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(L361) A Superb and rarely encountered 1957 Knights Cross of the Iron Cross Grouping. The Knights cross comes complete with the original holders 1957 Wehrpass which has the original holders details written in, as well as confirming his other awards. The gentlemans name was Helmut Banaski and he originally won his knights cross fighting against the Russians during the closing months of the war. He went on to serve with the West German forces, enlisting in 1959. His awards were as follows, Iron Cross 2nd Class, Russian Front Medal, Infantry Assault Badge in Silver, Iron Cross 1st Class, Black Wound Badge, Knights Cross of the Iron Cross, Bronze Close Combat Clasp. His last promotion was made in 1963 where he became a Captain. There are a couple of other pieces of paperwork that state he was born in 1921 and this would make him about 40 when his wehrpass photographs were taken. Also along with this comes A 1957 Court Mounted Pair being an Iron Cross 2nd Class with a Russian Front Medal. Both are nice Early '57 issue with the medal mounting using up original Third Reich materials. The quality of this grouping is superb, with the iron cross being the early magnetic centred type, A Bronze Close Combat Clasp, An Iron Cross 1st Class 1957 for 1939. The cross is in near mint condition and utilises wartime parts, mostly the frame, hinge, pin and hook with only the magnetic centre being replaced. The frame still retains a high percentage of its original frosted and burnished finish and probably would clean up if so desired. Of superb quality and construction, it rivals its war time counterpart and these are much more scarce to acquire and A 1957 Black Wound Badge being of pressed non-magnetic metal and utilising wartime hinge and hook The pin is of West German manufacture. The award is virtually mint condition. All in Good to very good condition

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