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(L778) A German Civilian Document Group to a school teacher named Max Zollitsch. The group consists of a large citation dated 6.3.40 with a nice embossed Eagle and swastika seal and facsimile of Hitler signiture, then there is another one to him dated for 1937 again with the embossed Party Eagle, . Then a few personal letters regarding his teaching career, ranging from 1937 up to 1959. All are in good used condition and would make an interesting research progect . To a teacher with over 20 years of service GBP 80.00 (UK Pounds)

(E735) A superb and very rare 25 year Faithful Service Document to an Emil Muller of the Sachsische Textilmaschinenfabrik Vorm Rich, hartmann A. G. And the citation is of A53 size that has a central fold and an outer cover, with the award held in place by string. There is a coat of arms to the front of the citation. This is also carried through into the citation as well as the Daff cog wheel. The writing was carried out by professional calligraphy as it was done in gilt and ink.

GBP 80.00 (UK Pounds)

(K382) A Very Large Grouping of SS Documents, mainly sports related, to the same man, consisting of the following items;- A Reichsportblatt to Helmut Kober who was born on the 19/8/21, this document is dated 1936 and shows him in navy attire with a cap tally for the HJ. It shows him wearing an HJ badge to the Donald Duck cap. This is for the NRSL. It is in very good condition. Then there is his Deutsches Reich Arbeitsbuch which is filled in from 1935 to 1947. This is also in very good condition. Then there is his SA Sports Badge Book, well filled in and in very good condition. His Driving Licence from 1948, showing a photograph of him and rubber stamped. This is in fragile but complete condition. A Citation within a folder entitled Kaufmanngehilfenbrief. This is in very good condition. An Arbeitspass for 1947 in good condition. A letter dated 1949 in good condition. Another dated 1942 giving the rank of SS Sturmmann in very good condition. Another Pass from 1940 in very good condition. A Sports Citation for 1932 large in good condition, with a couple of tears at the edge, but nothing too serious. An illuminated Citation large size showing the RAD flag and a RAD trooper with swastika armband, in full colour, and in very good condition apart from a couple of nicks at the sides. A large size German Youth Citation for 1934 in very good condition. Some more Sports Citation for 1931 and 1932. Both in good condition and mounted in an album. Also mounted in the album is a 1934 Hitler Youth Citation in very good condition. A 1935 Sports Citation, in very good condition. A 1935 Second Class Citation for sports achievement in very good condition. Another Hitler Youth 1st Place Winner Citation, this is of very nice colour and condition. Then three more coloured Hitler Youth Winnder Citations for 1937 in very good condition. Some NRSL Book Citations. Some Leibesubung Citations for 1937. Some Hitler Youth Unit Citations for Bann 245, (9 of these). Some more NRSL Citations, an NRSL Honour Citation, the Hitler Youth Sports Badge Citations,, (4 of these). An SS Strm written Citation for the Golden HJ Sports Badge number 3180. Some more NRSL Citations. Some SS Sports Citation issued in Dachau. There are 3 of these and these have the SS runes embossed to the front of the books and are wartermarked SS runic device to the paper with an SS counterstamp. As far as I know, these citations are not recorded in any books. The citations are the same size as the NRSL ones. Then there is an SS illuminated Citation dated 6.9.42. Then we have some post war Sports Citations as well as a picture of him and his Bride in the back of the album. The last Sports Citation is dated 1952. This is a superb collection of items with the SS Citations being the cream of the crop and not seen before by anybody. All these items come in a family folder, some have come loose, some are still in it.


(M189) A Nice Pair of WWII Winter Help Certificates to the same man being a Herr Herzog. The certificates show Mum and Daughter sorting out items for a soldier on one citation and on the other Mum and Son taking clothes in for re-cycling and showing German soldiers changing clothes on the other half of the citation. The citations are dated for 1941. An unusual talking point. Priced for the pair.

GBP 45.00 (UK Pounds)

(M904) A Citation for a retiring Railway Worker being a Weichenwarter Peter Konig. The citation is dated the 14/12/39 and is stamped and signed. The citation is of A3 size is folded making an outer cover for the citation. This citation has then been folded in half lengthways as can be seen from the scan, but nothing serious. A scarce citation to find. This came from a German house clearance agent.

GBP 35.00 (UK Pounds)

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