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(N901) An SS Dog Tag to a member of the 14th Galacian SS Volunteer Division being a member of the signals company. The tag has the man's regimental number of 161 as well as this other information. The tag was recently recovered in the Ukraine last Summer along with a few other tags. In very good condition.

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This SHAEF report and analysis of the German Allgemeine (General) SS is fundamental to any study of this sinister branch of the Nazi party.It looks at the history and development of the Allgemeine SS, together with its leader Heinrich Himmler's involvement.The history is traced in some detail, as is the eventual separation of the Allgemeine SS and Waffen (Armed) SS.The organisation is broken down into all of its many parts, and each Department (Abschnitt) receives detailed treatment.The book also contains details of the SS Fuehrungshauptamt (the High Command of the SS) and its branches, particularly the Economic and Administrative Department (which ran the concentration camps) and the infamous Race and Resettlement Branch.It was in this latter branch that Hildebrand and Eichmann planned and carried out the movement of the Jews to the death camps.The two-volume book (bound in one volume)also looks at the interesting phenomenon of the steady SS infiltration into all aspects of government in the Third Reich, and the way in which Himmler was building a second inner state within Hitler's Germany. This book is essential to researchers ,and is also highly recommended to anyone who needs to know what really was going on in Himmler's monstrous Police State. To purchase your copy please click on the link (Picture) to the left

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