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(CS189) A Superb example of a Slovakian Pilots Observers Badge. The badge is of one piece construction and of two toned finish with a silver eagle within a gilt wreath. The eagle is holding the Slovakian double cross on a mountain top. This is the shield shaped emblem for that country. Very nice quality and construction. This is matched for size all those on the internet for reference sites. Complete with a pin, hinge and hook fixing. The badge does not turn up very often, with this being the Third one I have ever seen in 20 years GBP £850.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS1534) A German Naval High Seas Fleet Badge with a nice history. This badge formally belonged to the widow of a Royal Navy Captain who died in 1960. He was The Captain of HMS Victrix which saw service all through WW11. The Vessel had the No of FY 224 and was a converted Trawler Taken over by the Admiralty in September of 1939.It had a Displacement: 472 tons. With the Armament of one "4" gun. And she survived the war unlike 72 others from here class. It is unknown how these badges came into his possession as his wife had no interest in these items. It is the first time that this badge has seen the light of day since he passed away. The badge itself is a nice early Schwerin High Seas Fleet, and marked as such on the reverse in two lines in the usual way It is a standard textbook example, with the full trade mark to the reverse. The badge shows very minor wear with only a few surface scuffs. The swastika and the ribbon bow are both burnished and the silver for the ship has oxidised, giving it a very nice three toned effect. In very nice condition and unusual in having a history. It is the 2nd to last of the badges from the family GBP £ 475.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS1543) A Bronze Mother's Cross in its Paper Packet of Issue. The cross is a nice enamelled example which has only a minor enamel fault to it when seen under a magnifyin glass. The cross is the Adolf Hitler 1938 type and has a full length unmounted unworm ribbon. The cross comes in its brown buff paper packet that is maker marked LIND & MENRER OBERSTEIN to the reverse. The packet has been folded but all in all, nice condition. Nice to find a complete set. GBP £55.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS1544) A Silver Mother's Cross in used condition, with a tiny enamel chip to the top arm of the swastika in the centre. The cross comes on a longish but not full length ribbon. Priced for condition. GBP £45.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS1545) A War Merit Medal in Very Good Condition. It is of nice quality metal and manufacture. The award was given to German and foreign labourers in aid of the German war effort. GBP £20.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS1546) A War Merit Cross 2nd Class With Swords. The award is the later one piece cast in type of good quality and construction. The award retains much of its bronze finish, which is unusual as most of these fade completely. GBP £25.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS1547) An Air Defence Medal 2nd Class being ring marked No. 10. The award is complete with its original ribbon that is unmarked. Nice overall condition and becoming scarce to find. . GBP £65.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS1548) German Cross of Honour, for non-combatants. The cross is in very good condition and complete with a short piece of original ribbon. The magnetic cross retains virtually all of its bronzed finish and is scarce to find. GBP £25.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS1549) A German Army Cap Cockade in Nice Condition with a separately applied roundel. This is maker marked in raised letters S and S 38. Nice to find. GBP £15.00 (UK Pounds)

(GH27) A nice post war made Cased example of a Bar to the Iron Cross 1st Class combination. The cross and bar are joined by opening up the top of the cross and then the bar is soldered and held by a riveted plate. The cross has a screw back fitting marked L58 and the bar has a separate plate soldered to it, with a loop fitted. The cross is in an early case made for the cross combination. The case has a cut out for the screw back disc and the top hook. The underside of the lid has an LDO faded gold stamp in the white material. The case is vacuum sealed and is nice and tight. The black outer is nice and clean with little wear and tear.The paper hinge still nice and unspilte. A very scare combination made just after the war. GBP £ 450.00 (UK Pounds)

(K38) A Scarce example of an NSDAP Reichsparteitag, Weimar from Thüringen, 1938 Day Badge that shows the party standard of that area as the main design to the badge. A nice impressive badge that has a little oxidisation as can be seen from the scan, but nothing too serious. The badge is maker marked H Wernstein Jenna. Nice to find with this design. . GBP £45.00 (UK Pounds)

(MC677) A Schinkle Iron Cross 2nd Class for 1939 being the type that utilised the WWI frame. The cross is of nice quality and construction and as is usual, the ribbon loop is unmarked. The cross has nice silver oxidised and burnished frame around the non-magnetic centre, which was often the case for these early crosses. The quality is virtually near mint and it is nice to find in this condition. Scarce example for the iron cross collector. GBP £300.00 (UK Pounds)

