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(V364) Probably one of the Rarest and most desirable pieces of Third Reich Memorabilia, being a Deutschland Erwache Standard. This multi-piece constructed silk Flag has the lettering individually applied in two lines, with a single white circle flanked with silver bullion with a black swastika, which is highlighted with two silver tresses in a tramline on either edge of the swastika. Around the edge is an alternate black, white and red woollen tassel. The colour due to age and the elements, has been affected, as to be expected and has also pulled the silk in, again which is to be expected, giving it a blackish hue in places. To the reverse side, there is the wording Nat. Soz. Deutsche Arbeiterpartei and then to the base Sturmabteilung. These are all in white and edged in black letters. Again, there is the swastika on the roundel and there is also the leather protector in red, machined to the top, where it would rub against the pole. This again, has aged like the front side and has staining. This banner matches those seen in private collections and in museums and is believed to be one of the first of the 590 to be made. An extremely rare piece of history. GBP 25,000.00 (UK Pounds)

(CS1210) An Unused NSDAP Party Headed Note Paper Page that has the party badge emblem printed to the top of the paper and the nsdap German worker's title to the top. It also has Berlin and the wording Gauleitung, as well as the address etc all printed in black ink. The page is unfolded and is in very nice condition. An ideal film prop or museum display. GBP 15.00 (UK Pounds)
(T511) A Very Interesting and Rare Photograph Album. To look at the brown outer cover, you would think this is an unassuming album, but the album has a few surprises in store. The album is to a member of the BDM/RAD and starts off with the wording Ein Volk Ein Reich and with the date 13th March 1938. And the Girl appears to be Austrian The next page has a signed postcard photograph of Adolf Hitler, with the caption below of Ein Fuhrer. This signature is one of the presents that Hitler used to give out when he visited the youth of Germany, he would sign photo's and postcards of himself. This one was obviously treasured by this lady, who very dramatically put the slogan stated in the beginning. The postcard of Hitler shows him wearing his suit, with the NSDAP tie pin to the tie. He is looking to the right as you look at the picture. This postcard is in good condition and has been stuck into the album, as have all the pictures. It is my belief that at some time someone has tried to remove the picture as there is small tear in the card to the black background, as can be seen from the scan. The album then goes on showing life in the BDM for the young lady and there is also some of her insignia as well as drawings stuck in along with the photos. The photos show several members of the female BDM/RAD members wearing their service brooches also.You have her HJ area triangle for "Sud Ost Karnten", as well as the HJ Sports Emblem stuck in. There are approximately 100 photo's including the signed one. There are also some hand drawings, a few water colours, showing life, festivals, scenic views etc. There are also notations throughout the album of places and people. Another couple of pieces of insignia to mention in the album are the RAD Service Shield for the 22nd Female RAD Unit and the "RJA bevo woven Sports Badge". The album finishes in 1944 and there are some notations at the very back with the wording "und geht die sonne nicht unter". All are in nice condition and a very unusual and rare album to find. GBP 2250.00 (UK Pounds)
(T581) A German Table Knife from the silver tableware of Albert Speer. The table knife is approximately 25.5 cm long and is marked on the handle 800, as well as, to the other side, a crescent, a crown and what appears to be a knight's head. The blade is marked with two dancing stick men and "nicht rostend". The handle also has at the base an intertwined AS initials as designed by Albert Speer for use on his personal cutlery. This is one of the known designs of his tablewear. The knife is in very clean condition and has been polished as can be seen from the picture. GBP 600.00 (UK Pounds)

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