Private Retail Sales List of German Manufactures
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Firmenliste der Leistungsgemeinschaft deutscher Ordenshersteller.

"Guild of German Orders Manufacturers"
(Private Purches Pieces.)

  • L/10 Deschler & Sohn, Munchen
  • L/11 Wilhelm Deumer, Ludenscheid
  • L/12 C E Juncker, Berlin
  • L/13 Paul Meybauer, Berlin
  • L/14 Friedrich Orth, Wien
  • L/15 Otto Schickle, Pforzheim
  • L/16 Steinhauer & Luck, Ludenscheid
  • L/17 Hermann Wernstein, Jena Lobstedt
  • L/18 B H Mayer's Hofkunstprageanstalt, Pforzheim
  • L/19 Ferdinand Hoddstatter, Bonn
  • L/21 Forster & Barth, Pforzheim
  • L/22 Glaser & Sohn, Dresden
  • L/23 Julius Maurer, Oberstein
  • L/24 Fritz Zimmermann, Stuttgart
  • L/25 A E Kochert, Wien
  • L/26 Klein und Quenzer, Idar Oberstein
  • L/50 Gebr. Godet, Berlin
  • L/51 E. Ferd. Wiedmann, Frankfurt am
  • L/52 C F Zimmermann, Pforzheim Main
  • L/53 Hymmen & Co, Ludenscheid
  • L/54 Schauerte & Hohfeld, Ludenscheid
  • L/55 Wachtler & Lange, Mittwaida
  • L/56 Funcke & Bruninghaus
  • L/57 Boerger & Co, Berlin
  • L/58 Rudolf Souval, Wien
  • L/59 Alouis Rettenmaier, Schwabisch-Gmund
  • L/60 Gustav Brehmer, Markneukirchen
  • L/61 Friedrich Linden, Ludenscheid
  • L/62 Werner Redo, Saarlautern
  • L/63 G H Osang, Dresden
  • L/64 Assmann & Sohn, Ludenscheid
  • L/65 Franke & Co KG, Ludenscheid
  • L/66 A D Schwerdt, Stuttgart

Occasionally, awards may be found which are "double marked" usually on a pin fitting, indicating that this particular component was manufactured and stamped up for use on a retail piece, then used instead on an award piece, or vice versa. A number of Iron Crosses First Class have been noted bearing both the Prasidialkanzlei number "20" and the LdO number L/52 for the C F Zimmermann firm. Such examples are useful confirmation of the accuracy of the above listings. Some argument has existed over the mark used by Rudolf Souval, with some sources confusing the Prasidialkanzlei number "58" of Artur Jockel with the LdO number L/58 of Rudolf Souval. In his excellent work "Das Eiserne Kreuz", Harald Geissler illustrates a private retail sales example of an Iron Cross First Class bearing on its pin both the typical L/58 mark of Rudolf Souval and the firms initials, RS, confirming the L/58 (L58) code as definitely being that of Rudolf Souval.

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