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Please note

The firm of Jamie Cross is Non-political & items offered for sale are for historical interest and investment only and items are only sold under the following conditions:
1) The condition for any acquisitions of German/Russian Items, It is for you to take notice of German law (86 + 86a StGB) Which States "A historical and military item from the year 1933-1945 with a Third Reich or Soviet Russian emblem, is not to be used in any propagandistical way. It is strictly forbidden and a criminal offence in Europe."

The items are only to be used, for amongst other things, educational intention, historical research, in respect to that time period of history.


  Welcome to our site. We hope you will enjoy perusing the wide variety of stock from Germany, as well as many other countries. Everything on the list is guaranteed original. Stock can range from common day badges right through to Knights Crosses. Our aim is to suit every medal collectors pocket, with items starting at just a few pounds upwards.


Feel free to submit your personal "Wants List".  Our inventory is constantly changing so if you don't see what you are looking for on any of our lists at this time, there is a very good chance that  the piece you are looking for will come through  in the future.  If we know what it is you are looking for, we can notify you should we come by it.

We are pleased to say we take the Following Cards like VISA & MASTERCARD
Picture of VISA LOGOs

Golden Party Badge Research
Shown below is a Golden Party badge back with the Number 98166 for SS Sturmbannfuhrer Hermann Raecke,of the II SS Panzer Korps, SS No 419932
Picture of a Golden Party badge
We have a list of over 4290, Party members and SS officers whose Party Number was under 100,000 and qualified for this rare award and Only 22282 members were entitled to the award of which 1795 were women and 20487 were men. Giving us a one in five chance of finding a name to match a badge! To View the list of

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