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(CS682) A Citation for the German Cross in Gold. This is the full size citation with the gold embossed cross to the top. The citation has had the name removed from it probably by a razor blade. It was issued to an Oberfeldwebel on the 1st August 1943 and it is facimile signed by Goring as well as being signed by General Oberst Bruno Loerzer. It also has Goring's seal embossed to the paper. The citation also in my opinion, has been cut down in size. With a little research, I feel the original owner could be traced as there are only 2 Oberfeldwebel`s award the German Cross in gold on this day, One is Oberfeldwebel Kurt Köhler 16./Transp.Geschw 3 and the other is Oberfeldwebel Walter Ruscher of 1.NJG 1. . A nice project for someone. Great to have a signed document by Goring. GBP £400.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS691) A nice near mint Cased German Cross in gold. The Cross is contained in the proper latter style of case without the gold border around the top or press stud.. The cross is the second style Zimmermann type and is maker marked 20 under the pin. It is the lightweight type and the swastika has no enamel damage. The central disc is age stained but the crosses blackened star and silver outer star are again near mint . The red enamel border isstill intact with no chipping or scratching and the wreath still retains a high proportion of it's frosted and burnished finish. . The silver backing star is the coupal style and has both the hinge and hook countersunk into the backing plate. There are 4 nicely domed hollow rivets holding the whole construction together. These are nice and tight and the over all condition of the star is near mint . The case has a couple of scuff marks to it with one showing through to the card underbase, but nothing too bad. The black base has the usual wear where the 8 points of the star have rubbed. Other than this, the case is very nice. GBP £2995.00 (UK Pounds)

(MC319) A Virtually Mint example of a Cloth German Cross in Gold. The cross is nice and bright and appears to have been stored away for a while. For those interested in die faults on these crosses, this one has the number 9 fault to it. The cloth is mounted on army green backing cloth and is complete with its backing paper. Also applied is a price ticket by the manufacturer or tailor which gives it a value of RM3.75 and stating it is a gold version. Very nice to find, especially in this condition with a label to the reverse. GBP £750.00 (UK Pounds)

(S95) A Nice example of a Near Mint German Cross in Cloth in Gold, for the Army. The cross consists really of a breast star with the cross referring to the swastika. The cross has not been mounted or worn and is complete with its original paper backing to the reverse. The gilded wreath has the fault at the top part of the 9. All the threads are relatively bright and clean for its condition. Becoming exceedingly hard to find. These crosses were worn on the combat tunic by many soldiers who didn't like to wear their metal counterpart. This was an easier wearing option, given the metal ones are very chunky. Also, the metal ones had a habit of being worn in confined spaces, the swastika could be chipped or dinged, and the badge could be caught on the pocket, which was not a good look, hence the popularity of these. GBP £600.00 (UK Pounds)

(MRB5) A 1957 early Gold German Cross, The cross is manufactured from wartime parts. This 1957 cross is made from Deschler pieces and has the Meybauer pin and hinge fittings. The cross also is engraved to the reverse Besondere Tapferkeit, which means immense bravery and it then has the date 24 Dezember 1942 Stalingrad and the then Lt. Hugo Schlamber. This was part of a large group of items sold by a German Dealer many years ago. GBP £ 595.00 (UK Pounds)

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