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Instituted on 10th January 1941

Known makers : A, AS, B & N L, C.E.Juncker Berlin SW, GB, GWL, JMME, W, WH,

(L856) A Very Rare example of a contemporary sample for the Luftwaffe Flak Badge. The badge is an oval wreath with a separately applied eagle to the top and then a flak gun has been mounted in the middle. This has some extra additions to it as can be seen from the scan. The flak badge wreath is of hollow construction and has two vent holes to it. I have seen a similar example in a drawing in the book "Auszeichnunged Des Deutschen Reiches 1936-1945" by Kurt G. Klietmann on page 163, where they discuss different designs that were put forward, finally settling for one we all know. It is my belief that this was one of the trial samples made up.

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The Flak Badge , by Marc Garlasco, about both the Luftwaffe and the Army badges, including the history, documents, cases and over 50 known variants.This comprehensive reference is the result of years of study by one of the leading experts of the Flak Badges of the Wehrmacht. Marc Garlasco has meticulously examined dozens of variations by all known makers of these war badges of the Second World War and clearly presents them to us. His work is essential reading for anyone interested in collecting the anti-aircraft badges of the Luftwaffe and Heer. The novice and the expert collector alike will benefit from this ground-breaking treatment. For the first time anywhere the Flak Badges of the German Army are dissected. In addition to badges, he incorporates the history, award documents, and cases. This book is a “must have” for every serious collector of war badges and will stand the test of time for years to come. To purchase your copy please click on the link (Picture) to the left

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