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(T117) A WWII Dated German Knife, Fork, Spoon, Can Opener Set that all slot together. The set are of mixed heritage with the can opener being marked GAG 41 with the eagle and swastika acceptance. The knife is marked on the blade for "A" within a star, with the rust free signs and an eagle and swastika to the handle. . The fork is marked GAG 41 and rust free and finally the spoon has just the army acceptance eagle to it as well as the mark VSW41. Also I should mention the can opener and fork have eagle and swastika marks. They all slot together nicely. These sets are very hard to acquire. SORRY I AM ON HOLD GBP 195. 00 ( UK Pounds)

(T223) A Cased Iron Cross 1st Class being an unmarked Meybauer example. The cross has a very nice overall finish, with only a little bit of paint wear to the righthand arm. The cross is a magnetic example encompassed in a silver frame, which has no splitting or cracking to it. The cross has a unique pin fitting to the reverse, which is ascribed to the Meybauer firm. The cross comes in a standard flat case with the K.B 621 logo in raised letters under the base etc. This is a classic cross in a classic case, in very nice condition. The case has only minor handling wear SORRY I AM SOLD GBP 395.00 ( UK Pounds)

(T273) A Very Nice example of a Russian Front Medal of late war zinc that has most of its original finish intact. The medal has oxidised in places, but still retains much of its original finish and is still a lovely example. GBP 50.00 (U K POUNDS)

(T561) A German Navy Sports Vest Emblem being a blue eagle on a half circle background bevo woven. The eagle is in nice clean condition and is unmounted and unworn. Scarce to find, an ideal backdrop display as it is nice and large, with the eagle wing span being 24 cm long by 12 cm deep. SORRY I AM SOLD GBP 65.00 (UK Pounds)

(T564) A Nice issued Citation for the German Russian Front or Winter War Medal. The award Document has been folded once down the centre, but is still nice and clean and tidy. Made out to an Obergefreiten Georg Focken of the 1st.Gren Reg. Mot 156. The award took place on the 25th.8.1943. It was issued by the company commander. Nice and clean and scarce to find nowadays. SORRY I AM SOLD GBP 40.00 (U K POUNDS)

(T565) A Nice ex-stores German Krim Shield for a member of the luftwaffe. The shield which is magnetic, is a nice bronzed example that is complete with its pin fixing and backing cloth and secondary cloth stuck together. The shield is in virtually mint condition and you would be hard pressed to find a better example anywhere. Scarce to find. SORRY I AM SOLD GBP 235.00 (U K POUNDS)

(T566) A German magnetic S A Day Badge for the 60th brigade. The badge shows an eagle holding the SA emblem and is dated for 1934. Around the edge, there is wording. The design is a nice square tilted on its ends. The badge is unmarked and is of good quality. GBP 75.00 (U K POUNDS)

(T568) An issued and worn mid to late war magnetic German Dog Tag. The tag is A marked for the man's blood group and his regimental number of 269 hand punched in along with his unit, which is 4./INF.ERS.BTL.11. This is repeated on the other side. The disc is in clean condition. Nice display item. GBP 35.00 (U K POUNDS)

(T653) A Silver Plated Infantry Assault Badge. The badge is of very nice quality and construction and has a nice silver plate finish on base zinc metal, that has also had coppering done to help the plating stick. The detailing on the badge is very good, with the eagle having a nice look about him. Very similar to the Deschler style, the badge has a slim wreath and nice rifle. GBP 150.00 (U K POUNDS)

(T662) A Very nice and scarce example of a 1957 Ribbon Bar Set to a soldier who served on the Russian front. The set consists of an iron cross 2nd class, a Russian front medal, a Rumanian Russian front award and a silver tank destruction strip. The ribbons appear to be mostly wartime, as does the bar construction. In very nice condition and very scarce to find with the last emblem. GBP 125.00 (U K POUNDS)

(T691) A Nice example of a used and worn privately purchased Iron Cross 1st Class for 1939 maker marked L54 to the base of the cross on the reverse. The cross is nicely soldered up without damage and is of three piece frame construction with an iron centre. To the reverse, there is a top anti-rotation pin fitted and to the centre a screw post, with a screw disc fitting. The L54 mark is stamped in. The cross still retains most of its black painted finish, although this has age crazed over the years. The silver frame has oxidised. Nice to find. GBP 350.00(U K POUNDS)

(T692) A Close Combat Clasp in Silver being a mid to late war example, manufactured probably by Steinhauer and Luck. The clasp has a retaining hinge and hook replacement to the reverse, which has a nice hinge and hook silver plated fitment soldered in. The magnetic back plate is blackened, probably with paint and is untouched and still in place. The clasp itself is of zinc manufacture and of nice quality and construction, with good detailing. SORRY I AM SOLD GBP 395.00 (U K POUNDS)

