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(CS441) A Selection of Cigarette Cards from the series "Viele rauchen Eilebrecht Erzeugnisse". The cards are in black and white and have captions underneath with their series number. Several are military orientated. There are approximately 18 cards. All are in good condition. For the lot GBP 10.00 (UK Pounds)

(J1470) A Beer Stein from the 118 Infantry Regiment in Mainz with an eagle and iron cross design to the lid and the imperial German eagle to the main stein's design. The wording on it says in German " We Germans are frightened of God and nothing else in this world". To the lid, it's also engraved and dated August 1899. A superb and unusual piece complete with it's pewter lid. A very good design and amazing condition for it's age. Recently acquired from a German house clearance agent, the stein was in amongst a pile of old german Luftwaffe and NSFK insignia GBP 199.00 (UK Pounds)

(R218) A Medal Sample Board that were sold at the end of the war by German medal manufacturer's to fund their economy. The board consists of several awards all in nice overall condition and would be a good basis for starting a collection. The board contains 16 items, starting off with a War Merit Cross, a Miniature 1st October Medal, a Female RAD Cap Emblem, only one pin intact, a RAD Female Brooch, a Black Wound Badge magnetic in near mint, a RAD Service Medal for 4 Years service, a Pair of Ribbon Bars for an iron cross and cross of honour, a Police 25 Year Service Cross in gilt, a Prague Castle Bar, a Luftwaffe Shooting Lanyard, a RLB Cap Badge, another RLB Cap Badge, another Female RAD Brooch, a West Wall Medal, A Stickpin Infantry Assault Badge and a Driver's Badge in Silver. Apart from the RAD Brooch, all are in Very good condition, though the police cross has age staining to it and one of the RAD throat badges has minor rusting. For the set GBP 550.00 (UK Pounds)

(R444) A German Reichskarte that is in reasonable condition, with its outer cover that is used and worn. The approximate size when unfolded is 1.60 m by 120 m high. The map shows the extent of the new German Reich encompassing Bohmen and Mahren as well as the general government of Poland, Danzig and part of the French Elsass and Luxemburg. The map is in very nice condition and is worthy of framing. The map is in very nice condition in 5 colours and is in the scale of 1- 1000,000. A very interesting find! GBP 75.00 (UK Pounds)

(S169) An Unusual German Ashtray marked at the base Emslandhaus. The ashtray is made from solid marble. To each corner, it has the SA design engraved into the marble and there is four cigarette holders ie cut ins. The ashtray is of very nice quality and weighs approximately 2.3 Kilos. With it, comes a postcard from the Emslandhaus, showing the main dining room, with the word Emslandhaus again. To the ashtray, there is a scuff on the underside on one of the corners, and there is also a sliver missing to the centre, but this has been polished out, possibly when made. A Very unusual item, ideal for historical display, or film enactment etc. A good talking piece. Priced for condition. Post free in UK GBP 225.00 (UK Pounds)
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