Jamie Cross Collectables 
Awarded in 4 classes for 4 years (Bronze medal) 12 years (Silver medal) , 18 years (Silver medal) and 25 years (Gold Medal) and in a type for men and a type for woman,

(MC42) A Nice RAD Man's Service Medal in Silver for 12 and 18 Years service respectively. The award is the zinc type with a cast in eye ring. As is often the case with some of these late war cast zinc examples, it is splitting down the edge seam which was originally sheared out when it was ejected. It is still solid though. Becoming scarce to find. This was part of a group picked up by someone who was obviously in charge of de-nazification or had light fingers! GBP £75.00 (UK Pounds)

(MC627) A Very Nice and Rare to find example of a Cased 4 Year RAD Service Medal. To start, the medal is in near mint condition and is the Early lightweight type. The medal is mounted on its blue ribbon and has a fixing pin to the top. The ribbon is nice and clean and is of good quality sewing up, mounted for wear. The award comes in its two piece brown card case, similar to the red faithful service crosses, this one has a number 4 within a silver cogwheel embossed to the lid. The case is nice and clean. These are not often encountered these days. This one is in beautiful condition too. GBP £185.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS254) A RAD Medal in Silver being the lightweight cupal type in near mint condition. The award is complete with its original blue ribbon that is sewn up. This was recently removed from a salesman's board. GBP £100.00 (UK Pounds)

(S356) A Very Rare example of a privately purchased RAD Man's 25 Year Gold Service Medal. The medal is of gilt oxidised and polished finish being of lightweight construction with the highlights burnished, like to the lettering to the reverse, the swastika to the spade and the ears of corn etc. This award is also ring marked L/11 for the firm of Deumer. A very nice example to find, especially a lightweight privately purchased example. GBP £495.00 (UK Pounds)


(P471) A Superb example of a Silver Bayern Labour Service Medal. The medal is silver hallmarked on the side 900 silver. It has a separately applied enamel shield with the Bayern colours soldered into the centre. There is no enamel damage to this shield. The award was given for 25 years service to Bayern industry and coincidentally, it is still award omission of the swastika that's at the base. A fine pretty scarce award. GBP £ 150.00 (UK Pounds)

(P683) A Document and Award Grouping to a member of the German Blood and Soil Association. The nice award document has the recipient's name written in ink and is dated for 1/10/1937 and was for 5 years service in the Rheinland area. It is signed by the Kreisbauernfuhrer and has a nice document stamp to it. With it, comes a little cased medallion with in bronze metal for true service. The award is contained in a little domed paper hinge case with a cut out to take the award. GBP £375.00 (UK Pounds)


(P120) An NSBO Membership Badge. The badge shows the hand over a ¼ cogwheel holding a hammer. The badge is of nice quality and construction and is slightly larger than most encountered.

GBP £25.00 (UK Pounds)

(G251) A DAF/Handworkers Day Pin showing both emblems mounted onto a piece of semi precious amber. To the base is a little card with the wording GARANTIERT ECHT BERNSTEIN N B J .The piece is very nice and unusual.

GBP £20.00 (UK Pounds)

(L896) An unusual RAD or DAF Badge showing a farmer spreading wheat seeds on his field, with a red enamelled background, with a silver swastika behind. I have not seen this badge before, but the quality is very very good. The badge is about 1.5 cm by about 2 cm in diameter and unmarked. The enamel is in perfect condition. The Badge has been removed from a shop display board that we recently acquired along with many other items.

GBP£75.00 (UK Pounds)

(L914) A RAD Tradition Cap Badge for the state labour service for the unit of Ost Prussia arbeits gau 1. The badge is complete with both fixing prongs to the reverse. There is no enamel damage. I found a price reference to the badge in the book "Katalog Der Abzeichen Deutscher Organisationen 1871-1945 dated 1997 which gave the badge a value of 180 dm. The badge has been removed from a shop display board that we recently acquired along with many other items GBP £90.00 (UK Pounds)

(S441) A Labour Stick Pin being a standard DAF membership Badge showing a cogwheel showing a nice swastika to the centre. The cogwheel is pebbled, giving it nice contrast. This is in virtual mint condition. GBP £25.00 (UK Pounds)

(J1656) A small cloth band being a " Ausländereinsatz" short (Approx 15cm) cuff title. The patch is machine embroidered onto a dark blue black band with the letters in offwhite thread. A rough translation is Foreign Labour Service. The band was given to Foreign Worker in Czechoslovakia in 1944 and is shown in the book "Foreign Legions of the third Reich" Vol 3 on page 35 . Very Rare to find GBP £ 200.00 (UK Pounds)

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