(T768) A German Labour DAF /KDF Day Badge showing the KDF symbol to the centre of a swastika on a cogwheel over the sun, with the wording N.S.G.KRAFT.D FREUNDE GAU FRANKEN and shows two crossed ski's and ski sticks. A very scarce badge to acquire, not often encountered. GBP 65.00 (U K POUNDS)

(T669) A German Iron Cross 2nd Class for 1914 maker marked on the eyering Wilm 800. The cross is of very nice quality and construction and has only minor paint wear and tear as can be seen. Nicely soldered up the award has a nice rattling core, (affectionately known as "a rattler") all signs of nice quality. Complete with a small piece of original ribbon, this cross would be a hard one to better. SORRY I AM SOLD GBP 80.00 (U K POUNDS)

(V25) A German WWII Minefield Pennant being a yellow flag with a little black skull to it. The pennant is hemmed at the top and would be stuck on rods to mark out the edge of a minefield. In good condion but obviously used, with minor wear and tear as can be seen from the scan. A good talking point. Priced for condition. SORRY I AM SOLD GBP 32.50 (U K POUNDS)

(V122) A nice scarce issue German Luftwaffe Ground Combat badge by the maker GWL. The award is unique in the fact that this eagle is attached by two rivets to the badge and has a cut out swastika. The badge also has the feature of a cast in hinge and hook as often found on GWL marked badges. The badge is in vgc although the silver finish has toned over the years, to a slate grey of standard zinc.. This example has been used and worn in service and the wing tips have been bent around the badge A nice scarce badge to acquire for the ground combat badge collectors being one of the hardest makers to find. GBP 375.00 (U K POUNDS)

(V272) A Brand New Book on "Soviet Orders & Medals (1918-1991) by Andrew Reznik. The USSR Medal Book show all the awards and grades from the Order of Victory and Lenin to the Jubilee medals of the 1980`s. Packed with pictures this book shows for the first time, shows the different grades and variations of these awards, decoration and medals, A section on issu numbers is also included. If you collect USSR awards this book is a must for your book case. SORRY I AM SOLD GBP 65.00 (UK Pounds)

(V273) A Brand new book by Andrew Reznik entitiled " SS Metal Cap Insignia , Manufacturers, Types, Variants". This book shows the German SS metal Cap insignia like the 1st and 2nd pattern skulls, The early Kepi Eagles, as well as the Waffen SS cap eagles and Skull buttons etc It also shows the Locally made SS insignia from Estonia, and Latvia etc. We only managed to get 10 Brand new copies, A must for any Waffen SS insignia collector,. The book is priced at 50.00 each (UK Pounds) Postage in UK is 6.00 for Recorded and 9.50 for next day in UK

(V312) A Large selection of a (20) German Day Badge`s showing a Uniformed man holding some ski's marching. I cannot remember where I have seen this badge but I think it was an SA-Ski Tradition or WHW Badge. The badge is in pressed silver metal and is of very nice quality and construction. Each piece at GBP 12.50 (U K POUNDS)

(V333) A German Nice but used Hitler Youth Arm Band that has been removed from a tunic. The band has the woven white stripe down the centre of the red band, with an embroidered black swastika and white diamond affixed to the band. This is then sewn up for wear. This example shows machine stitching to the edge and appears to have been removed from a HJ shirt. Scarce to find and in good overall condition. SORRY I AM SOLD GBP 225.00 (U K POUNDS)


This non-political historical video that features The German Eastern Volunteer Arm Shields . A must view original Source Reference work for any history buff. medal collector, or historian. We cannot change history but we can learn from it.
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(T231) A Very Nice 1st Early Issue of the 1939 Wound Badge being of heavy nickel Silver award. The badge is toned a silvery blue apart from the swastika, which is still relatively bright. This is a very early heavy issue used and worn badge, but in superb condition, with a very attractive two toned appearance. Scarce to find. GBP 175.00 (UK Pounds)

(T880) An Early German West Wall Medal of early quality tombak manufacture. The nicely designed medal was issued to German army and RAD members who took part in the construction of the Siegfried line. The award is complete with its original ribbon and shows an eagle over a crossed sword and shovel, with a pillbox to the base. In very nice condition. It is hard to find early examples in such nice condition. SORRY I AM ON HOLD GBP 50.00 (UK Pounds)

(T882) A Pair of German Army Other Ranks Collar Patches, being tropical issue. The patches have been sewn to a green woollen backing with the litzen being orangey yellow and a taupe background. Nice to find a matched pair in such good condition. Ideal for tunic restoration etc. GBP 90.00 (UK Pounds)

