to find now, GBP 700.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS945) An Early Issue Bar to the Iron Cross 2nd Class in red case of purchase . The bar is manufactured from tombak metal and then silver plated. There are some minor tarnish marks, as can be seen from the scan. The bar is complete with all four pins, but has no ribbon to it. Of nice quality striking. It could possibly be attached to a ribbon if so desired, but I would personally leave it alone as you are never sure if the prongs may snap, which would then de-value it. also it looks good in the case though the more people pull it out the weaker the red card base becomes. So i would leave it as it is. GBP 250.00 (UK Pounds)

(S991) A Part Case for an LDO Iron Cross 2nd Class with the Cross inside it. The case has been pulled apart for want of a better description, with the base being removed from the card outer base. The top being moved also and one of the side portions missing. It sounds worse than it looks. The cross itself is a nice standard iron cross in very good condition with an unusual dated 1939 style. The bottom loops of the 9, the 3 and the other 9 have been stamped flat. The cross retains a high percentage of its original blacking and the silver frame, though tarnished, is nice and clean, with no dings, scratches etc. There is no maker's mark that I can see. In very good condition. Priced for condition GBP 225.00 (UK Pounds)

(S950) A superb example of a Cased Bar to Iron Cross 1st Class. The bar is a textbook example of the BH Mayer and the bar retains virtually all of it's frosted and burnished finish These bars are becoming increasingly hard to find nowadays especially in this condition. The case for the award is in very nice condition also, with the lid having a silver blocked design of the bar to it. To the underside of the black base there is the no "260" stamped into the base The case also has the square catch push stud and has very little wear to it. The inside is as to be expected lined in white silk, with a black base with a cut out for the award. Both are in superb quality and condition. Very hard to find now, GBP 700.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS1198) A Very nice interesting Cased Pair of 1957 Iron Crosses. To start with, there is a custom built case, that is what appears to be a converted German Cross in Gold case. Inside the case, there is a black lined lid, with a strip of iron cross ribbon running across it diagonally. There is a cut out in the base for a piece of ribbon, an Iron Cross 1st Class and and Iron Cross 2nd Class. The cut out for the 1st class is nice in the fact that there is a secondary cut out to take the pin, so it fits flush. The case is opened by a press stud and has two hinges to the reverse. The iron crosses contained in the case are nice Early 57 examples, with magnetic centres. Both crosses are nicely soldered up and neither are maker marked. A superb set that was obviously a private commission. I have not seen one like this for many years. GBP 450.00 (UK Pounds)

CIVIL LONG SERVICE AWARDS (Faithful Service Crosses etc)

(S186) A German Red Cross Neck Decoration. The cross is the pre-nazi type with the Deutsches Rot Kreuz in black enamel around a white central disc with a red cross to it. This is soldered onto a base cross being the same size as the standard socail welfare and red cross third reich awards. The cross measures approximately 50 mm wide and comes complete with a piece of ribbon that is about 55 mm wide. The award is also contained in a red case with the title of the award under the lid. The case is a post war piece, and has protected the cross and displays it nicely. Very scarce award, these were also issued after the end of WWII, until the new style was used. GBP 695.00 (UK Pounds)

(S589) A Nice Cased example of a Faithful Service Cross in Case for 40 Years. The cross comes with its original red hard case that has the emblem 40 within two golden oak leaves to the lid. The case when opened, has a white silk under the lid and a red base compartmented to hold the award. The award is complete with its original ribbon which is blue, and has a pin affixed to it. The gold cross has toned over the years, but is still nice and clean. The black enamel swastika is untarnished. These awards were given to civil servants, workers and employees who worked for so long in specific industries. GBP 110.00 (UK Pounds)


(R255) A Bronze Customs Cross in its green Card Case of Issue. The cross is a nice Early quality issue of slim manufacture. The cross comes complete with its original wide ribbon and is housed in a card two piece paper hinged green case with a fawn coloured material under the lid and two compartmented base, one for the ribbon and one for the cross. The case shows heavy handling wear but is complete. Very scarce award to find. GBP 595.00 (UK Pounds)


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(S1328) A Cased Mother's Cross in Gold. The cross is in near mint condition and has no enamel damage. The cross has a nice rich gold colour. This is the standard 16th Dezember type engraved on the reverse. The cross is complete with its original ribbon and is contained in its hard case of issue, which has the gold Mother's cross emblem to the lid and is opened by a press stud, which is working well. The case has, to the undeside of the silk lid, the maker's trade mark of HANS GNAD WIEN The case is in very nice condition, although the press stud has been forced to open the box, so the catch isn't quite catching now. A little attention is needed to put this right.. This maker I have not encountered before and have not seen it on any other manufacturing lists. Very scarce maker to find. Priced for minor fault. GBP 130.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS353) A Cased example of a Mussert Cross for 1941. The cross was issued albeit unofficially, to members of the Dutch SS for bravery and service on the Russian Front by Anton Mussert. Hitler forbade this award stating that the Dutch volunteers were entitled to German awards etc and so the award was withdrawn, but only on an official level. The award is of enamel and multi-construction and comes with its original ribbon and pin attachment. In the case, there is also the official Ribbon Bar. The case is of tw-piece construction that has had the top ends split on the corners and repaired with sticky tape which is removing the purple leatherette finish. The case should have been hinged but this has broken. The case shows wear and tear but still nice to get an original and has certainly done its job protecting the award. These crosses are becoming increasingly hard to find with more interest shown now with collectors researching foreign volunteers on the Russian Front. This has caused prices to rise steadily over the last few years.
GBP 750.00 (UK Pounds)


