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The Mussert Cross with Swords for Bravery For Russia For Sale

Article on the German Russian Front Volunteer Awards (part 2)
(CS353) A Cased example of a Mussert Cross for 1941. The cross was issued albeit unofficially, to members of the Dutch SS for bravery and service on the Russian Front by Anton Mussert. Hitler forbade this award stating that the Dutch volunteers were entitled to German awards etc and so the award was withdrawn, but only on an official level. The award is of enamel and multi-construction and comes with its original ribbon and pin attachment. In the case, there is also the official Ribbon Bar. The case is of tw-piece construction that has had the top ends split on the corners and repaired with sticky tape which is removing the purple leatherette finish. The case should have been hinged but this has broken. The case shows wear and tear but still nice to get an original and has certainly done its job protecting the award. These crosses are becoming increasingly hard to find with more interest shown now with collectors researching foreign volunteers on the Russian Front. This has caused prices to rise steadily over the last few years.
GBP 750.00 (UK Pounds)

(MC858) A Nice example of a used and worn Mussert Cross given to Dutch SS volunteers that served in Russia. The award has the red, white and black colours of the NSB, the Dutch fascist party and also has the name Mussert and date 41 to it. Held in high esteem by Dutch members of the SS, these crosses were not officially allowed to be worn, but unofficially were. This example is complete with its original ribbon and pin and the enamelling although having some minor wear and tear, is intact with no damage. GBP 450.00 (UK Pounds)

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