(T884) A matched pair of German Army Officer's Transport Eppaulettes. On the epps, there are two pips for the rank of Captain and the transportation device of two intertwined snakes and a flying staff. The epps have been removed from a tunic and are the sew in types. They have been used and worn and are in good overally, condition for their age. Priced for condition. GBP 50.00 (UK Pounds)

(T891) A German Army Trade Patch for a Radio Operator within a transport unit as the Blitzen on this example is in pale blue. These is a slight moth mark to the woollen base, but nothing too bad. Nice to find. Priced for condition and rareity. GBP 15.00 (UK Pounds)

(T897) A German heavy manufactured 1934 Gau Munster Day Badge showing the steel helmet, above this, there is the Munster cathedral and around the edge, the wording "Gau Munsterland Gautag 28.Oktober 34". The badge has a nice heavy construction with a solid pin and hinge fitting. This is the first time I have encountered this badge. In very good condition, although slightly worn. Priced for condition. A Rare Day Badge. GBP 65.00 (UK Pounds)

(T898) A Rare Pre-WW2 Third Reich SA Rally Badge for Brigade Aufmarsch, Serlohn 16/17 Juni 1934. The badge consists of an eagle with outstretched wings with wording to either side of the wings, and with a swastika to the base. To the reverse, there is a nice pin fitting. The badge is nice and clean and of a brass metal. It is Maker marked O C Ludenscheid. GBP 150.00 (UK Pounds)

(T902) A WW2 Third Reich Magazine entitled "Der Gauring" NSDAP Gau Magdeburg-Anhalt April 1944. The magazine is 48 pages long and shows many articles including a portrait of Adolf Hitler, nurses, workers, all helping the Germa Reich. This is an A5 size magazine, in very nice condition, especially considering its age, which is nearly 80 years old. GBP 35.00 (UK Pounds)

(V41) A Very Nice example of an Early German Russian Front Medal by the maker No. 15 and stamped as such on the ribbon loop. The medal is complete with its original ribbon and is the earlier silvered and oxidised gun metal plated finish. In very nice condition, you would be hard pressed to find another such example in such a beautiful condition. GBP 75.00 (UK Pounds)

(V140) A nice standard issue WWII German Iron Cross 1st Class. The cross is maker marked to its brass pin No. 4, which is stamped in an incussed box, virtually to the centre of the pin. The cross has a nice magnetic core and there is no splitting or cracking to the core or frame. The frame still retains some of its frosted and burnished finish, but it has tarnished over the years. There is only very minor wear to the swastika and the paint other than this, is intact. Given for acts of bravery. A nice cross. GBP 275.00 (UK Pounds)

(V287) A German SS Belt Buckle, being the standard type of steel with a silver wash applied. The buckle is a standard textbook example, believed to have been manufactured by O & C, though this example, as is often the case, is unmarked. The buckle has all the usual features associated with this maker, as can be seen from the scan. It is a nice used and worn example. GBP 850.00 (UK Pounds)

(V294) A Nice example of an unmounted and unworn Hitler Youth Bevo Woven Cap Badge. The badge is still on it's original length of material and was picked up at the end of the war and stored away Very rare to find these little badges, as most due to their size have been lost. GBP 40.00 (UK Pounds)

(V310) A German Waffen SS Collar Patch in Very Nice but removed from a tunic Condition. The patch is a nice buckram cloth backing with finely silver embroidered runes over a base template, laid onto the centre. Around the edge, there is the twisted silver chord, being made of thre separate strands. This is then laid over a canvas strengthener to give the collar patch its shape. The patch has been carefully removed from a tunic and only shows minor wear and tear. Not often encountered. GBP 1250.00 (UK Pounds)

This non-political historical video that features The German Waffen SS unit Cuff Bands . A must view original Source Reference work for any history buff. medal collector, or historian. We cannot change history but we can learn from it.
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(V90) A German Volksturm Arm Band being a standard screen printed example, as worn by the German Home Guard, (the British equivalent is Dad's Army!). The band is of nice quality and construction and is in good used condition, with only a few minor scrapes, where it has been removed from a tunic. GBP 110.00 (UK Pounds)

(V141) A German Dinner Fork being marked V.S.F.90 which is for the silver content. To the underside also is impressed into the handle, SS-Unterfuhrerschule Radoltzell. The fork though oxidised is nice and clean. Very nice to find. These were issued for use in the officers mess, probably for staff members. GBP 125.00 (UK Pounds)

(V162) A Copy of the German edition book "Mein Kampf" being a dark blue covered example complete with the Adolf Hitler page with photograph and a facsimile of his signature. This is a 1943 edition and is nice and clean, with no writing or dedication written inside, this is just a good clean copy. There is a split to the paper cover on the inside, other than this, there is nothing wrong with the book. Priced for condition. GBP 185.00 (UK Pounds)

