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(CS24) A WWI Pair of Medals to 2nd Lieutenant F Bell consisting of the war and victory medal. The pair are in nice condition and unresearched. There are no medal ribbons with these but they can easily be obtained. Priced without ribbon but for an officer. They were recently found in a drawer GBP £75.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS44) A nice full size Italian Officer's Motorised Infantry Cap Badge with a nice black velvet centre. There is nice silver and gilt bullion work on a nice green background. The badge appears to be ex stores condition.

GBP £40.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS93) A Nice family acquired group of Two Citations, Two Badges and some Photographs. The goruping consists of a nice mid war Pilot's Badge maker marked BSW within a clover leaf. The badge retains virtually 90% of it's original finish. The badge has the usual flaw to the eagle's foot and swastika. Then there is a Black Wound Badge being the second pattern steel type, which retains approximately 85% of it's black painted finish. The badge is unmarked. Then there is the Pilot's Citation, named to a Feldwebel Paul Schmidt, this is dated 3.2.43 and signed by a General of the flyers. The citation is folded in four but is still nice and clean. There is also an Award Covering Letter to Paul Schmidt regarding an injury sustained on the 12.6.1940. This relates to his black wound badge. The letter states his wound badge and citation are sent. Then there are 11 photographs showing Herr Schmidt in his uniform with his younger brother, who was an HJ Member being attached to the Luftwaffe Flak Unit. There is a nice one of Paul Schmidt wearing an officers dagger. A couple of him next to his aircraft. One in his pilot uniform. Etc. Then there is A small size Luftwaffe Photograph Album compiled him . The album consists of 51 photographs, with subjects covered being a tank, a hand glider, firing squad party and various Luftwaffe pilot's uniforms etc etc. In good condition. A nice selection. The group was recently acquired from a German House Agent from the centre of Germany. A lovely grouping. GBP £1050.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS675) A nice example of a used and worn Croat Navy Legion badge. The badge is the type with the inlay enamel of white and red on a naval and Croatian Chequer board. Unfortunately there is some minor damage to the enamel on the anchor's eye and top anchor's arm as can be seen in the scan. Other than this, the badge is in very nice condition and quire scarce. GBP £175.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS698) A Luftwaffe Honour Roll Clasp complete with all its folded pins to the reverse. The clasp is of nice quality and of standard construction, matching all known issues. The clasp retains much of its original finish and is mounted onto a piece of ribbon. The ribbon is clean and has been folded and mounted onto a blue piece of card. Scarce award to find nowadays. GBP £1250.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS714) A screen printed GEORGIEN Arm shield , The Shield is unmounted and near mint condition. This item, along with a load of other items, was acquired at the end of the war by a British Serviceman and have only recently come onto the market. Each GBP £ 30.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS731) A stick pin miniture of a Silver German Infantry Assault Badge. The pin has nice detail and is the 15mm Size type. GBP £ 35.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS906) A German Navy Trade patch for a Radio Man. The patch is on white with a blue arrow. This is for the summer tunic. Near Mint GBP £ 7.50 (UK Pounds)

(CS967) A rare to find SA Day Badge being dated 1934 with the wording FRUHJAHRSPARNDE DER STANDARTE 444. It also shows and eagle holding an SA emblem on top of an oval wreath. Very rare. GBP £85.00 (UK Pounds)

(G895)A German Sudaten Party Membership Badge for the female being mounted on a bar, showing the SDP logo on a red shield. This has a pin back fixing. The badge is in very nice condition and nice quality manufacture with no enamel damage. Very nice to find.
GBP £50.00 (UK Pounds)

(M77) A Finnish WWII 1939-40 Winter War Medal with the clasp Rannikkopu +X and the crosses sword Insignia to the ribbon. The medal is a nice standard issue being of blackened steel. Nice to find these awards with their battle bars.

