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A Grouping of Items belonging to an NSFK Man
(J997) A Grouping of Items belonging to an NSFK Man. The grouping consists of firstly his Glider pilots badge his Glider Pilot's Licence, that has been partially de-nazified and it gives him the registration number of 338 and is dated 9 June 1941 for Hannover and shows a picture of the recipient. It also gives the date of 31 May 1938 and his original number of 244, so I cannot explain why he has been re-numbered. The pass is well filled out and has many interesting entries. Then there is an NSFK Flight Book number 6, which again, is well filled out and to the same man. This has many flights listed and is dated from 1943-1944 and shows he did over 1023 glider flights! Then there is a Flight Record Book, dated from 1942 and states that he held the glider pilots class G1, he was also holder of class S and C, a member of the NSFK group 3 Nordwest and there are many flights noted in this book, as well as places of departure, landing etc. Then there is an Interim Certificate for a class A2 glider qualification to show competancy. His occupation is described as a Glider Pilot in this and this pass has a date of 10.12.44 when it ran out or expired. There is also another pass that lists again, glider qualifications class 1 and 2, and this is dated 1952. Then there are the books that came with the group, two of which have his name inside in pen. The first book is "DAS NS-FLIEGERKORPS" and this was printed in 1942. It is complete with pictures of Hitler and the other hierachy. The book is in very good condition and nicely bound, it has many fascinating photographs of life in the NSFK. Then there is the book "STUKAS" which has a personal paper insert stuck on the inside at the front of the book. It was given for exemplary employment in the NS Flying Corps. This is signed by the NSFK Gruppenfuhrer for the NSFK group 3 Norwest dated 1941. Again, this is a well illustrated book and nicely bound and in good clean condition. Then comes the book "HANDBUCH DES SEGELFLIEGENS". This is dated 1938 and has lots of technical aspects to the glider pilots including a section on the badges, some of the people etc. Then comes the book "Der Segelflug im Wettbewerb Der Völker". This again has many pictured about gliders, from around the world. The book is dated 1941. The next book is called "Gleitflug und Gleitflugzeuge". This book has again many technical aspects about gliders from their conception right the way through to modern Germany. It has three pull out pages with plans on how to build your glider and arrange steering gear etc etc. It is very detailed. Finally, there is a bound volume of "Flugsport" dated from 1933 right the way through the year. This again gives much technical information on plane, plane types, parachutes etc. Too numerous to mention. All books are in very good condition. The last one is the worst condition of all where it has been composite bound. . Also with this grouping, there was a Luftwaffe Cloth White Embroidered Three Gulls within a Wreath, an NSFK Tunic Flying Man, an SA Sports Badge in Bronze, that is numbered 222825, this has had the tip of the hook broken off but is not too bad. The badge is of early construction and appears gold but I would say it is bronze having been overcleaned at some time. Then there is a War Merit Cross 2nd Class with Swords, this is the later type of base zinc. A Zinc Glider Pilots badge Finally, a Civilian wear NSFK Lapel Badge. A superb grouping worthy of further research. The total weight of the grouping is 5 kilos

GBP £2500.00 (UK Pounds)

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