(V178) A Mint Selection of 4 German Army Officer's Breast Eagles, being the silver flat wire on dark green bevo woven material which is sewn to a green piece of cloth. All the eagles appear to be unissued and are near mint condition. The cloth backings have no mothing and these have been stored away by a British veteran until now, and have never been in a collection. Priced for each 95.00 (UK Pounds)

(V185) An Eastern Peoples Award in Silver for the German volunteer forces, who were classed as Ostvolk coming mainly from the Russian and Eastern troops. This example is a 2nd class merit award in silver being basically zinc with a silver wash. The award is suspended from its original green and white ribbon and is of mid war quality and construction. The award has the remains of its original pin sewn to the ribbon, but has had the hinge and pin removed, so there is just the fixing and hook left. The award is stamped 100 on the medal loop. Priced for condition. GBP 100.00 (UK Pounds)

(V188) A German 2nd Class Air Defence Medal, the slightly thicker style in very good condition. The award which is complete with its original ribbon, is a nice clean example with a good die striking. Becoming scarce to find. GBP 90.00 (UK Pounds)

(V195) A German Silver Panzer Battle Badge being the type described as the pillow crimped type. This example also has the factory fitted hook replacement that was done due to the hook coming off. The badge is a mint mid war example, with all its original aluminium style of paint finish to it. A very nice variation tank badge to find. GBP 295.00 (UK Pounds)

(V202) A Bronze German SA Sports Badge in used condition. This magnetic example retains some of its bronzed finish to the front and has toned over the years, probably by wear, use etc. As such, it has a nice look to it. To the reverse, there is a nice working pin, hinge and hook. This example is marked Karl Hensler Pforzheim and is the Hauptstelle type. This is unnumbered, but still a good, clean used example. Scarce to find. Priced for condition and scarcity. GBP 75.00 (UK Pounds)

(V237) A German Veteran U-Boat Miniature Stickpin for WWI being the 19 mm size. The pin shows the imperial crown and u-boat in cut out fretted work. Nice quality and construction and dates from about 1920's to '40's. GBP 100.00 (UK Pounds)

(V302) A Pair of reference books "The German Panzer Assault Badge of World War II" by Philippe De Bock. The work comprised 2 volumes with 928 pages and nearly 2000 photographs. It describes most of the known variations by most of the known and unknown makers of this much sought after badge. Including miniatures, documents and 57 type awards as well as many facts around the badge and its manufacture. The book is in the english language and written in such a clear and easily comprehensible way so that even non mother tongue english readers will understand it. As well as the many pictures and illustrations with examples and comparisions each badge is described and its dimensions given. The pictures are pinted on high quality paper in a special printing process giving amazingly clear images that can be digitally increased in size without losing clarity. This amazingly detailled and well researched book will surely be the standard work and bench mark about this badge for many years to come. A Must have set, Now out of print. GBP 225.00(UK Pounds)

This non-political historical video features An Original German Third Reich Manufacturer`s Catalogue from 1930`s from the firm of F W Holler who made the German Dress Daggers and other edged weaopns . A must view original Source Reference work for any history buff. medal collector, or historian. We cannot change history but we can learn from it.
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(MEDAL-CASES) Over the years we have had many collectors and dealers ask if we can supply replacement boxes and award cases for their medals. Also, others have asked what the best method of storage is for their investment. We have been approached by several suppliers of replacement cases, unfortunately, we have found the cases to be either of poor quality or priced far too highly, or both. However, one of the worlds leading suppliers of Third Reich Replacement Orders, medals and badge cases makers has recently got in touch with us and has offered to supply us with their products. We have found these examples to be of good quality and affordable. These cases offer real value for money, as not only do they protect your investment, but also show off the award to its best and the cases highly replicate the original award cases. This makes for a cracking display, they are good for storage and movement into the bargain. With some original cases costing several hundreds of pounds this means adding a case can be affordable, as well as practical. For more details please click on the image on the left

(Q2) A length of Mint Iron Cross 2nd Class 1939 ribbon of Red,White and Black. The ribbon is near mint and measures 28cm long, Enough for two awards. GBP 9.99 (UK Pounds)

(Q100) A full length of War Merit Cross ribbon. The ribbon is about 25 cm long and 3 cm wide. In mint condition we have a limited supply. GBP 6.00 (UK Pounds)

(Stickers) Part of a group of items, these sticker were used by the German police to show they had checked buildings for survivors and secured the premises. The stickers have 100% of their glue to the reverse and measure approx 15cm by 15cm. Priced at 3.00 each but for 10 or more they are priced at 2.50 each


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