(N537) A 1960's Russian Medal Citation and Award. The medal is in nice condition with nice enamelling. The citation is filled out to a man and was given in 1960. There has been no photograph put into this, there is a notation stating this fact. A Scarce little group to acquire. GBP £75.00 (UK Pounds)

(S302) A nice near mint example of a Kreta Cuffband. The band is the type machine embroidered onto a white cotton base cloth. The band has the yellow piping also machine sewn and is the type where the leaves touch around and in. The band is in very nice and clean condition and was part of a group of about 100 found in a bale a few years ago. This one comes from the centre and has never been used and worn although it is a little age stained. Unmounted and still virtually mint. This one is a nice full length condition and is RB numbered to the reverse GBP £425.00 (UK Pounds)

(S306) Cloth Insignia of the SS by John R.Angolia LTC (RET.) Second Updated Edition 1989 Designed by Roger James Bender Bender Publishing ISBN N0-0-912138-28-9.The undisputed classic reference and complete study containing 496 pages of SS Insignia ,cuffbands and all cloth Insignia a must have for all collectors of the subject.Superb photographs and usual Bender quality publishing.This copy has original receipt of purchase from year the book came out from the renowned expert Adrian Forman from whom it was purchased new at the time from his shop in Mayfair, London 1989.The book also contains his address label on inside cover.The book is in very good condition having minor rubbing to corners in line with being read but overall is a tight copy and clean with no page damage.These books are now getting hard to obtain as collectors buy them up ,this is a one owner book so has been well looked after an excellent investment increasingly scarce book. GBP £ 99.00 (UK Pounds)

(S329) A Nice example of a War Merit Cross 2nd Class With Swords Paper Packet of Issue And Ribbon. The paper packet has the awards' designation printed to the front of the Packet and to the reverse it has the maker's name of Ferd. Wiedmann. Inside the packet, you have a full length of unused and mounted War Merit Ribbon. Very nice to find, ideal for someone who has a cross without ribbon and packet. GBP £25.00 (UK Pounds)

(S400) A Nice example of an Early Luftwaffe Eagle being of silver plated tombak. This finely detailed eagle has a very nice used appearance, with the tombak coming through the silver plating. Complete with both pins to the reverse, I cannot see any manufacturer's marks on this nice example. GBP £45.00 (UK Pounds)

(S402) An Army Cap Eagle having only one pin out of two intact. The eagle is made from pressed aluminium and retains virtually all of its original finish. To the reverse, as stated, the eagle only have one of its original two pins, and someone has stuck it with blu tac to a board, as there are traces where the second pin should be, of this. A very nice quality eagle in good condition., Priced for lack of pin. SORRY I AM ON HOLD GBP £25.00 (UK Pounds)

(S451)A Black Wound Badge with all the paint gone, which makes it look like a bronze grade award, as it looks like it has been coppered. The badge to the reverse, has no manufacturer's marks that can be seen, but has a nice pleasing appearance and appears to be of nice quality. An unusual variation to acquire. GBP £30.00 (UK Pounds)

(S492) A Postcard Photograph showing a head and shoulders picture of Josef Goebbels with the title Reichsminister at the bottom. The Postcard is in nice clean condition and is quite scarce to find. GBP £25.00 (UK Pounds)

(S581) A Dutch NSB Stick Pin showing the well known wolf's hook. The pin is in nice quality and construction. It was worn by members of the Dutch SA. GBP £50.00 (UK Pounds)

(S625) A German/Finnish 1941-44 Travelling Badge for the border troops who served on the border between Norway, Finland and Russia. This badge shows the map of that area, showing the old frontier between Russia Finland and Norway, where these troops pushed on to try and capture Murmansk from the Russians. This was a commemorative badge for them. The badge also shows the name Petsamo. Scarce and hard badge to find. GBP £95.00 (UK Pounds)

(S656) A Navy Other Ranks Cap Eagle being the type embroidered with yellow cotton onto a very dark blue backing cloth. The eagle has been removed from a cap at some time, as it shows a few little pulls to the edge. There is some minor age staining, but nothing serious. The eagle is still fairly clean. Scarce to find. GBP £45.00 (UK Pounds)

(S657) A Navy Cap Cockade consisting of a high gold oakleaf wreath encompassing the red, white and black roundel. This is padded out by metal at the back as it is affixed to a metal plate and then sewn onto the cap through the material. This has been removed from a cap at some time, and is still in nice, clean condition. SORRY I AM ON HOLD GBP £55.00 (UK Pounds)

