Jamie Cross Militaria 
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(L972) Some German Banknotes being the 1 Reichsmark military issue Note as instituted by the Allied government. This item along with some others were removed by a Canadian at the end of the war along with a flag and some other badges and medals. The Canadian soldier was called Alfie Miller and the story goes from the son. "My dad was with the1st Company, Canadian Army Forestry Corp. After he was shipped from Halifax, he was stationed in Scotland near Inverness for a while, and then in '44 was transfered to the 21st British Battalion in NW Europe where they were involved in pushing back the Germans out of Belgium and Holland. The story goes that in a town they were liberating in Belgium, dad saw the flag that you now have on a building and when him and some of the boys were clearing the building, he took the flag by hanging out a window and taking it down. Some of the articles were taken from a couple of officers that were captured in another building, and some were given by the prisoners as barter for a little more food." These are dated 1944 and priced Each at

GBP 2.50 (UK Pounds)