GBP £50.00 (UK Pounds)

(M194) A Nice Rare Cased Order of the Lion of Finland being a Commander's Cross worn around the neck. The cross is hallmarked on the eyering 813H, has the crown and the AT makers mark which appears to be for A.TILLANDER as this is the name under the lid of the case. The cross has no enamel damage and is of superb quality and construction. Often issued to German nationals, normally the SS Nordland division and 5th SS Viking division were amongst those who received this cross, the cross comes complete with a small piece of red ribbon that has two hooks affixed at each end for fixing to a collar. The cross comes in its original two piece leatherette case of issue with the makers name under the lid. There is a cut out for the cross and this sits on a black velvet base and space for the ribbon is at the top. The black hard case has the Finnish lion holding a sword embossed in gold to the lid and is opened by a hinge and pop catch. Very nice to find. GBP £500.00 (UK Pounds)

(M682) The book " Lord Haw Haw and William Joyce" by J A Cole. The book is in very nice condition and is a first edition printed in 1964. The book has many photographs in it and is of nice quality and hard to find now. Complete with its original dust jacket, which has been clipped. The book is worth a read and useful for research. GBP £15.00 (UK Pounds)

(M839) A Rare Early example of a 1957 Iron Cross 1st Class contained in its Paper Packet of Issue. The cross utilises the wartime frame and this is frosted and burnished still. The cross is of magnetic construction with virtually only handling wear to it. Contained in its original replacement packet, this is only the second time we have had one of these. This came from a German house clearance agent.

GBP £225.00 (UK Pounds)

(M1415) A scarce example of a Commemorative Medallion as given out by the Dutch NSB. The medallion has the wolf hook to the centre superimposed over a swastika which is over a thorn rose bush. The medallion has the following Dutch wording "dietschers en duitschers verbonden in de toekomst saamgedreven door het lot vereend in gevaar lots verbondenheid". This medallion was given to Dutch members of the NSB who were imprisoned for a limited time when Holland, Denmark etc were overran.In used and stained condition. Nice to find.

£99.00 (UK Pounds)

(P104) A Group of 3 British WWII Medals being the 1939 Star and the War and Victory medals, with them comes the original soldier's paybook to a Walter Mills. The paybook is readable but in poor condition and shows service from 1939-1946. A nice collectible grouping.

GBP £55.00 (UK Pounds)

(P148) A 1939-45 Headquarters Finnish Cross consisting of a Finnish lion holding a short sword standing on a scimeter riveted to a swastika shaped cross (please see scan), which is two toned. The cross is of nice quality and condition and is dated 1939-1945. The award is also complete with its original ribbon. GBP £100.00 (UK Pounds)

(P441) A late war example of a Cased Police 25 Year Long Service Cross. The cross is of gilded zinc which has lifted in a few places, as can be seen from the scan. The cross comes with its original ribbon which has an embroidered police eagle to it in yellow. It is the nice wide style of ribbon. The case is a green two piece card example that is vacuum sealed. The inside of the case has a light brown flocking paper fitted and is compartmented for the ribbon and the cross. The case is in very good condition and has done a job protecting the cross, which is also in very good condition other than the gilt flaking.
GBP £225.00 (UK Pounds)

(P538) A nice example of sadly a single Eppaulette for the Gross Deutschland Division. The Epp has a magnetic GD emblem affixed and The epp is piped in Pink for Panzers and appears to be an earlier pattern. This is the second time I have owned this epp and when originally purchased, it was a veteran bring back. Nice to find such a good epp to one of the best German units. There are a few moth nips but nothing too serious for such a rare item . GBP £295.00 (UK Pounds)

(P705) A 1st Mai 1938 Day Badge showing a dancing couple over and eagle holding a swastika with the date. The badge is maker marked D & Co MENDEN, a maker I have not seen beofre. Unusual in the fact there is no RZM counter code or other information. GBP £7.50 (UK Pounds)

(P707) A War Merit Cross 2nd Class Without Swords in earlier bronzed metal, with a separately applied eyering. The medal has some minor age staining but nothing too bad. In nice overall condition. GBP £22.50 (UK Pounds)

(R66) An Iron Cross 2nd Class for 1939 that has had the ribbon sewn up with a safety pin fixing to the top. The cross is of nice quality, but the frame has sprung and split the solder in places. This could be repaired if the next owner wishes to do so, but I have personally left it alone as the cross appears to have been used and worn in service. Priced for condition. GBP £75.00 (UK Pounds)

(R125) A Luftwaffe Shooting Lanyard Centre Plate, showing a luftwaffe flying eagle emcompassed by a wreath. The badge is complete with all four fixing pins to the reverse and is ideal for anyone wishing to restore a lanyard. SORRY I AM ON HOLD GBP £40.00 (UK Pounds)