(S821) A Very Nice Example of a Bronze Spanish Cross With Swords. The cross is of multi-piece construction with the eagles soldered between the arms of the cross and the separately soldered centre disc onto a convexed cross. The cross a nice solid pin fixing to the reverse, with a nice broad bladed pin and solid hook, all in working condition. The cross is stamped B & NL and as such, these are some of the award crosses and not the LDO marked replacements. Very nice condition and very rare to find. SORRY I AM ON HOLD GBP £895.00 (UK Pounds)


(CS239) A Finnish 5th Division Cross showing the lynx head to the front with the digits of 5.D 1941-1944. The cross is of nice quality and construction. The award is rarted Raraty 1 in the latest Finnish Medal Book. GBP £175.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS955) A Waffen SS Collar Patch for the Italian SS 29th division. The patch shows the Italian Fasces on a black cloth patch. A more pictures of this type of patch can be found in the book Foreign Legions of the Third Reich Vol. 2 by David Littlejohn on page 240. This patch is in near mint condition and is the type reputedly maufactured in Dachau. Picked up at the end of the war and sored away until now GBP £175.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS1030) A scarce example of a Luftwaffe Air Defence Civilian Tie Pin showing a flying eagle holding a swastika that is within a cogwheel. This a very rare pin worn by air raid defence personnel. GBP £75.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS1099) A nice condition Tag Der Arbeit Badge for 1934 in Bronze. The badge is complete with it's pin fixing which is soldered to the reverse. GBP £12.50 (UK Pounds)

(CS1100) A German Unit badge for "KG77" . The badge is shield shaped in design and has to the top "KG77" above a gold flag with a black eagle on the centre, . The rest of the badge is in white enamel. The badge has a button stud fixing and is maker marked Lauer NBG. The date of the badge is believed to be post WWII (IMO) GBP £ 15.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS1554) A Finnish WWII 1941-1945 Continuation War Medal being of standard design and construction. The medal was given to Finnish and German armed forces who took part in the contant battles on the Russian Front and Lappland theatres of operations. The award is called the continuation war as Finland joined Germany in the attack on Russia after Russia had invaded Finland in 1939/40. Scarce to find GBP £15.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS1555) A Nice Rare Cased Order of the Lion of Finland being a Commander's Cross worn around the neck. The cross is hallmarked on the eyering "813H", has the crown and the AT makers mark which appears to be for A.TILLANDER as this is the name under the lid of the case. The cross has no enamel damage and is of superb quality and construction. Often issued to German nationals, normally the SS Nordland division and 5th SS Viking division were amongst those who received this type of cross, The cross comes complete with a small piece of red ribbon that has two hooks affixed at each end for fixing to the underside of a collar. The cross comes in its original award two piece leatherette case of issue with the makers name under the lid. There is a cut out for the cross and this sits on a black velvet base and space for the ribbon is at the top. The black hard case has the Finnish lion holding a sword embossed in gold to the lid and is opened by a hinge and pop catch. A very nice to find Award . GBP £495.00 (UK Pounds)

(GT6) A nice example of a Post War Rudolf Souval made Luftwaffe Bomber Clasp in Gold. The clasp has a seperate winged bomb emblem held by a single rivit to the clasp. The hook is clasic Souval, These awards are made using the original war time die. A nice display item in very good condition. GBP £ 45.00 (UK Pounds)

(M806) A nice early 1933 Day Badge for the NSBO in Duisburg. The badge shows the town coat of arms with the wording NSBO KUNDGEBUNG DER DEUTSCHEN ARBEITS FRONT DUISBURG 29 JULI 1933. The Badge is of pressed metal and is in very good condition. Complete with its pin fixing, the badge is an uncommon example to acquire Being a nice early one. GBP £50.00 (UK Pounds)

(M1256) A Luftwaffe Paratrooper Badge being a rare combination in the fact that the badge appears to have an Osang wreath, but an S and L eagle. The reverse fittings are the type often encountered on Osang badges. The eagle appears to be a coupal type of lightweight construction. The eagle according to Thomas Durante is a S & L type A eagle with no wing flaws. A very rare and unusual para badge to acquire. GBP £475.00 (UK Pounds)

