The Golden Party Badge of the NSDAP

The Golden Party Badge which was instituted by Adolf Hitler on 13th October 1933 with these award notes:
All Party members who had uninterrupted service with the NSDAP from 27th February 1925 and/or had an NSDAP Party Number from No 1 , Adolf Hitler to No 100,000 would be awarded the Golden Party Badge. With the restrictions of unbroken service it greatly reduced the numbers of eligible members from the 100,000 down to a total number of only 22,282. This can then broken down again to 20,487 awarded to men and 1,79 awarded to women.( * These figures are according to NSDAP Partei-Statistik 1935 Vol 1.)

(A selection of Fuess made Badges)

The Award comes in two sizes being a 25 mm for civilian wear and 30.5 mm for wear on the military tunic. Only two manufacturers of this rare award have been noted being the firms of "Jos Fuess. Munchen" who only made the 25 mm type

(A selection of Deschler made Badges)

and "Deschler & Sohn Munchen 9". Who made both the 25 mm and 30.50 mm types. The makers marks for the Fuess type can be found on the pin disc that is soldered to the badges or in the case of a Deschler again on the pin plate or set into the back of the badge. The badge on the Deschlers types also have another feature being a vent hole so that when the enamel centre was joined to the oak leaf plate, the gas between the two items could escape. This feature has not been noted on the Feuss types but encountered on all but a few Deschler awards. Apart from the usual fixing brooch type pin, button studded types and more substantial types of pin fixing like that of the Iron Cross, can be encountered. It should be pointed out that a lot of the pins on these badges were replaced with a more heavy duty type by their owners for obvious reasons. The design of the Golden Party Badge closely follows that of the standard NSDAP badge but with the addition of a golden wreath. As such, badges that have been re-pinned can still be identified, as both makers of these badges have a unique wreath pattern. The Fuess type has a railway sleeper type pattern radiating around the edge with the oak leaves overlaid over the top. The Deschler pattern does not have this key feature.

(A Nice early Award Book)

Each party member had a membership book or card with his party number, his name and signature as well as a photograph of the holder himself.

(A Nice early Award Citation,
and these citations are all this small size and fit inside the party book.)

At the same time as being given the badge, the recipient also received a possession document that has a facsimile of the badge to the top and the persons name and party number hand written onto it, as well as the district and date of award.

One other type of Golden Party Badge can be encountered and that is the special award type given for outstanding service (to the party or state). These badges are identical to the standard Golden Party Badge from the front but on the reverse, instead of the party number they have engraved the date of award (this is the 30th January, each year e.g. 30.1.1939) and the initials "A.H". These awards are very rare and unless they come with documentation, it will not be possible to trace the owner. Many holders of the standard Golden Party Badge won this honour and as such wore the "AH" badge instead of the numbered type.

Shown above is a 1939 A.H. Award Pair

Shown here is a central plate from a Golden Party Badge which not only has its number stamped into the back, but the manufacturers details too.

A Veriation Golden Party Badge by Deschler

Above is a picture of Obergruppenfuhrer Heinrich Knidmann wearing his Golden Party Badge.

Shown below are four versions of the most common Golden Party Badge Copies

A Copy Golden Party Badge unmarked

A Copy Golden Party Badge marked Deschler but made in England

A Copy Golden Party Badge, An unmarked Fuess type but made in Europe in the 1990`s

A Copy Golden Party Badge, A Rare unmarked Adolf Hitler award Piece
(Notice the Raised Date, and letters, Never seen on an originals)

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