Luftwaffe Qualification (Flight)Badges
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    (J1489) A very nice and so far unidentified Glider Cloth Patch that shows a silver bird within an oakleaf wreath. The patch shows some mothing but is in very nice condition. In the book "NSKK and NSFK", David Littlejohn shows a similar example and says unidentified. Recently acquired from a German house clearance agent, the cross was in amongst a pile of Luftwaffe and NSFK insignia. GBP 45.00 (UK Pounds)

    (S413) A Very Rare and not very often encountered, original NSFK Glider Pilot's Badge. This is a textbook example complete with issue number and inscription to the reverse. The three white fix wing gulls are slightly dirty but not cracked. The badge issue number is 2920 and the badge is of multi-piece construction with the three gulls individually affixed to it. Shown in all the relevant text books, this is a classic and hard to find badge. GBP 995.00 (UK Pounds)


    (K349) An Early Luftwaffe Honour Goblet being stamped 835 silber with a crown and crescent mark as well as an eagle mark and maker marked Joh Wagner und Sohn. The goblet has had a few knocks and bashes and I feel someone may have attempted to scrub the swastika at some time. But this is still intact and visible. The goblet was preseted on the 31/5/41 to an Oberfeldwebel Johannes Lehmann who was also holder of the German Cross in Gold as well as the iron crosses. He is also listed as being with a KG unit. The goblet also comes in a custom made box that was made post war that says who it was presented to etc. A very nice early quality award. Very few of these were originally made in silver.


    Instituted on 26th March 1936,

    (CS93) A Nice family acquired group of Two Citations, Two Badges and some Photographs. The goruping consists of a nice mid war Pilot's Badge maker marked BSW within a clover leaf. The badge retains virtually 90% of it's original finish. The badge has the usual flaw to the eagle's foot and swastika. Then there is a Black Wound Badge being the second pattern steel type, which retains approximately 85% of it's black painted finish. The badge is unmarked. Then there is the Pilot's Citation, named to a Feldwebel Paul Schmidt, this is dated 3.2.43 and signed by a General of the flyers. The citation is folded in four but is still nice and clean. There is also an Award Covering Letter to Paul Schmidt regarding an injury sustained on the 12.6.1940. This relates to his black wound badge. The letter states his wound badge and citation are sent. Then there are 11 photographs showing Herr Schmidt in his uniform with his younger brother, who was an HJ Member being attached to the Luftwaffe Flak Unit. There is a nice one of Paul Schmidt wearing an officers dagger. A couple of him next to his aircraft. One in his pilot uniform. Etc. Then there is A small size Luftwaffe Photograph Album compiled him . The album consists of 51 photographs, with subjects covered being a tank, a hand glider, firing squad party and various Luftwaffe pilot's uniforms etc etc. In good condition. A nice selection. The group was recently acquired from a German House Agent from the centre of Germany. A lovely grouping. GBP 1050.00 (UK Pounds)

    (CS683) A mid war example of a Pilot's Badge. The badge is the standard BSW type with the usual flaw to the swastika. The badge shows some zinc plate bubbling to the reverse but nothing too serious. The badge is held to the zinc silver plated wreath by two fine domed rivets. The front of the award shows a nice blued eagle holding a silvered swastika on an oxidised silver wreath giving a very nice over all finish. Complete with it's nice pin and hinge fixing, the badge would grade as very good condition. The badge comes in the remains of its original card box of issue. The box is in fragile condition but still complete and has the awards designation printed in black ink to the front. Very rare combination to find. There is no makers mark to the box. GBP 650.00 (UK Pounds)

    (MC334) A Nice example of an Early quality Luftwaffe Pilot's Badge in Case. The badge is the standard C E Juncker Berlin SW type that is in very good condition. The badge retains much of its original silver and oxidised finish to the eagle. This is a nice early heavy quality badge contained in an early quality case with a cut out for the pin, hinge and hook so the badge sits nicely in the box with a purple flocked base and a paper purple flocked liner. The paper hinge cover has split right the way along the bottom where someone has opened the case too quickly, but could be restored if so desired. The case has the original title embossed in gold to the exterior and when opened up, to the underside of the case badge card, it has the numbering 626KB impressed into it. Nice condition and quality. GBP 1250.00 (UK Pounds)

