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With Swords for Combatants

(K537) A Nice Standard Cross of Honour with Swords being awarded to German veterans of WWI. The cross was issued to replace all the German state awards bar a few exceptions. The cross was given in three classes, swords for frontline combat troops, without swords for non-combatant troops, medics etc and in black for those troops who were killed in action and a cross was given to the relatives. This example is maker marked W in a box to the base of the cross and the cross is complete with it's original ribbon. The cross is in very good condition The cross was recently acquired from a German House Agent from the centre of Germany. GBP 12.50 (UK Pounds)

(L1229) A Nice example of a standard Cross of Honour With Swords being maker marked G15 to the reverse. The cross is in virtually mint condition. The award was given to combatant troops in WWI replacing the German state awards. This was recently discovered during a house clearance in Germany. GBP 12.50 (UK Pounds)

(MC653) A Cross of Honour With Swords, being the standard issue to German armed forces in WWI. The award retains most of its original light gilt colour and is of magnetic construction. The award is maker marked to the reverse in raised letters L.NBG. The award comes complete with a small piece of ribbon. GBP 12.50 (UK Pounds)

With out Swords for Non-Combatants

(S262) A Cross of Honour Without Swords for German Service Personnel who were veterans of WWI in non-combatant formations. This particular cross has some minor rusting to it, as can be seen from the scan, and has its ribbon sewn up also. The cross is a maker marked example, being marked R.V.25Pforzheim in raised letters to the base at the back. GBP 17.50 (UK Pounds)

Without Swords in Black for the next of Kin

(MC658) A Nice example of a 1914 Cross of Honour as issued to the next of kin. The cross is of standard magnetic construction with a black paint fired to it. The cross is maker marked G & I. L. Becoming scarce to find, this is the most scarce of the three crosses for WWI. GBP 37.50 (UK Pounds)


(N871) A near mint example of the 1st type Schlageter Badge with the Bar "SPARTAKUS" and date bar "1919-23" attached to it. The award is maker marked to the reverse in raised letters Paul Kust Abzeichen-u Ordenfabrik Berlin SW19 Ges Gesch 101". This is the type with the swords fixed to the base as well

GBP 250.00 (UK Pounds)

(M843) A WWI Kuffbund Commemorative Medal complete with its original ribbon. The award is in nice order with virtually all of its original bronze finish. The award is often found on WWI medal groupings. This came from a German house clearance agent GBP 13.50 (UK Pounds)

(R230) An Imperial German 15 Year Service Cross, showing the imperial crown to one side and an X and V to the other. In nice condition and complete with a piece of blue ribbon. GBP 30.00 (UK Pounds)


(M236) A Badge for the Probationary Members of the Freikorps Oberland. The badge is a triangular shaped blue enamel badge with a white and yellow edelweiss to the centre. A similar example can be found in the Niemann price guide Vol. 3 on page 98. This example although the enamal is there, shows heat damage and wear and tear. Still a nice scarce badge to acquire. Rated at 220 euros in 2008, the badge is priced for condition.

GBP 60.00 (UK Pounds)

(M327) A Nice Early Near Mint example of a General German Automobile Organisations Bronze Sports Achievement Badge. The badge shows the lettering DAAK with an eagle to the centre around an oakleaf wreath. The badge is in virtually mint condition and came in an original gasoline packet with the makers name Josef Bergs and Co. which was probably why the medal is in such nice condition still as it was purchased wrapped in this. The quality of the badge is excellent and it is of solid construction with more of a jewellery pin and hook as shown in the Niemann book.

GBP 125.00 (UK Pounds)

(M326) A German Marine Flanders Cross of die cast zinc. The cross appears from my point of view, to be a replacement item manufactured in the 1930's, 40's or 50's. I feel it is more likely to be from the 40's as it is of grey zinc construction and has no gilding applied that can be seen. The cross is of nice quality, and has no makers marks. The cross comes complete with a new piece of ribbon and priced with this in mind.

GBP 45.00 (UK Pounds)

(N868) A Prussian State Fire Brigade Service Badge issued from 1934-36. The award is maker marked for Prussian State mint as well as silver marked. The award was superceded and replaced by the Fire Service cross and hence is quite scarce. In vgc to near mint.

GBP 150.00 (UK Pounds)

(N884) A Fredrich Augustus Medal being in very nice condition. The award retains virtually all of it's original plated finish. This with a number of other items, was recently acquired from a Deumer sample board and shows the company was still manufacturing WWI awards during the Third Reich period.

GBP 35.00 (UK Pounds)

More Info HONOURS and AWARDS of the GERMAN STATES. (Die Ehrenzeichen des Deutschen Reiches)

This superb book lists and provides the histories of all honours and awards made by the many independent States, Kingdoms, Grand Duchies etc. of Germany and the German Empire and the post-1918 Austrian Republic up to the German National Socialist Party (1939/1940). This is a reprint. To purchase your copy please click on the link (Picture) to the left

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