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(V364) Probably one of the Rarest and most desirable pieces of Third Reich Memorabilia, being a Deutschland Erwache Standard. This multi-piece constructed silk Flag has the lettering individually applied in two lines, with a single white circle flanked with silver bullion with a black swastika, which is highlighted with two silver tresses in a tramline on either edge of the swastika. Around the edge is an alternate black, white and red woollen tassel. The colour due to age and the elements, has been affected, as to be expected and has also pulled the silk in, again which is to be expected, giving it a blackish hue in places. To the reverse side, there is the wording Nat. Soz. Deutsche Arbeiterpartei and then to the base Sturmabteilung. These are all in white and edged in black letters. Again, there is the swastika on the roundel and there is also the leather protector in red, machined to the top, where it would rub against the pole. This again, has aged like the front side and has staining. This banner matches those seen in private collections and in museums and is believed to be one of the first of the 590 to be made. An extremely rare piece of history. GBP 25,000.00

(V1985) A German double sided NSDAP Party Drape being approximately 1 m by 1.95 with a printed white roundel that is about 70 cm in dia stitched to the centre of the drape. The drape, is nice, clean and bright. It was a souvenir picked up and taken at the end of the war from a German town. The drape has a hem top for display by a pole or other fitting. Lovely condition. Complete sleeper for many years. GBP 395.00 (UK Pounds)

(V2372) A Very Impressive and Rarely encountered German Reichs Party Day 1938 Desk Pennant or mini flag . The pennant is approximately 14.5 cm by 25 cm. The design is a red cotton with a black swastika on a white roundel on one side and a woven reichsparteitag 1936 day badge to the front. This is picked out in colour and is very impressive. The condition is excellent. The flag has no staining or mothing. In lovely condition. GBP 475.00 (UK Pounds)


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