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Many people have been sending us British Fascist badges and links to these badge and asking if they are real,
Most of these are copies, Many are showing up on "Ebay" and other auction sites as well as general militaria auctions , All three patterns as well as Rank badges are being made These badges are made in England and can be brought for under 20.00 each from the original Reproduction maker, , I have attached a page from his catalogue and also show the reverse of a couple of fake badges for you to see. Also I have shown the reverse of an Officers badge next to a real ordinary membership badge for comparisons.
As a general Rule any of the first pattern Kings Crown with a button stud fixing marked by Gaunts is a copy , On the 2nd pattern by Gaunts, If it has the same pin/hinge fitting as the 3rd pattern it is also a copy, and avoid any 3rd patterns beginning with the 19000 + series

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