(R129) A Nice example of a Luftwaffe Other Ranks M43 style Cap Eagle for the ski cap. The eagle is unmounted with offwhite thread sewn into a grey woolen backing. Unmounted, the eagle is in near mint condition. The eagle was recently purchased in a local auction from the estate of an ex British Serviceman namely Mr Sandford, we can give this as we have his WWII medals also in a box with his details as well as quite a sizeable collection which will be listed over the next few weeks and months. GBP £40.00 (UK Pounds)

(R130) A Luftwaffe Other Ranks Breast Eagle being in virtually mint condition. The eagle appears not to have been used but stuck to something as there are glue stains to the reverse. Becoming hard to find. GBP £50.00 (UK Pounds)

(R132) A 4 Year Luftwaffe Service Medal. This is non magnetic with a non magnetic flying eagle attached to the ribbon. The medal is in very good condition and was recently removed from a salesmans board and still shows the black cotton that was used to tie it to the salesmans board. GBP £55.00 (UK Pounds)

(R133) A Cloth German Para Badge in very nice condition, being ex stores. The badge has a nice yellow embroidered diving eagle, with an off-white embroidered oval on grey wool cloth backing. All in all, a superb example. GBP £125.00 (UK Pounds)

(R185) A British Indian Campaign Medal in Silver with Three bars .The medal has three bars being from top to bottom, relief of Chitral 1895, Tiah 1897-98, finally Punjab frontier 1897-98. The Campaign Medal is for 1895-1902 and is in fine condition and engraved with running script around the edge to 2655 Sepoy Kala Singh 32nd BN Inf (?). The medal has been used but not overly and is in very good condition. All the bars look contemporary, and the medal is unresearched. GBP £250.00 (UK Pounds)

(R206) A Nice example of a Cross of Honour With Swords, Ribbon Bar. The bar has a black piece of cloth mounted to the reverse, and the ribbon is nice, clean and clear. In very good condition. GBP £5.00 (UK Pounds)

(R207) An SA Membership Badge being the Stickpin form, showing a stylised A and S. The badge is struck in zinc and is maker marked RZM M1/45 to the reverse. Becoming hard to find. £25.00 (UK Pounds)


(CS566) An E Boat Badge, the 1st Pattern type in mid war zinc construction with a silver and gilt wash finish applied. The silver has been absorbed in places, leaving a pale grey zinc and the gilt has also darkened with age. The badge other than this is in very nice condition and is an unmarked example. It has a vertical pin, hook and hinge fitting and the badge is slightly convexed Scarce to find 1st pattern Eboat with most being Schwerins. GBP £650.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS1132) A Nice example of the Spanish Made and Issued Blue Medal showing to the front, the Spanish flangist eagle with an iron cross on its chest, which has a painted black background to it. Between the eagle's wings, it is cut out and you have a nice Spanish crown to the top of the wreath. To the reverse, it shows a backdrop of the Kremlin with the wording Rusia 1941. The award is suspended by its original ribbon, which shows the colours of Spain and the colours of Germany on a white background to denote the snow. You also have to the top, the Spanish style of pin fixing, often found on Spanish awards. A nice becoming scarce, award to find. GBP £ 185.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS1133) A Spanish Blue Medal German type being the type often encountered made from zinc. As is normal with the vast majority of these, the medal has pulled in the gilt finish, leaving it a slate grey colour. The medal has an unmarked ribbon loop, which is of magnetic construction and comes with a piece of original ribbon. The medal was given to the Spaniards who served with the Germans fighting against the Russians basically to get their own back on the Russians who had helped the international brigade in the Spanish civil war. This unit was withdrawn in 1944, but the last Spanish POW's to come back were in 1957, where they were treated as heroes by the Franco regime. GBP £110.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS1137) A Nice example of a Finnish Commemorative Nordfront Cross. This is a black centrerd 1941-1943 type that is mounted onto a little fob with two other travelling type badges, once for region of Salla and the other is the Petsamo Rovaneai circular badge, showing the map of Finland with a reindeer to it. There is no enamel damage to any of the three items and the items all have been affixed to a watch fob type fitting and have coins backing the screw discs. All in all, this is a really neat set, not often encountered. GBP £395.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS1143) An Iron Cross 2nd Class on a DRG? (M) Mount. The bar is a spring clip type with the iron cross being able to be removed and detached if so desired. The ribbon is nice and clean and the iron cross which is of nice quality and construction and retains much of its original black finish, is nicely soldered up with no splitting or cracking and you have the silver frame, which has oxidised, giving it a nice two toned effect. GBP £75.00 (UK Pounds)