    (S382) A Superb example of a Luftwaffe Pilot's Badge by the Maker C E Juncker Berlin. Some people call this type the clipped toe, others use a different description such as J3, but all I can say is this is the type that has been recovered from both veterans and as souvenirs and just after the end of the war. The badge has the usual die faults and flaws associated with this maker and is a textbook every way. The badge has a nice eagle held to the wreath by two small domed rivets. The eagle retains much of it original blackened finish, with a burnished swastika. The award comes in a nice original case that has the full title of the award to the lid in gold lettering. To the underside, the case has a blue silk lining with a blue flocked cut out base to take the badge. When lifted out, this has the usual D & B mark with the patent 2599 in embossed raised numerals to it. The case shows overall minor handling wear and tear. All in all, a beautiful piece, becoming scarce to find in this condition. GBP 1300.00 (UK Pounds)

    (MC255) A Late War example of a Pilot's Badge. The badge has nicely fretted out wing tips and is held to a wreath by two domed rivets. The badge is the type attributed to the Fredrich Linden of Ludenscheid firm. The badge has toned to an overall grey colour. A nice qualification badge to acquire. GBP 325.00 (UK Pounds)

    (S919) A Very Nice Early Pilot's Badge being the heavy nickel silver pre-war type, made by the firm of B & N L. The badge consists of a silver blued eagle holding a burnished swastika on a silver wreath , held on by two nice tight rivets. The wreath is convexed and the badge has a nice pin, hinge and hook in serviceable condition. The badge has no overall damage, or bashes and is a nice good, clean example. To the reverse of the eagle, there is the B &N L trade mark stamped in. Nice condition. If you only want one Pilot's badge, this one should be considered 999.00 (UK Pounds)

    (S942) A great example of the heavy nickel silver Pilots Badge being a pre-war example, by the scarcely encountered GWL company. The badge has all the features associated with this manufacture being the unusual hinge and hook configuration, as well as the counter sunk nippled rivets. This example has a nice pin fixing, which is in working condition. The riveting is nice and tight, holding the badge to the wreath. There is a nice amount of blackened finish to the eagle as sometimes encountered, but the detailing is superb and highlighted quite nicely by the two toned appearance of the eagle. Given as a qualitfication badge, these badges are often classified as a war badge, but that is not true, as the flight clasps filled this space GBP 1050.00 (UK Pounds)

    Instituted on 26th March 1936

    (MC327) A Cloth Luftwaffe Bullion Observer's Badge being of very nice quality and construction. The badge has been cut from a tunic. The detail has been picked out in black cotton with silver bullion threads worked in, giving very nice detail and definition. Not often encountered these days. Very rare to find nowadays, especially in this superior condition. GBP 495.00 (UK Pounds)

    (P586) A Nice example of a Cased Luftwaffe Observer's Badge. The case the award comes in is a nice Earlier example that has a silk underlid and a nice velvet base. This has a cut out for the award. The award's title is printed in two lines to the top of the box in gold leaf lettering. The award which has nice fletched cut out work, is maker marked C E Juncker Berlin SW. The eagle is a nice heavy tombak that has been oxidised and silvered, with the brass highlights coming through. The silver wreath still retains much of its frosted and burnished finish. The badge has overall a nice character look to it. Becoming hard to find nowadays. GBP 1750.00 (UK Pounds)

    (R440) A cased Observer's Badge by the well known manufacturer Assmann. This textbook example is of their usual late war high quality that shows an eagle holding a polished swastika on a late war zinc wreath. The eagle is silver oxidised and retains a high percentage of this blackened oxidised finish. The silver wreath though, has dropped much of its silver finish, giving the badge the same overall colour, as can be seen from the scan, apart from the swastika, which still shows it burnished finish, giving a marked attractive contrast to the badge. To the reverse, the badge has a standard Assmann clip, affixed to a circular base plate, soldered to the wreath and a nice block hinge and good quality pin soldered to the top. The badge has a nice pair of flattened rivets holding the eagle to the wreath and the A mark stamped to the reverse of the back of the eagle. Very nice quality to find. The case for the award is a mid to late war example lined in blue paper with a split blue paper hinge, the case has the cut out for the pin and when lifted out you can see "626K.B" embossed to the back of the blue cut out base . The lid has in silver the wording "Beobachterabz" embosed into the lid. The box is opened by a push stud which is magnetic and it also has a magnetic hing. In nice condition the pair GBP 950.00 (UK Pounds)
    (S376) A Nice and Rarely encountered Luftwaffe Observer's Badge of Superb Quality and construction by the GWL manufacturer. The badge is a classic example of their workmanship, with their usual small hinge and hook affixed to the badge, with their nice nipple tiny rivets affixing the eagle to the wreath. The eagle is of superb quality and construction and is a nice nickel silver example by the look of it. The badge has been used and worn in service but there has been no real major dings to it. Probably one of the nicest Oberserver badges we have seen. The badge is nicely convexed. GBP 1195.00 (UK Pounds)

