Jamie Cross Militaria 
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(M213) A Large Mountain Group of Photographs to a member of the 11th.KP.GWB.JAG.REG 99 consisting of over 170 photographs ranging from the invasion of France through to capturing prisoners, several action shots of river scaling, occupation, mountain shots, marching troops, parades etc. There are also some pre war RAD photographs in amongst the grouping. Then there are two Award Documents made out to an Obergefreiter Thomas Zint. One is for the iron cross 2nd class, and this is nicely hand inscribed and signed by General Major and Divisional Commander (General der Gebirgstruppen) Hubert Lanz (22 May 1896 15 August 1982 And Holder of the Knights Cross with Oakleaves ). and awarded on the 23.7.1941. Then there is an Award Citation for the Black Wound Badge dated 13.9.1941. This is signed by a Major and Battalion Commander. Both citations have good stampings to them. The iron cross documents is nice in that it has the KDO.1. GEB.DIV. which is a very nice stamping to acquire along with the pen signature. There is also a preliminary letter regarding the wound badge made out to a Thomas Zint. This again is signed by the major and commander DES III.GEB.JAG.REG99. This is folded but in good condition. Then there is a feldpost Postcard showing the march of this division from the 10.5.40 to 10.7.1940 through France. There is also a Telegram saying that Thomas Zint has been killed in action on the 27.1.1945. A post Card photo of him wearing his EKII, Black Wound badge, Infantry Assault badge and the medal for the Crusade against Comunisum, There is also a letter to his Father dated 1936, a couple more Postcards sent to Ludwig Zint. A blank service book., German KenKarte to Josef Zint dated 15.9.1946 and then 6 WWI Postcards showing Josef Zint in various WWI uniforms. There are lots of other items including feldpost letters. This is a superb family group, worthy of lots of research, with two citations signed by an important WWII General who was arrested for war crimes at the end of WWII. The group was acquired from a collector in Denmark.

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