(MB62) An SS Border Security Police Officer's Cuffband being the flat wire woven band entitled GRENZ-POLIZEI. The band has been removed from a tunic and shortened one side as a result and is a seven strand example. Superceded in 1941, the band only had a short existence of about 3 years. Very rare to find. Probably the hardest police cuff title there is to find. GBP £795.00 (UK Pounds)

(N197) A Book entitled "Headgear of Hitlers Germany" Vol 3 covering Hitler's leaders, Adolf Hitler himself, NSDAP political, NS Frauenschaft Daf and SA by Wilhelm P B R Saris and Jill Halcomb Smith with Otto Spronk. The book is a 1st edition printed in 1998 and is in very good clean condition. Very Rare to find now GBP £75.00 (UK Pounds)

(N871) A near mint example of the 1st type Schlageter Badge with the Bar "SPARTAKUS" and date bar "1919-23" attached to it. The award is maker marked to the reverse in raised letters Paul Kust Abzeichen-u Ordenfabrik Berlin SW19 Ges Gesch 101". This is the type with the swords fixed to the base as well GBP £ 250.00 (UK Pounds)

(S232) An Early issue used and worn Silver Wound Badge being the type associated with the Vienna State mint. The badge is unmarked. The badge as stated, has been used and worn heavily in service and retains some of the original silver finish, as can be seen from the scan. The reverse pin, hinge and hook are intact, but show straining. All in all, in good condition. GBP £50.00 (UK Pounds)

(S233) A Hungarian War Medal for 1914-18. The award is the type for combatants and has the crossed swords behind the shield. The medal is of silver plate construction and has a very nice pleasing appearance. Complete with its white, red and green laddered ribbon, the award is becoming hard to find now. Given to both German and Austrian soldiers who served in WWI, the award is often encountered in third reich medal groups. GBP £25.00 (UK Pounds)

(S234) A Nice Early issue Italian DAK Medal given to the German Afrika Corps who supported Mussolini's forces in Libya and beyond. The award is a bronze circular medal showing two gladiators wrestling the English crocodile. This crocodile has the designer's name to the base and the maker's name to the lefthand side of his foot. To the other side, you have the fasces and swastika along with the knot of savoy and the gate to the doorway of Libya, if memory serves me correct. Complete with an original piece of ribbon, the award is in very good condition. GBP £110.00 (UK Pounds)

(S235) A War Merit Cross 2nd Class Maker Marked No 65 on the Ribbon Ring. The cross is the later zinc type, and has a nice quality bronze plating applied. The cross is in very good condition and was given for civilian service to the German war effort. The ribbon loop as stated, is maker marked 65 for the firm of Qlein and Quenzer a well known manufacturer of the knight's Cross. It comes with an original piece of full length ribbon. GBP £35.00 (UK Pounds)

(S815) A Spanish Civil War Medal given on masse to the German members of the condor legion. The award is complete with its Spanish type pin fixing to the reverse. The award has a gun metal central device with gold edging. Very nice to find. GBP £40.00 (UK Pounds)

(S816) A Nice used example of an Early Auxillary Cruiser Badge. The badge is the type ascribed to Juncker and is the solid tombak type, with a silver globe held by a single rivet. The pin is a nice silver pin, that is fitted to the reverse and in working condition with a hinge and hook. The reverse also has the name scratched into it of Zollner, from the top of the ship to the hook. As stated, there is some use and wear to this award, but nothing detracting or serious. A nice to find badge. GBP £750.00 (UK Pounds)

(S817) A Superb U-Boat Badge being an unmarked Schwerin. The badge retains much of its original fire gilt finish, with the remains on the wreath and eagle giving a two-toned polished and oxidised appearance. If you are after one of these textbook examples, this one has to be considered. Take a look at the scan and you will understand! Layaway offered, as on all pieces.GBP £550.00 (UK Pounds)

(S818) A Beautiful Minesweeper Award by Schwerin, being of the usual double marked type, with the full designer and manufacturer's names in two lines on the reverse. This consists of Fec.Otto Placzek Berlin and Ausf. Schwerin Berlin. The badge retains virtually all of its finish, though this has toned over the years. Still a near mint example that has been professionally convexed. GBP £299.00 (UK Pounds)

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(CS1031) British Union of Fascist 1st Pattern Belt Buckle, Silver Centre is attached to a Sam Brown Buckle with post prongs fixings, Very Rare to find only the 4 I ever had and it came from the family along with some other items of BUF /IFL interest SORRY I AM ON HOLD GBP £ 500.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS1519) A German Navy Pin On Breast Eagle being a used and worn example. The eagle has had the bottom stabilizing hook snapped off when it was taken. The brass eagle shows no real finish at all, though at one point it may have been silver, but the striking is still nice and clean. GBP £80.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS1530) A Finnish War Medal in Very Good Condition. The award was given to Finnish troops who fought against the Soviets in the Winter war. The medal is without bar and is a nice example. GBP £12.50 (UK Pounds)