    (S383) A Superb eample of a Textbook manufactured Assmann Luftwaffe Observer's Badge in its Two-Piece Hinged Case of Issue. The badge is the Ealier nickel silver type and has a nice designed eagle holding a swastika held onto a wreath by two flattened rivets. To the reverse, the wreath has scratched in, the recipient's name being Kpt Schobert. The eagle is nice and tight to the wreath and the hinge and pin work perfectly. The badge comes in its case that has the original name printed in silver to the top of the lid and has a blue flocked paper lid and blue flocked base to the take the badge. This has protected the badge over the year, and although the case is a little tired, it is not too bad. GBP 1350.00 (UK Pounds)

    Instituted on 26th March 1936

    (S697) A Nice example of a 1957 Retired Pilots Badge. The badge has very nice detailing and die work and is similar to its wartime counterpart bar the swastika to the base. The badge has a nice oxidised silver effect and is virtually in mint condition. A very hard badge to acquire now. GBP 60.00 (UK Pounds)

    (S133) A 1957 Retired Pilot's Badge being of nice quality and construction with a nice oxidised eagle sitting on a silver rock, with a nice silver wreath around the edge. The badge is of nice quality and construction and probably dates from the 1960's. Scarce to find. GBP 75.00 (UK Pounds)

    (S520) A Nice late war zinc Retired Pilots Badge. The badge is of nice quality and condition and is a textbook example of this type. The badge is the type people often associate with either the firm of Deumer or Steinhauer and Luck and has the highlights burnished with the low parts oxidised. This though has toned over the years. All in all, a scarce badge to find. GBP 950.00 (UK Pounds)

    Instituted on 16th December 1940

    (GE5) A nice condition Glider Badge being the type made by Wilhelm Deumer with the solid swastika and as such this example is maker marked to the reverse of the eagle. The award retains approximately 75% of it's original finish with minor wear to the high points of the badge giving a nice contrast to it. The badge is a textbook example of the Deumer style of pin, hinge and hook construction with the base having a solid swastika as previously mentioned and the circular retaining clip to the reverse as well as the broad hinge block. All in all, the award is a nice quality example of Deumer's work. It is quite a scarce badge to acquire.GBP 1250.00 (U K Pounds)

    (S587) A Rare example of the other ranks Cloth Glider Pilot's Badge. The badge is machine embroidered on a nice wool backing in white cotton for the wreath and two toned grey threads to the eagle. The eagle has nice detailing. This is a known type of patch. Exceedingly scarce with few examples surviving. This one is in nice clean condition. GBP 495.00 (UK Pounds)

    Instituted on 26th March 1936

    (CS291) A Mint Condition Air Gunner/Radio Operator's Badge by B and NL. The badge is of mid war quality construction and retains all of its original finish as can be seen from the scan. The badge has been stored away until recently until now, this has served to preserve the badge extraordinarily well, it just hasn't deteriorated at all. This must be the finest example of this maker we have ever seen. GBP 750.00 (UK Pounds)

    Instituted on 22nd June 1942

    (CS1362) A Nice example of an Air Gunner Award. The badge was recently removed from a sample board and still shows some of the original lacquer finish. This example is not a modified air gunner radio operator, but an actual air gunner award, as there are no blitzen (lightning) in its feet, nor any signs of them being removed. The badge has turned a two-toned slate grey colour, with the eagle having silver highlights, whereas the wreath is more oxidised. The swastika has the top portion cut out. To the reverse, you have the eagle held to the wreath by two flattened rivets and then you have a nice hinge and hook soldered to the reverse. To the reverse of the eagle, you have the raised A trademark, for Assmann. Overall in very nice condition. A sleeper award that hasn't been in a collection. It was picked up by a soldier in 1945 as part of a board collection. GBP 425.00 (UK Pounds)

    Instituted in three types on 30th January 1941 for Fighters, Bombers and Reconnaissance

    (CS299) A Nice Near Mint example of a Luftwaffe Reconnaissance Air Sea Rescue Clasp. The clasp is in silver and has the eagle's head riveted to the badge. The badge is of fine zinc construction with a nice silver plated finish which is still intact. The badge is also marked BSW in the upside down clover leaf. Of Superb Quality. This clasp has been stored away until recently until now, this has served to preserve it well. GBP 495.00 (UK Pounds)

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