(N22) A Small aluminium Watch Fob type device as favoured by the Finns and Germans on the Eismeer or Nordfront. The fob has three pieces of aluminium nicely decorated and engraved, with a medal type device and flower, the date 1942 and the wording "KALEVI SYVAI SHUISRO". Very nice piece of trench art. GBP £40.00 (UK Pounds)

(P358) A Nice Early War Merit Cross 2nd Class with Swords, ring marked 87 to the ribbon ring. This is an unusual maker that doesn't turn up very often. The cross is of nice quality and construction with a separately applied eyering. Complete with its original ribbon, it is nice to get a maker marked example by a more scarce maker. GBP £40.00 (UK Pounds)

(R335) An Early Membership Party Card for the NSDAP in Pink being printed on both sides of the card, with the membership number of 6378072 printed onto it. The card is issued in the Ortgruppe (Austria) and looks like it was to party member Henrich Seiger born 17th Nov 1904. The card is in vgc GBP £ 70.00 (UK Pounds)

(R398) A 2nd Class Finnish Order of the Medal of Liberty. The award was given to Finnish and German troops for acts of bravery in WWII where Finland, like many other axis countries, helped Germany in their invasion of the Soviet Union. The Finns joined Germany in this to reclaim their lands that were lost to them in the Winter War. A Nice award that was given for acts of bravery. The date 1941 shows it is for the continuation war as opposed to the the Winter War. GBP £12.50 (UK Pounds)

(R438) A Navy Blockade Runner's Badge with it's Miniature in near mint condition. The badge is a nice gun metal and silver plated example, being the type with the secondary dished centre to the reverse. This is commonly called the 2nd Pattern in some reference books. The badge has a nice silvered eagle holding a polished swastika on the prow of a cruise liner type vessel. This is breaking the chains or British blockade in its symbolic form. The badge is manufactured by the premier maker Schwerin and is marked as such to the reverse, along with the designer's name which reads as follows;- FEC. OTTO PLACZEK BERLIN, second line, AUSF SCHWERIN BERLIN. The badge also has its small Miniature being the 9mm size, which is again in very nice condition. The pair are contained in the original presentation box that has a cut out for the badge and a piece of cloth to hold the pin. The Case is blue lined paper with a paper hinge that is unfortunately split, as is often the case. The hinge protector is holding it all together. Very scarce to find in this condition, a superb textbook example of this award in Case of Issue with Miniature. GBP £725.00 (UK Pounds)

(S165) A Nice example of a near mint Luftschutz Helmet being the standard type made in three basic component parts. The helmet has the Luftschutz decal to the front which is about 98% intact. This has a nice swastika on an oakleaf backing flanked by two wings and the wording "Luft Schutz". The helmet retains much of its original dark blue paint and is complete with its original adjustable chin strap and liner, although one of the rivets has popped on the chin strap. The liner is marked 55 and 76 and is of soft, supple leather fixed into the helmet by four rivets, equally spaced. The helmet is also marked both with a paint for luft unit and stamped in with a metal punch. The digits RL2-39/42. A very very nice item. GBP £295.00 (UK Pounds)

(S315) A nice example of a German Police Arm Eagle. The eagle is of orange on a green backing with a black swastika. The eagle appears to be unmounted and is in near mint condition. The eagle is for a German Gendarmerie Police unit. Nice to find GBP £ 50.00 (UK Pounds)

(S342) A Museum Copy of the German Balloon Badge. This is almost indistinguishable from the original manufactured in the right pressed manner, with the detailing being actually better than the original. The award comes with the original style of pin and hook and apart from seeing one sold a few years ago, this is the first one I have seen in a long one, being a top notch copy. This is an ideal space filler for anyone who wishes to complete their army badge set, but doesn't want to pay the £3000+ for an accepted original. GBP £350.00 (UK Pounds)

(S396) A Nice example of the Hitler Youth Membership Diamond as worn by members of the HJ and BDM, German youth organisations. The Badge is RZM and M1/25 marked and has no enamel damage, though there is some minor wear and tear, which is to be expected from a used and worn badge. In very good condition and becoming harder to find. GBP £65.00 (UK Pounds)

