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(CS488) A RAD Man's Hewer being of standard construction with a staghorn grip and fixed with two screws to a nickel silver hilt, with a nice symeter style blade. The hewer as a working tool, has been used and worn, probably chopping wood and other camping activities. The blade has got several nicks and dings to it. It also still has its original motto etched into it and is maker marked Gottleib Hammesfahr Solligen and shows a pyramid trade mark. It is also Ges Gesch and RADL marked within a triangle. The scabbard is used and worn and has lost most of its black oxidised finish. The nickel silver fittings have oxidised and tarnished, but there has been no de-nazidifacation attempts. This dagger could probably do with a bit of tender restoration.
GBP 600.00 (UK Pounds)

(H448) An Army Officer's Dagger. The dagger is a late war grey zinc and steel example. The blade is marked WCK and has the knight's helmet trademark. The orange grip shows a couple of cracks and the zinc pommel has been overtightened causing the leather washer to split. I have not tried to force this, so don't know whether it will actually undo. The blade is clouded but not rusted. The fittings of crossguard and pommel are zinc, whereas the band is steel. The scabbard has one dent where it looks like it was caught in a car door and has lost most of it's silvered finish with some powder rusting. Visually, the dagger looks fine and is a late war example. GBP 250.00 (UK Pounds)

(R19) A Nice example of a would be Mint German Army Officer's Dagger. The dagger was surrendered in May 1945 and has been hung up on a wall for many many years after this event. The downside to this is that the silver brockade has adversely affected the reverse crossguard where it has oxidised and pitted into the metal. The upside is that the dagger is near mint apart from this. The dagger has a nice white grip and has its original portee knot and straps that are backed in green velvet. The straps are nice and clean and show minimal wear and tear. The dagger still retains much of its original silvered finish. The dagger loops actually slide off the scabbard, showing the steel finish underneath. The blade which is nice and clean, has the maker's trademark of AES, a maker not often encountered. The dagger could probably do with a minor clean, but it is still in very nice condition. From the front, the dagger is as mint as you can get. A superb untouched example, worthy of any collection. Priced for pitting damage. GBP 450.00 (UK Pounds)

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