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A Superb example of a German Knights Cross of the Iron Cross by Steinhauer and Luck

(S732) A Nice & Clean example of a Cased Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross. The cross is a Steinhauer and Luck "800" silver marked example. The medal loop on this is "935" Silver markedvexample. The cross has a nice magnetic core with a nice high swastika. The frame does not have the tiny dots to the right hand arm or any webbing faults or loss of definition to the frame, as can be seen from the scan. . The cross is of standard early manufacture and comes complete with a length of ribbon that has had the ends sewn over with, again, Iron Cross ribbon tabs The ribbon is approximately 16 inches long with the tabs being about 12 inches at each end. The cross probably dates from the 1939/41 period and shows wear and tear but is still in great shape. The case is of sold wood construction with a cut out for the cross and section for the ribbon. The silk white underside is nice and clean, but the hinge cover has split. There is no glow to the silk and it has a capoc type filling underthe lid to it. The black base has been pulled out and shows the correct aging to it. The hinge is brass with a steel rod and the press stud is again non-magnetic though the catch and plate are. All in all a nice set, that would be hard to better. Scarce to find an early issued item . GBP 10500.00 (UK Pounds)
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