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  (V1985) German  Nice NSDAP Party Drape  GBP  395.00
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(V1985) German Nice NSDAP
Party Drape GBP 395.00
  (V1217)German NSDAP Flag. GBP 495.00
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(V1217)German NSDAP
Flag. GBP 495.00
(S136) A Pre War USSR Russian Single Sided Banner measuring approximately 80 cm by 115 cm. The banner is fringed on three sides and is for the USSR Young Russian Poineers. The banner is in very good condition. There is also a picture of some SS men with this type of flag. (Not this Flag IMO) Nice item in vgc GBP 425.00 (UK Pounds)

(V290) A German Luftwaffe Orange silk Eagle Flag in heavy bulliion. To start with, there is a bullion fringe around the edge of three sides. The fringe length is 6 cm. The overall dimensions of the banner with the fringe, is 50 cm by 56 cm approximately. There is a luftwaffe silver bullion eagle on a white silk centre, with a silver bullion oakleaf wreath around the eagle. Going from the eagle to each corner of the flag, there are black and white angles with swastikas in each of the corners. These swastikas are edged in silver wire as is the black and white edging. The detail on the eagle is picked out in black cotton. The design is of the regimental flags. To the reverse of the banner, is the trade name for Bernard Richter from the place of Cologne and his flag maker's label. This is a heavily embroidered example, being a single sided banner of superb quality and construction, not often encountered these days. This one has some age staining but nothing serious, as can be seen from the scan and can be a centrepiece for any collection. In lovely condition for its age. GBP 3995.00 (UK Pounds)

(V364) Probably one of the Rarest and most desirable pieces of Third Reich Memorabilia, being a Deutschland Erwache Standard. This multi-piece constructed silk Flag has the lettering individually applied in two lines, with a single white circle flanked with silver bullion with a black swastika, which is highlighted with two silver tresses in a tramline on either edge of the swastika. Around the edge is an alternate black, white and red woollen tassel. The colour due to age and the elements, has been affected, as to be expected and has also pulled the silk in, again which is to be expected, giving it a blackish hue in places. To the reverse side, there is the wording Nat. Soz. Deutsche Arbeiterpartei and then to the base Sturmabteilung. These are all in white and edged in black letters. Again, there is the swastika on the roundel and there is also the leather protector in red, machined to the top, where it would rub against the pole. This again, has aged like the front side and has staining. This banner matches those seen in private collections and in museums and is believed to be one of the first of the 590 to be made. An extremely rare piece of history. GBP 25,000.00

(CS1477) A Third Reich NSDAP Double Sided Flag. The flag is of Early Quality and is extremely well made and is approximately 43" x 47" in size. The double sided flag is constructed with a red wool, with five pole loops in the construction of the flag. To the centre, a white roundel edged with black and red cord is hand sewn. On this, is a black velvet swastika edged in white, which is again, hand stitched. There is some red staining from the wool onto the white of the centre and white edging around the swastika. The flag has a gold bullion fringe around three sides, though it has been pulled and is missing, as can be seen, in places. The flag's quality and construction is superb and this must have been an Early manufactured flag, by one of the better companies for use early on in the party's history. There is the remains of a little lable but the detailing has long since washed out. Historically, an important flag, as this was probably at some of the major rallies in the early 1930's. GBP 750.00

(T53) An Early 1st Pattern NSDAP Pole Top showing an eagle holding a swastika encompassed by a wreath. The eagle is of nice quality and construction with a nice black painted swastika to the centre. The pole top is complete with its pole socket which is screw fed into the eagle. There are no marks I can see. The top is of nice quality and construction. Very rare to find nowadays. Most seen today are copies. Nice to offer a genuine one. GBP 850.00

(V408) A Superb example of a German Battle Flag that has been used and flown in service. The flag is kriegsmarine marked with the kreigsmarine eagle, swastika and M mark and has also the reichs kriegs flg marking as well as the size 1.5 by 2.5 to it. There is also a leather sewn hook fixing to the top and the hook is marked SC with a pine tree. This is in good working order. To the other end of the white halyard, the rope has been cut off. The flag itself is in very good condition, with a few minor moth holes and fabric colour run, but nothing excessively bad. At the very bottom, it has started to fray, as can be seen from the pictures. This is obviously a flag that has been used and flown in the service of the third reich. An ideal display piece for any collector, museum or film company. Such a nice example, it's a shame we have no history on it. GBP 1250.00

(V867) An Absolutey Stunning, Mint example of a German WWII Battle Flag. The flag has never been flown. It was a souvenir pickup at the end of the war. The flag is the very popular size of around 80 cm by 135 cm. The halyard on this example is marked with CR.FL.80x135 and it also has the maker's name of Lorenz Summa Sohne Oberkolzau in black ink stamped in. I have never seen a better example, in nearly 40 years. GBP 1200.00 (UK Pounds)

(V868) A German NSDAP Drape. This appears to be one that has been cut down at some time and had a rough loop sewn to it. The flag is approximately 1.80 cm by 78 cm wide and has a printed roundel and swastika to it. Nice clean condition. Becoming hard to acquire, a nice backdrop for any collection or in film making, museum displays etc. GBP 425.00 (UK Pounds)


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