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Third Reich Medals offer
A German rare to find German Soldbuch & paper work

(GH31) A rare to find German Soldbuch & paper work groupig to an Officer Cadet at Metz Schule VI who was there during the famous Metz battle and entitled to the rare cuff band for "Metz 1944". The book also comes with a authorized slip to wear the award being numbered 26, Giving him entitlement to wear said band whilst at the Schule. But if he transferred out, the cuffband is to be removed & returned. So the band is more a tradition badge than an award cuff title. The Soldbuch also contains the following infomation on Wiard Müller, was born on 15 October 1922 in Engerhafe, his parents were Johann and Else Müller. The book shows he received a SA Sportabzeichen in bronze on 12 November 1940. He initially served in the 4th Battery of Heavy Artillery in Replacement Battalion II, of Artillerie-Regiment 211, being located in Düsseldorf, and later in the 1st Division of Artillerie-Ersatz-Abteilung (Artillery Replacement Department) 211 in Aachen. He received the rank of Gefreiter on 1 October 1942. On 29 January 1943, he was transferred to Artillerie Regiment 195, which, at that time, was intended to be move on to Russia, and attached to the Army Group Centre in the town of Rzhev. On 1 March 1943, Müller was promoted to the rank of Unteroffizier. That same month he was shot and wounded. He was sent to Reserve Lazarett Ostrow and recovered from his wound and received a Wound Badge in Black Grade. From April to May of 1943, Müller moved to Reserve Lazarett Ausburg to recover from nerve and mental illnesses. He was also awarded with an Iron Cross, II Class. Müller seems to have been wounded again and sent to Reserve Lazarett Mölln for bullet wounds. He received a promotion to Wachtmeister R.O.B. (Reserve Offizier Berweber / Applicant for a reserve officers' commission) on 1 August 1943. Early in 1944 he was again in hospital for tonsillitis. In July, he joined his reserve unit Artillerie Ersatz Abteilung 211. Müller ended the war serving in the Schule VI für Fahnenjunker der Infanterie (School for Officer Cadets) in Metz. He was promoted to Fahnenjunker d.R. on 19 October 1944 and then to Leutnant d.R. on 20 April 1945. Wiard Müller didn't took part in the combat for Metz back in Sept.1944, and therefore was not awarded with this rare award in the usual sence..... He was though authorized to wear the cuffband during his stay in this school, Also of note is his dog tag marked 4 II./A.E.A. 211 Nr 1522 Gr. A GBP £600.00 (UK POUNDS) Of note is the permission slip is shown in the Detlev Niemann 2008 Price Guide on Orders, Decorations, Award Documents, Miniatures & Cases of Issue.

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