(S405) A Screen Printed Polish Worker's Badge being a purple P encompassed by a purple edge on a yellow square. These badges were worn by both the Polish and Eastern Workers who wore an OST patch, in German factories and on German farms to denote that they were workers and labourers of non-German origin. This example is unmounted and near mint, and matches known original examples of this scarce cloth badge. GBP £65.00 (UK Pounds)
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(NBB1)A German Navy Belt and Buckle. The blue canvas woven belt has several German Navy Badges affixed to it. The badges consist of a Minesweeper by the maker WH as marked on the pin. This is an Earlier war badge and retains virtually all of its original silver, gilt and oxidised finish. The U-Boat Badge, probably an FO example, this has faded to a light cream colour and although the badge is still mint, the finish has been absorbed as can be seen, this would therefore date the badge to 1943 period. A Coastal Artillary Badge, which maybe is an HA type, this has a countersunk hook and hinge and the finish has faded to a pale silver colour for the wreath, with the silver gun centre toning grey. The High Seas Fleet Badge, probably FO, this has the separate hinge and hook for the earlier style, which proabably dates the badge to around 1941. There is some oxidisation to both wing tips of the gilt wreath and the silver battle ship has turned a slate greay. The Blockade Runner's Badge being a Schwerin manufactured example, is of Earlier manufacturing quality of better metal, with a good finish. As is often the case, the bright silver eagle has tarnished, but nothing too bad. The Two Navy Cap Eagles are both in good bright condition, one appears to be a stick pin, the other has two pins. An Auxillary Cruiser Badge, probably by FO, of one piece construction, is in very nice condition with the gilt wreath going a pale yellow and the silver globe going a silver grey colour. An E-Boat Badge 2nd Pattern, by Schwerin, this is a mid 1943 example with a cut out swastika and deck flag. As is often the case with this badge, the wreath has gone a lemon yellow silverish colour, with the waves still being the oxidised gun metal and the boat a two toned silver. A Navy Croatian Legion Badge, this is the silver pressed type with a white enamelled anchor and a red enamelled chequer board. The enamel is all intact with no damage and the badge has a broad bladed pin fitted to the reverse, and I believe it to be a Croatian manufacturer. An Old Comrades 10 Year Stick Pin, consisting of an iron cross with crossed swords with a black enamelled cross and a red enamelled centre. The stick pin has been cut short. A Destroyer's Badge by SCHuCo, being a mid war example with still much finish left to the wreath, with the silver destroyer again with a lot of finish left. Then we have an anodised aluminiuam trade Navy Eppaulette Emblem, this is complete with two pins and is in good condition. Then , we have a Bronze Panzer Badge appears to be an unmarked example manufactured in about 1943 and is the daisy variation. Then finally is the belt buckle itself which is marked CTD1943. This retains about 75% of its original gilt finish to the front and a higher proportion to the reverse. The canvas belt also has its original clip and tongue fixings with the leather tongue being marked with an A and an RB number as well as the size of 98 (or 86 depending which way round).For the entire grouping GBP £3250.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS891) Der Fuhrer`s small Booklet "Kampf im Osten 3" this deals with the campaign in Polan from 15 September to 30th of September. The booklet is in clean condition with lots of nice mini pictures. GBP £ 15.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS1084) A General Assault Badge being the type with the ball hinge and hook, both of which are countersunk into the badge. Very nice detail, this is the first style with the unflawed eagle's head. It is alleged these were made by the maker RK but this has not been confirmed. A very nice example. GBP£125.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS1097) A DJH Jugenburg Stahleck Hitler Youth Day Badge. This shows the DJH triangle over a town with this wording to the base. The badge is of very nice quality and is a scarce badge to find, it is also maker marked Hoffstatter, the premier of SS insignia. GBP £50.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS1098) A small circular Gau Essen Day Badge showing the Essen emblem and the date 1935-36 to the centre. The badge was given for helping in the Winter Help Campaign. Nice to find GBP £35.00 (UK Pounds)

(K771) A Medal Ribbon Bar Group of Two, consisting of the half size design ribbons for the Iron Cross 2nd Class and the 13th March 1938 Medal. The ribbons are slightly dirty but intact and unpulled. It does not have a cloth backing over the back of the bar, which has the nice pin and hook. In Very good condition apart from the slight dirt. GBP £15.00 (UK Pounds)

