Jamie Cross Militaria 
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(N811) A Family Grouping to a Father and Son. There is the father's Military Pass and Soldbuch which shows he served in the 4th company of 108 moving over to the MGK108 from 1916. The books are well filled out with many entries and shows the father was involved in the fighting at the Somme amongst other places. There is also a 100 Deutsche Mark note, a couple of post war well stamped Insurance Passes from the 1919/1920 period, a Collecting Book that has a stamp from 1959, then there are a couple of pieces of paperwork relating to the 1940's. There is also a Hitler Youth Record Book to the son which has both his photograph affixed and stamped in. There are many entries throughout the record book showing his entitlement to the badges. There is also a Postwar Confirmation Card, a Hitler Youth Identification Document for the camp of 1940 for the unit FAHNLEIN 13/81. Then a Hitler Youth Pass again with his photograph with many entries and stampings. The last item in this grouping is an Hitler Youth Silver Marksman's Badge with the silver border around the edge. A nice comprehensive grouping to one family.

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