(CS683) A mid war example of a Pilot's Badge. The badge is the standard BSW type with the usual flaw to the swastika. The badge shows some zinc plate bubbling to the reverse but nothing too serious. The badge is held to the zinc silver plated wreath by two fine domed rivets. The front of the award shows a nice blued eagle holding a silvered swastika on an oxidised silver wreath giving a very nice over all finish. Complete with it's nice pin and hinge fixing, the badge would grade as very good condition. The badge comes in the remains of its original card box of issue. The box is in fragile condition but still complete and has the awards designation printed in black ink to the front. Very rare combination to find. There is no makers mark to the box. GBP 650.00 (UK Pounds)

(MC334) A Nice example of an Early quality Luftwaffe Pilot's Badge in Case. The badge is the standard C E Juncker Berlin SW type that is in very good condition. The badge retains much of its original silver and oxidised finish to the eagle. This is a nice early heavy quality badge contained in an early quality case with a cut out for the pin, hinge and hook so the badge sits nicely in the box with a purple flocked base and a paper purple flocked liner. The paper hinge cover has split right the way along the bottom where someone has opened the case too quickly, but could be restored if so desired. The case has the original title embossed in gold to the exterior and when opened up, to the underside of the case badge card, it has the numbering 626KB impressed into it. Nice condition and quality. GBP 1250.00 (UK Pounds)

(MC680) A Scarce example of a one piece Luftwaffe Ground Combat Badge in its Paper Packet of Issue. The badge retains most of its original blue painted finish to the clouds, with the eagle turning a grey/blue colour. The badge has a polished swastika. To the reverse. It has a cast in hinge and hook, with a steel pin affixed and finally it comes in its named paper packet, with manufacturer's details, printed in black to the reverse. The paper packet has been ripped, which is often the case, but it is complete. Very scarce to find. Priced for condition, packet as well as badge. GBP 375.00 (UK Pounds)

(N915) A mid to late war Close Combat Clasp in Bronze in it's frail cardboard box of issue. The card case was originally a one piece construction, but this has split and been repaired. The case though is complete ie both pieces are there and has the award's designation printed in black onto the card. The clasp is a mid to late war standard 1st pattern FLL clasp, with a separately soldered hinge and hook and magnetic back plate. The clasp, although it shows no wear, has faded giving a two toned bronze and silver finish. Very scarce to find, in case. GBP 695.00 (UK Pounds)

(P586) A Nice example of a Cased Luftwaffe Observer's Badge. The case the award comes in is a nice Earlier example that has a silk underlid and a nice velvet base. This has a cut out for the award. The award's title is printed in two lines to the top of the box in gold leaf lettering. The award which has nice fletched cut out work, is maker marked C E Juncker Berlin SW. The eagle is a nice heavy tombak that has been oxidised and silvered, with the brass highlights coming through. The silver wreath still retains much of its frosted and burnished finish. The badge has overall a nice character look to it. Becoming hard to find nowadays. GBP 1750.00 (UK Pounds)

(S382) A Superb example of a Luftwaffe Pilot's Badge by the Maker C E Juncker Berlin. Some people call this type the clipped toe, others use a different description such as J3, but all I can say is this is the type that has been recovered from both veterans and as souvenirs and just after the end of the war. The badge has the usual die faults and flaws associated with this maker and is a textbook every way. The badge has a nice eagle held to the wreath by two small domed rivets. The eagle retains much of it original blackened finish, with a burnished swastika. The award comes in a nice original case that has the full title of the award to the lid in gold lettering. To the underside, the case has a blue silk lining with a blue flocked cut out base to take the badge. When lifted out, this has the usual D & B mark with the patent 2599 in embossed raised numerals to it. The case shows overall minor handling wear and tear. All in all, a beautiful piece, becoming scarce to find in this condition. GBP 1300.00 (UK Pounds)


(CS1382) A rare example of a early quality War Merit Cross 1st Class Without Swords in it's Case of Issue. The case has it's outer card protector with the award's designation to it in black letters which has then protected the case making it virtually mint. The inside of the case on the white silk lid has the name Deschler & Sohn in black letters and the cross itself is still frosted and burnished and maker marked 1 to the reverse of the pin. It was one of those found last year in the possession of the Deschler family. Very nice near mint condition, that could not be bettered in my opinion. GBP 425.00 (UK Pounds)

(T50) A Cased Early War Merit Cross 1st Class With Swords. The cross is in nice overall condition with silver polished highlights and oxidised silver lowlights. This has tarnished over the years. The cross is maker marked L/11 for Deumer to the centre of the cross's reverse. The hinge and hook are separately applied. The cross could do with a mild clean. This is an Early tombak example that has toned. The case is a nice example with the silver image of the cross embossed to the lid and is slightly domed. There is minor handling wear to the cross, but nothing too bad. To the underside of the lid, there is a white silk base and a black flocked base with cut out to take the cross. This has faded with the outline of the cross showing when lifted out, but nothing serious. The case is stamped D & B with the usual numbering etc. With this is a copy of an advert for the firm Deumer A nice item to acquire. GBP 275.00 (UK Pounds)


(S1070) A West Wall Medal in Packet of Issue, being a mid to late war example, with a plated bronze zinc finish. The award comes complete with its paper packet which is the most prolific maker of these of Carl Poellath. It is complete with its ribbon. The award appears to be unissued. GBP 35.00 (UK Pounds)


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