ORIGINAL GERMAN THIRD REICH Superb "The German Close Combat Clasp of World War Two" by Thomas Durante. FOR SALE FROM WWW.THIRDREICHMEDALS.COM
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A Brand New of the book
"The German Close Combat Clasp of World War Two" by Thomas Durante.

(S770) A Brand New book "The German Close Combat Clasp of World War Two" Edition 2 by Thomas Durante. This comprehensive guide illustrates the various makers of the Army Close Combat Clasp, Germany's highest combat decoration of World War II. THe Gold Grades were awarded by Hitler and other High Ranking Leaders. Each maker is methodically presented along with every respective variation produced in unrivalled detail and clarity. The seemingly endless variants of the enigmatic A.G.M.u.K. clasp are systematically and completely catalogued as never before. Previously unknown makers of three types of unmarked Close Combat Clasps are also identified and evidence is meticulously displayed for the first time in this volume. Award cases, documents, miniatures, and the variants of the elusive Gold Presentation Clasp are also studied and supplememnted by many never before seen photographs in this all-encompassing work. The book covers over 646 pages, and is brand new revised and expanded . If you are going to buy a Clasp this book is a must have, as it not only outlines the makers but covers why and how the award was won. We have a limited supply, so it's on a first come first served basis. Also import duty and vat charges from the USA have been paid for and we can supply you a brand new copy, post free to the UK collectors. GBP 86.00 (UK Pounds) whilst this stock lasts. To get your copy, Just e mail us


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