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Article on the German Afrika Korps Medal

(CS350) A German/Italian Afrika Medal being the early brass type. The award is complete with its original ribbon that has an ink stain to it as can be seen. This also has a pin fixing sewn to it. The award has the maker's name to the lefthand side of the crocodile's foot and designer's to the base. Nice and scarce to find. GBP 125.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS396) A Nice Early Issue Italian made Afrika Corps Medal given by the Italians to the German counterparts in the Afrika Corps. This example a very nice bronze striking. Complete with only a tiny piece of ribbon that was glued together. The award was banned in 1944 when Italy defected to the allied cause. It is interesting to know the award in the 57 version was re-instituted. GBP 125.00 (UK Pounds)
(MC33) A Nice example of the Italian given German Afrika Corps Medal. The medal is the maker marked LORIOLI MILANO type which is over the left foot of the crocodile. To the base, it has the designer's name and the poor English crocodile is being wrestled by Italy and Germany. The award comes with its original sewn up but grubby ribbon This was part of a group picked up by someone who was obviously in charge of de-nazification or had light fingers! GBP 110.00 (UK Pounds)

(MC705) An Italian Medal as issued to the German Afrika Corps in commemoration for the heroic acts performed by the German Afrika Corps, with the help of the Italians against the British aggressors. The design shows two armoured knights wrestling with the English crocodile to one side. This side also shows the maker and designer's name. To the other side, you have the swastika, fasces and German and Italian writing saying this is the Italian German honour award for Africa. In good condition, the medal is complete with original ribbon that has been sewn fo wear. GBP 110.00 (UK Pounds)

(S234) A Nice Early issue Italian DAK Medal given to the German Afrika Corps who supported Mussolini's forces in Libya and beyond. The award is a bronze circular medal showing two gladiators wrestling the English crocodile. This crocodile has the designer's name to the base and the maker's name to the lefthand side of his foot. To the other side, you have the fasces and swastika along with the knot of savoy and the gate to the doorway of Libya, if memory serves me correct. Complete with an original piece of ribbon, the award is in very good condition. GBP 110.00 (UK Pounds)

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