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(T511) A Very Interesting and Rare Photograph Album. To look at the brown outer cover, you would think this is an unassuming album, but the album has a few surprises in store. The album is to a member of the BDM/RAD and starts off with the wording Ein Volk Ein Reich and with the date 13th March 1938. And the Girl appears to be Austrian The next page has a signed postcard photograph of Adolf Hitler, with the caption below of Ein Fuhrer. This signature is one of the presents that Hitler used to give out when he visited the youth of Germany, he would sign photo's and postcards of himself. This one was obviously treasured by this lady, who very dramatically put the slogan stated in the beginning. The postcard of Hitler shows him wearing his suit, with the NSDAP tie pin to the tie. He is looking to the right as you look at the picture. This postcard is in good condition and has been stuck into the album, as have all the pictures. It is my belief that at some time someone has tried to remove the picture as there is small tear in the card to the black background, as can be seen from the scan. The album then goes on showing life in the BDM for the young lady and there is also some of her insignia as well as drawings stuck in along with the photos. The photos show several members of the female BDM/RAD members wearing their service brooches also.You have her HJ area triangle for "Sud Ost Karnten", as well as the HJ Sports Emblem stuck in. There are approximately 100 photo's including the signed one. There are also some hand drawings, a few water colours, showing life, festivals, scenic views etc. There are also notations throughout the album of places and people. Another couple of pieces of insignia to mention in the album are the RAD Service Shield for the 22nd Female RAD Unit and the "RJA bevo woven Sports Badge". The album finishes in 1944 and there are some notations at the very back with the wording "und geht die sonne nicht unter". All are in nice condition and a very unusual and rare album to find. GBP 2250.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS29) A Tailor's supply of German Bullion Tress. This bullion tress is mounted onto a piece of card as can be seen. It is for the army style eppaulettes etc. A very unusual item to acquire now. Ideal for those wishing to mend, replace etc with original material We are going to sell this off in lengths of 6 inches at per piece.. GBP 5.00 (UK Pounds)

(R444) A German Reichskarte that is in reasonable condition, with its outer cover that is used and worn. The approximate size when unfolded is 1.60 m by 120 m high. The map shows the extent of the new German Reich encompassing Bohmen and Mahren as well as the general government of Poland, Danzig and part of the French Elsass and Luxemburg. The map is in very nice condition and is worthy of framing. The map is in very nice condition in 5 colours and is in the scale of 1- 1000,000. A very interesting find! GBP 75.00 (UK Pounds)

(CA1) A very rare and unique oppotunity to acquire a Museum Quality made award document for the 1944 July Bomb Plot Badge. This citation was handmade using proper watered parchment, in the correct manner as the original, and is one of only a few of these that were made in the early 1980`s. The citation replicates all the details down to the letter with only the embossed seal done in a different way. This award document is made out to " General der Artillerie Walter Warlimont" and is correctly done for his '20 July 1944' Wound Badge in the Black Class, and was copied directly from his original document. We can supply with this document, a nice picture of Walter Warlimont, and also a picture of an original 20th July 1944 Wound Badge to go along with the citation if required. This would make a great framed centerpiece for any wound badge collection. Priced for rarirty and condition GBP 500.00 (UK Pounds)

(CA2) A very rare and unique oppotunity to acquire the signed surrender document of " General der Artillerie Walter Warlimont" . This document is Dated September 1945 . and he was a holder of the very rare July Wound Badge for 1944. . We can supply with this document, a nice picture of Walter Warlimont, and also a picture of an original 20th July 1944 Wound Badge to go along with the paper if required. This would make a great framed centerpiece for any wound badge collection. Priced for rarirty and condition GBP 1250.00 (UK Pounds)

(T298) A Nice Early Near Mint example of a General German Automobile Organisations Bronze Sports Achievement Badge. The badge shows the lettering DAAK with an eagle to the centre around an oakleaf wreath. The badge is in virtually mint condition and came in an original gasoline packet with the makers name Josef Bergs and Co. which was probably why the medal is in such nice condition still as it was purchased wrapped in this. The quality of the badge is excellent and it is of solid construction with more of a jewellery pin and hook as shown in the Niemann book. GBP 150.00 (UK Pounds) Please also see the Map set below for a deal

(T299) A Collection of German DDAK Driving Routes through Italy. These have the German automobile club badge to the top and show various routes throughout Italy, Details include the mileage it will take to get from one route to another, as well as notations to the reverse. These are all in German and were used before the war for driving holidays and such like. There are 24 of which 12 have the swastika'd DDAK emblem to the corner. The other 12 have the earlier Deutsche Automobile club badge logo. Very rare and unusual items. Ideal display with the above badge of T298 GBP 45.00, (UK Pounds) If this and the above are brought together we can offer the set at 175.00 (UK Pounds) for this and the badge.

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