(R353) A used NSDAP Party Card in Green being Number. 6287499 and given to Rudolf ***** and dating from 1938 -1940. In vgc GBP £50.00 (UK Pounds)

(R379) A Nice Membership Badge for the Finnish Lotta Svärd Organisation. The badge consists of a blue swastika with the wording Lotta Svärd. To each arm of the swastika is the Finnish rose. To the reverse, it has a nice pin fixing and is silver hallmarked, silver date marked. This one is for 1928 and issue numbered 28287. There is no enamel damage. The badge is a rather nice design, given to the Finnish female auxillary service. These women undertook many duties from nursing to cooking, sewing, driving etc. GBP £45.00 (UK Pounds)

(S33) A Scarce to find now, U-Boat Clasp in Silver. The clasp is the 2nd Pattern type with the countersunk hook and cast in hinge. As is often the case, this example has the fluted silver pin that is of magnetic construction. The clasp is as stated, silver plate over the base zinc metal and has bubbled in places, but nothing too serious. Very hard to encounter now as few of these are turning up on the market place. GBP £1500.00 (UK Pounds)

(S37) An unusual Dutch Volunteer NSKK Badge showing a radial tyre with the wording Trouw to the top and a wolf's hook to the centre, flanked by a steel helmet and a downturned sword. The badge is of a bronze copper alloy and is very large being approximately 45 mm in diameter. I have often seen these badges that have have seen that isn't relic. Complete with pin fixing and hook to the reverse, I would say this is a badge been recovered in the East that have been dug up and are in relic condition. This is the first one I not often encountered in this condition. Very scarce to find with very few issued and even fewer in collections today. The item was picked up at the end of the war and for a more indepth study of the award, please refer to the book "NSKK/NSFK" by Angolia/Littlejohn as an example is shown on page 333. £1250.00 (UK Pounds)

(S41) A Female RAD Brooch that was for commemorative service in the RAD. The badge is a nice zinc example with a silver wash that has now toned, giving the badge a very pleasing pewter colour. The badge looks Celtic in design and was worn in bronze, silver and gold grades. A nice textbook example, these are becoming harder to find. GBP £45.00 (UK Pounds)

(S45) A Beautiful example of a virtually stone mint Miniature Mother's Cross in Silver. The cross has nice clean enamel with a nice clean ribbon. The pin fixing is nice and intact. The cross comes in a retail card box that has protected it over the years. GBP £85.00 (UK Pounds)

(S50) An Iron Cross 2nd Class for 1914 being of standard quality and construction. The cross has a magnetic core with a silver frame nicely soldered around the edge of the cross. The cross is also ringstamped, what appears to be the letters IK, but it is hard to read so I cannot be definite on this. Attached to the ribbon is a 1939 Award Bar to the iron cross 2nd class and this has 2 ½ prongs intact. The clasp is of nice quality and construction and is the silver plated type on good quality metal. Becoming hard to find. Priced though for the missing prongs. GBP £265.00 (UK Pounds)

(S96) A Luftwaffe German Cross in Gold being the Cloth version. The cross has a nice gilt wreath being the only metal component to the centre, with a swastika in the centre of this and then flanked by red cotton, silver wire and a star effect. This cross has not been used or worn and apart from some minor oxidisation, the cross is in Near Mint condition. Used and worn by luftwaffe servicemen in the tight confines of aircraft, the cloth version was a very popular alternative to the bulky metal badge. This version has the fault to the 9 and appears to be a Deschler wreath. GBP £595.00 (UK Pounds)

(S107) A nice condition 1st edition of the book "For Fuhrer & Fatherland, Political and civil Awards of the Third Reich" by LCT John R. Angolia Vol. 2. Very hard to find nowadays. One of the first reference works to come out on the subject of German Medals, showing both the fronts and backs of most Political and civil awards. A must for any medal collector of political and civil awards. The inside on has had the brown paper cover removed so priced for this. GBP £45.00 (UK Pounds)

(S132) A Cased War Merit Cross 1st Class With Swords. The cross appears to be an unmarked No. 1 and may possibly be one from the Deschler hoard that was recently discovered. The cross has oxidised as can be seen from the scan, but still shows some of its frosted and burnished finish under the oxidisation. The cross is of standard construction with a separately applied hinge and hook. It appears to be of earlier metal. The case which is the two piece hinged type, opened by a press stud, has the emblem in silver block to the black lid. The press stud is magnetic as is the hinge. The case is a standard KB type. GBP £225.00 (UK Pounds)