(CS1531) A West Wall Medal in Paper Packet of Issue. The paper packet has the name to the front of the award, but the maker's name to the reverse has been worn off. You can just see the remnants of it. The medal itself is a late 1944 issue, that retains much of its original finish. The ribbon is nice and clean that the award comes with and as such, is a nice Early starter set for any young collectore. GBP £35.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS1532) A 13th March Medal complete with its original ribbon and pin. Unfortunately the ribbon has pulled its stitching at the top, which could be repaired, if someone wants to do that. The medal is a nice toned silver finish and is in very good condition. The ribbon is clean and complete with its silver pin. Priced for condition GBP £70.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS1537) A BUF UM Circle Badge that has a bracket fixed to it. These were mounted onto plaques, bikes and other items, both pre and post war. It is a scarce item to find. Some of these were even affixed to pole tops. The overall size is approximately 38 mm in dia. GBP £125.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS1538) A Nice example of the American made Zippo Lighter. This example was made for the union movement in a limited number in the late 1980's early 1990's, to commemorate the BUF. The last one we had for sale was over 11 years ago and I haven't seen one since. The lighter is still in its original box with packaging. This one has the design of the BUF membership badge. GBP £175.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS1539) A Nice Set of gilt BUF Cufflinks that show an oval and flash that are marked MADE IN ENGLAND. The pair are of nice quality and date from pre war period. Very hard to find. GBP £250.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS1540) A Nice example of the heavy one piece made 10 Year NSDAP Service Cross. The cross has been used and worn and has the ribbon affixed in a wearing style, or what would have been shown on a display board. The medal has very nice detailing though it has been used and worn, in my opinion. Scarce award to find nowadays. Given to the party members for 10 years service to the nazi party. GBP £150.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS1541) A Nice example of the 1916 Austrian War Cross. The cross has the initials of FJ to the centre front and 1916 to the reverse. The cross is complete with its original ribbon mounted in the Austrian style. In very good condition. GBP £15.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS1542) An Austrian War Medal for 1939-1945. This medal was given along with other 1957 medals that the Austrian forces were allowed to wear. It is complete with its original ribbon. Scarce to find. GBP £35.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS1467) A Nice example of a Cased German Knight's Cross for 1939. The cross is of standard three piece construction with an iron centre encompassed by a silver core. The core is the type ascribed to the manufacturer L/15, as is the frame, with the unique eyering configuration. This type of cross was only issued for a few years until the company went into receivership. The cross retains much of its frosted and burnished finish and black paint to the centre. The frame on this example is unmarked, though the medal loop appears to have an unreadable stamp to it. This type of cross is well documented and is attributed to the firm of Otto Schickel and is textbook in every way. The case the cross comes in is the rounded corner type with a nice silk flocked top and black base to take the cross. The case has suffered some water damage and as is often the case with this type, the hinge has loosened and has come apart. It could be glued back if so required, but I would leave that to the next owner. The cross comes complete with its original ribbon that is in unmounted and near mint condition. I feel this cross may well have been a privately purchased and stored away example, although these crosses were issued and awarded. GBP £9,500.00 (UK Pounds)

(S770) A Brand New Copy of the book "The German Close Combat Clasp of World War Two" by Thomas Durante. This comprehensive guide illustrates the various makers of the Army Close Combat Clasp, Germany's highest combat decoration of World War II. The Gold Grades were awarded by Hitler and other High ranking leaders. Each maker is methodically presented, along with every respective variation produced, in unrivalled detail and clarity. The seemingly endless variants of the enigmatic A.G.M.u.K. clasp are systematically and completely cataloged as never before. Previously unknown makers of three types of unmarked Close Combat Clasps are also identified and evidence is meticulously displayed for the first time in this volume. Award cases, documents, miniatures, and the variants of the elusive Gold Presentation Clasp are also studied and supplememnted by many never before seen photographs in this all-encompassing work. The book covers over 646 pages, and is Brand New, revised and expanded. If you are going to buy a Clasp, this book is a must have, as it not only outline the makers, but covers why and how the award was won. We have managed to obtain the UK rights to distribute the book. We have a limited supply, so it's on a first come first served basis. Also Import duty and vat charges from the USA have been paid and we can supply you a brand new copy, post free to the UK collectors for GBP £ 175.00 (UK Pounds) whilst stocks last. To get your copy, Just e mail us

