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Article on the Finnish Russian Front Awards

(M737) A Nice Finnish Travelling Badge from the Pre-WWII period. The badge shows a house with a green hill with a lake to the front and the wording Aulanko to it. The badge has no enamel damage to it. The badge amongst many others in this period, were manufactured firstly for tourist pieces and secondly for the military as souveniers so that they can build up a collection for the places they have been to. This one is for the town of Aulanko and this type has been noted on some of the German watch fobs. There is no enamel damage. Quite scarce to find. These badges have been rising in value quite considerably of late, with many people starting to have interest in the arctic war of 1940-1945. GBP £35.00 (UK Pounds)

(N1041) A Finnish Badge issued to German and Finnish troops who undertook the winter battles in the Arctic Circle in the regions of Salla, Petsamo, via Rovaniemi. The badge shows the outline of Finland with these three places marked and a soldier leading a reindeer in the snow. The badge is maker marked on the screw disc to the reverse. It is of very nice quality and construction. GBP £70.00 (UK Pounds)

(R43) A German/Finnish 1941-44 Travelling Badge for the border troops who served on the border between Norway, Finland and Russia. This badge shows the map of that area, showing the old frontier between Russia Finland and Norway, where these troops pushed on to try and capture Murmansk from the Russians. This was a commemorative badge for them. The badge also shows the name Petsamo. Scarce and hard badge to find. GBP £125.00 (UK Pounds)

Finnish Volunteer Battalion of the Waffen-SS

The Finnish Volunteer Battalion of the Waffen-SS was a formation with a very unique history. Its members volunteered, and were spirited out of Finland to Germany under the watchful Russian eyes. Never completely supported by the various Finnish political factions,
The battalion joined the SS-Wiking Division in January 1942 and fought in southern Russia and the Caucasus until its mission ended in April 1943. Its soldiers badly needed on the home front, it was recalled due to intense pressure from the Finnish government. The battalion served with great sacrifice and proved itself worthy of being a part of one of Germany's elite divisions. Despite the language barrier, its soldiers adapted well and fought bravely shoulder to shoulder with their German comrades-in-arms. Long-overdue, their story is now told in this volume. Overseas clients please note: Due to excessively high wrapped weight shipping is weighted on this title. 2LB
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German coastal main defence in Norway during WW II 
(Includes the Petsamo area in Finland)  By Bjørn Jervås.

For more info on this campaign please see the German coastal main defence in Norway during WW II (Includes the Petsamo area in Finland) By Bjørn Jervås

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