(S148) A Nice Near Mint example of an unmounted RVD Kiew Arm Eagle. This is for the State Traffic Directorate. The eagle is complete with its original backing uncut, as the eagle has not been used or worn. Very nice to find. This is for the key town of Kiev in the Ukraine and as such, these are shortlived and scarcely issued arm eagle. GBP £47.50 (UK Pounds)

(S156) A Nice example of one of the German Volks Deutsch Groups Badges, this is for the Slovenian Steirischer Heimatbund. Which shows their national emblem of a dragon on a green shield with a swastika above. The badge is the larger size being approximately 3 cm in diameter. The badge is also made from plastic and has a rusted pin to the reverse. Becoming exceedingly hard to find these foreign German groups badges that were outside the reich. An illustration of this badge can be found in the book "Foreign Legions of the Third Reich" by David Littlejohn Vol 4 on page 379. Priced for condition. GBP £75.00 (UK Pounds)

(S187) A German and Italian Aircraft Identification Book, boasting that it is the only complete illustrated record. Printed by the firm of Hutchinsons, the book has had the dust cover ripped and taped along the spine. Other than this, the only other damage is where someone has stuck a label inside it, saying Ex-libris etc. The book has 164 drawings and illustrations and shows a high proportion of the German WWII aircraft. I believe the book to be made in about 1944. Scarce to find and an interesting booklet. GBP £10.00 (UK Pounds)

(S296) A German Third Reich Luftwaffe" Jagdgeschwader Udet" Cuff Band for the Other Ranks. The band is of standard quality and construction, being a dark blue woollen band with white lettering machine embroidered onto it. The title is 39 cm approx in length and about 3.4 cm wide. To the reverse where the naming is embroidered, it has been re-inforced with a black cotton. There are no moth nips, or loss of the nap of the band , The band is a nice example and a veteran bringback. A Nice find. Used and worn this one has been sown up Priced for condition. GBP £295.00 (UK Pounds)


(Q2) A length of Iron Cross 2nd Class 1939 ribbon of Red,White and Black. The ribbon is near mint and measures 28cm long, Enough for two awards. GBP £ 9.99 (UK Pounds)

(Q100) A full length of War Merit Cross ribbon. The ribbon is about 25 cm long and 3 cm wide. In mint condition we have a limited supply. GBP £6.00 (UK Pounds)
(MEDAL-CASES) Over the years we have had many collectors and dealers ask if we can supply replacement boxes and award cases for their medals. Also, others have asked what the best method of storage is for their investment. We have been approached by several suppliers of replacement cases, unfortunately, we have found the cases to be either of poor quality or priced far too highly, or both. However, one of the worlds leading suppliers of Third Reich Replacement Orders, medals and badge cases makers has recently got in touch with us and has offered to supply us with their products. We have found these examples to be of good quality and affordable. These cases offer real value for money, as not only do they protect your investment, but also show off the award to its best and the cases highly replicate the original award cases. This makes for a cracking display, they are good for storage and movement into the bargain. With some original cases costing several hundreds of pounds this means adding a case can be affordable, as well as practical. For more details please click on the image on the left

(Stickers) Part of a group of items, these sticker were used by the German police to show they had checked buildings for survivors and secured the premises. The stickers have 100% of their glue to the reverse and measure approx 15cm by 15cm. Priced at £3.00 each but for 10 or more they are priced at £2.50 each


On Kindle For the First Time
(This is an E BOOK)
A Collectors Guide to
"Third Reich Fake Medals and Badges" (Vol 1 Army War Badges),

This guide has been put together to help collectors and investors of Third Reich Medals Badges and Awards, avoid these items . Through this small purchase, you can save the cost of the book and gain a whole wealth of valuable information!! This is the first time this publication has been offered in this format, since the book was published in 2005 and was a near instant sellout.

GBP £6.56 (UK Pounds)

(K1237) A Large selection of a German Day Badge showing a man holding some ski's marching. I cannot remember where I have seen this badge but I think it was an SA Ski /whw Tradition Badge. The badge is in pressed silver metal and is of very nice quality and construction.

GBP £10.00 (UK Pounds) Each

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