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(V426) A Set of Reproduction German Hermann Goring Shoulder Board Insignia that were used in the film "The Battle of Britain" starring Heinreiss as Herman Goring in this 1969 movie. The shoulder board insignia are of nice quality and construction and even have an issue number or silver number of 800 stamped into the tip of the batons and L20 onto one of the eagle batons. To me, they don't appear to be silver, but I feel they are copied from the original, but don't know why they were stamped 800 when they were made for the film, which makes me suspect they are more than they appear. With this pair comes the book The Battle of Britain, the story of the production of the battle of Britain by Leonard Mosley. The book was printed in 1969. SORRY I AM SOLD 27.7.22

(R21) A Nice complete Set of Insignia consisting of a Luftwaffe Breast Eagle in very nice condition, a pair of Signal Man's Eppalettes, being pipe in, in a light rust colour, being the slip on types. Also, a Pair of Collar Patches, with 3 Gulls attached. The set is in very nice condition and is scarce to acquire. GBP £185.00 (UK Pounds)

(S659) A Luftwaffe Bullion Cockade in Silver on a black base cloth, which is often described as being used by the Hermann Goring division, but I feel it is just the fact that the bands of the cap were black and it gave striking contrast. This example is tarnished and some of the stitching has broken with age over the years. Having said all this though, it is still a nice original example. There is also some bullion oxidisaion but nothing too bad as can be seen from the scan. An ideal replacement for anyone who's cap has had the metal one removed, or who just wants the cloth type fitted. Priced for condition. GBP £55.00 (UK Pounds)
(V398) A Nice and Rare German Black Luftwaffe Breast Eagle. The eagle is the 2nd pattern style and is slightly smaller than the standard type by about 5 mm but considerably larger than the cap eagle, often encountered. The eagle is a white embroidery on the rare black backing, often associated with the elite Hermann Göring panzer regiment and as such, few of these were manufactured and even fewer survived. An eagle not often found in collections, this example, though tunic removed, is a nice example. GBP £150.00 (UK Pounds)

(NCI15) A German Luftwaffe Cap Cockade complete with both its pins. The cockade appears to be ex stores condition and not used.
To Read More Please use the Picture Link.. GBP £15.00(UK Pounds)

(NCI192) A Pair of Luftwaffe insignia being a nice German Luftwaffe Cap Eagle of zinc The badge has both pins intact to the reverse. The badge is in near mint condition and then A Luftwaffe Metal Cap Cockade being non convexed. The cocade is complete with both pins, which are intact,. The cockade is of nice quality and constuction and has most of its paint finish intact macking this a nice matched set, Ideal for Spares or display GBP £75.00 (UK Pounds)

(T118) A Luftwaffe Cloth Patch for a Heavy Bomber. This patch appears to have been removed from a tunic. Priced for condition. GBP £20.00(UK Pounds)

(MC917) A Nice Matched Pair of Luftwaffe Forestry Officer's Collar Tabs. The tabs are silver bullion and edged with silver bullion onto a nice plush green velvet backing. The tabs appear to have been used and worn, but are in very good condition. The tabs show condusive wear and tear and are believed to be an original pair. Increasingly hard to find now. These are for the state owned forestry workers. GPB £75.00 (UK Pounds)

(S587) A Rare example of the other ranks Cloth Glider Pilot's Badge. The badge is machine embroidered on a nice wool backing in white cotton for the wreath and two toned grey threads to the eagle. The eagle has nice detailing. This is a known type of patch. Exceedingly scarce with few examples surviving. This one is in nice clean condition. GBP £495.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS290) A Trade Badge being an orange star shape on a green background. The patch has been used and worn but is in very good condition. The patch appears to be for a motor mechanic and has been removed from a tunic. GBP £7.50 (UK Pounds)


(N921) Ultra rare, matched pair of white-piped, slip-on eppaulettes for a career Musikemeister ( Regimental band leader in the rank of Leutnant) in the elite Musikkorps of the Luftwaffe's Herman Goering Regimental band. These musik-related items come from the collection of Brian Matthews author of The Military Music & Bandsmen of Adolf Hitler's Third reich 1933-45 published by Tomahawk Films GBP £175.00 (UK Pounds)

(S59) A single Luftwaffe slip on Eppaulette with a dark blue piping. The piping is in vgc and there has been some repairs to the reverse backing of the epp. Other than this, in very good condition. Not sure if this is for medical or what unit as it doesn't appear to be of any blue described in the books, if anyone can enlighten us, we would be grateful. This epp was a part of a group of items a British Serviceman picked up at the end of the war GBP £ 15.00 (UK Pounds)

(S543) German Luftwaffe Collar Patch. GBP £40.00
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(S543) German Luft
Red Collar
.Patch GBP £40.00
(S545) German Luftwaffe Collar Patch. GBP £85.00
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(S545) German Luft
Ground Field Division
Collar Patch. GBP £35.00
(S552) German Luftwaffe Collar Patch. GBP £35.00
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(S552) German Luft
Green Collar
Patch. GBP £35.00
(V1256) German Luftwaffe Collar Patch. GBP £50.00
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(V1256) German Luft
Flight Collar
Patch. GBP £50.00

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