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(MB14) A Nice example of a NSDAP Armband being the type worn by a leader of the NSDAP at National level. The armband has a black swastika on a silk ribbed white base which is edged in a gold border which is over 1.5 mm wide. Onto the edge of the band is a cord with gold oak leaves woven into it which is 20 mm wide. The red cloth has suffered an ink stain at some time which has soaked into both the band and the white roundel. It has faded over the years but is obviously still noticable. The band aslo has the maker's label still attached. This has been water stained in places. The band is unsewn and was part of a group of items picked up at the end of the war by a British Serviceman and stored away and have only recently come on to the market. Other than the staining, this armband is in very good condition and shows no moth marks.

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