(S804) An Imperial WWI Black Wound Badge being of Magnetic construction. The badge is a nice Early issue and retains much of its original black painted finish. Given for 1-2 wounds in combat for the German armed forces (not including the navy) in WWI. GBP £40.00 (UK Pounds)

(S805) A Bronze SA Sport's Badge by the maker Berg & Nolte. This is a magnetic example. The badge is in very nice condition with a good bronze plating and is stamped with its issue number of 867039 . Becoming scarce to find. This is the Hauptstelle type. GBP £75.00 (UK Pounds)

(S806) A Female RAD Brooch that was for commemorative service in the RAD. The badge is a nice zinc example with a silver wash that has now toned, giving the badge a very pleasing pewter colour. The badge looks Celtic in design and was worn in bronze, silver and gold grades. A nice textbook example, these are becoming harder to find. GBP £45.00 (UK Pounds)

(S807) A German war Female RAD Brooch of pressed metal, worn on the front collar of the service dress. The brooch is in very nice used condition and was given for war volunteer service to the female section of the RAD. Nice to find GBP £45.00 (UK Pounds)

(S813) A Very Nice Near Mint Example of a Luftwaffe German Cross in Gold in Cloth. The cross has a nice metal gold wreath, with the rest of the design executed in cotton and bullion threads. The backing cloth is of the Luftwaffe bluey grey colour. The white silk is nice and clean. The metal bullion thread around the gold border is also intact. The paper backing to the reverse is also in nice condition and there is a 4E mark to it. GBP £550.00 (UK Pounds)

(S814) A Nice Iron Cross 2nd Class for 1939. The cross is a non maker marked example. It retains virtually all of its original painted finish to the iron centre. The silver frame which is the soldered type, is beautifully hand finished and holds the centre nice and sercurely. This has oxidised over the years, giving the cross' frame a two toned colour, as can bee seen on the scan. GBP £115.00 (UK Pounds)

(S846) An Azad Hind Breast Star with swords, being the pin on type badge, often described as the 2nd class award. This example has a nice solid pin, hinge and hook fixing to the reverse, with a central disc inscribed "Rudolf Souval Wien 7" to it. To the front, there is the star in silver with a central gilt disc showing a tiger's head, the wording AZAD HIND and two crossed swords. The quality is very nice. These are very scarce to find now. GBP £1250.00(UK Pounds)


(Q100) A full length of War Merit Cross ribbon. The ribbon is about 25 cm long and 3 cm wide. In mint condition we have a limited supply. GBP £6.00 (UK Pounds)
(MEDAL-CASES) Over the years we have had many collectors and dealers ask if we can supply replacement boxes and award cases for their medals. Also, others have asked what the best method of storage is for their investment. We have been approached by several suppliers of replacement cases, unfortunately, we have found the cases to be either of poor quality or priced far too highly, or both. However, one of the worlds leading suppliers of Third Reich Replacement Orders, medals and badge cases makers has recently got in touch with us and has offered to supply us with their products. We have found these examples to be of good quality and affordable. These cases offer real value for money, as not only do they protect your investment, but also show off the award to its best and the cases highly replicate the original award cases. This makes for a cracking display, they are good for storage and movement into the bargain. With some original cases costing several hundreds of pounds this means adding a case can be affordable, as well as practical. For more details please click on the image on the left

(Stickers) Part of a group of items, these sticker were used by the German police to show they had checked buildings for survivors and secured the premises. The stickers have 100% of their glue to the reverse and measure approx 15cm by 15cm. Priced at £3.00 each but for 10 or more they are priced at £2.50 each


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This guide has been put together to help collectors and investors of Third Reich Medals Badges and Awards, avoid these items . Through this small purchase, you can save the cost of the book and gain a whole wealth of valuable information!! This is the first time this publication has been offered in this format, since the book was published in 2005 and was a near instant sellout.

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(K1237) A Large selection of a German Day Badge showing a man holding some ski's marching. I cannot remember where I have seen this badge but I think it was an SA Ski /whw Tradition Badge. The badge is in pressed silver metal and is of very nice quality and construction.

GBP £10.00 (UK Pounds) Each

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