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(MC6) A British NCO's Ring for a colour Sergeant Major, showing the British governmental crest with what appears to be a Victorian crown. The ring looks like the type manufactured in the near East and is of two part construction. Nice unusual item. This was part of a group picked up by someone who was obviously in charge of de-nazification or had light fingers!
GBP 35.00 (UK Pounds)

(R425) A Nice Finnish Campaign Ring for the Petsamo area, showing as the central design, the reindeer, the lettering Petsamo and the date 1941-42. The ring is of bronze/brass metal and has the internal diameter of approximately 21 mm. A nice item to acquire. GBP 55.00 (UK Pounds)


(CS23) A WWII British Army issued Watch by the company Moeris. The watch is Swiss made and has the usual aging to the dial with the dial having a secondary face for the seconds. To the reverse, the watch is marked "Waterproof, stainless steel back 2659103" and it is also engraved with the army acceptance mark A.T.P. Which stands for army time piece, also the number 58692. The watch is in working condition and has recently been cleaned and serviced. Having said this, the watch will probably lose between 1-2 minutes per day compared to a modern watch and is sold more as a historical item than a timepiece. A nice British army watch to find. It comes on a modern British army canvas watch strap. GBP 175.00 (UK Pounds)

(JC272) A nice example of the Amphibian branded Vostok made RUSSIAN USSR Wrist Watch with a dark blue face. The watch is the type with the SS Case and is in very nice overall condition. These watches were for commanding officers of fighter aircraft, ships, boats etc and are highly sought after by watch collectors. Dating from the 1970's period, the watch has a personalised engraving to it dated 1984. The watch is an 18 jewelled movement and marked as such. There is some wear and tear to the glass but nothing to serious. The watch is serial numbered to the reverse 2209 and also has the amphibian mark to it. This is in English whereas the front is all in Russian, which makes me think that the watch has been serviced and overhauled in the last few years. It keeps very good time and is supposedly waterproof up to 200 metres and shock proof. This cannot be verified. A nice scarce watch. We have put a new leather strap on it. The watch is ready for wear. GBP 75.00 (UK Pounds)

(JC575) A German Army Issue world war two Wrist Watch by the Swiss company Helvetia. Manufactured for the German armed forces, these watches were made to order and not aquired from stock. The watch has a new leather strap fitted and has been cleaned and serviced. The face is nice and clean and the case has a little wear and tear but nothing to bad. The watch is in full working order and usable if so required. The watch to the reverse is marked 3190 & D19188H which is a low number making it an early issue Wehrmacht watch, the serial number relates to the enlisted man's pay book, each soldier was issued a watch and it was their sole responsibilty to ensure its safekeeping. As this number is below 300 000 it is the common consensus that it is a relative early issue. Coding the watches only started just prior to the outbreak of war - before this, there was no common coding system. It uses the AS1130 Swiss made hand wound movement commonly referred to as the 'Wehrmachtwerk' or army movement. The D translates to Dienstuhr 'Service Watch' and the H 'Heer' meaning Army - taken together 'Service watch army' Very nice to find GBP 295.00 (UK Pounds)

(JC576) A Nice and rare to find East German Mens Wrist watch being a mechanical (with manual winding) wristwatch thats maker marked "GUB GLASHUTTE" & "Stossoesichert" from the 1950's. The watch was to be worn by the Military within the "GDR GERMAN DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC". The watch has an original chrome case and back stainless steel cover and is in nice condition with a Domed glass front that is plastic and thats unscratched. The wrist Watch is serial numbered to the reverse and the watch has original high-grade movement with rare caliber 60-279554 - it also signed GUB. The case has usual wear and tear but all in all a hard to fine East German Wrist Watch from Early on in the 1950 and made by one of the East German Watch Companys taken over by the State. The watch works well and come with a nice new wrist strap.
Sizes of watch:
Diameter of the case with crown: 35 mm. Diameter of the case: 33 mm. Diameter of the dial: 29 mm. Thickness: 11 mm. Watchband is added in a gift, size: 16 mm GBP 225.00 . (UK Pounds)

(JC583) A world war two Russian (USSR) "Sauce pan" Wrist watch (KIROVSKIE SOVIET WATCH 1940 komandirskie kirova 1MChZ) . The watch was originally a pocket watch but due to the change in the 1930`s it was adapted for wear on the wrist. This type of watch often called the Kirova First Type was then issued to USSR officers and Political leaders etc . The watch has had a hard life and was a veteran pick up along with some other items. Its in working condition (Which is rare for one of these that has been used and worn) I have had it runing for a few hours and it keeps good time. An ideal collectors or Museum piece. I have not seen one of these for sale for a number of years. GBP 200.00 (UK Pounds)

(JC559) A classic USSR made "S L A V A" man's wrist watch . The watch dates from the 1970's and is an export model for the European market. It has a 21 jewelled (ruby) movement and is in very fine condition, being recently serviced and cleaned . This is a mechanical watch with a hand stem winding and setting of time by a spring wound movement. It is in fully working order and keeps excellent time. The case is classic in design . The glass has been replaced. The strap is also new, and marked Genuine Leather, is black in colour, and made by Nagata and made in Spain . The size of the watch is approx 37 mm in dia without the crown. The blue coloured dial is signed " SLAVA , 21 JEWELS, USSR". A great looking watch

GBP 55.00 (UK Pounds)


(K829) A German issued 5 reichsmark note that was used in P.O.W. Camps. The note has been used, worn and has a period repair to the back. Very unusual to find and given the material and relevance of the item, it is surprising it has lasted this long. This is the first one we have had to offer in 10 years. Taking into account it's age, in very good condition. GBP 25.00 (UK Pounds)

(S585) A Forged White 10.00 Note as manufactured in Operation Bernard, the German attempt to de-stabilize the British currency. These notes were manufactured in a German concentration camp by some of Europe's finest forgers who were all awarded the War Merit Medal !. You can get notes of various denominations up to 50. Most of these were destroyed at the end of the war and they have actually become more valuable than some of the original notes. Only detectable by the fact they made the watermark perfectly and not off centre (typical German manufacture). They actually did a comedy show years ago about this called "Private Schultz". Very rare to find. these notes with Historical relevance today. The note has been used and spent ! GBP 145.00 (UK Pounds)

(K1453) A WWII Set of 3 French two franc Notes. These are what are called Occupation Currency and are 1944 issues. They are all complete and in good condition and priced each at

GBP 3.50 (UK Pounds)

(L695) A Framed selection of German Stamps consisting of 6 loose stamps, a block of 4 being a first day cover, and a Letter with 5 sent to a Scotsman in 1938. Nicely framed up, the size of the frame is about 30 cm by 25 cm. Very nicely done. Ready for display straight away.

GBP 37.50 (UK Pounds)

(L972) Some German Banknotes being the 1 Reichsmark military issue Note as instituted by the Allied government. This item along with some others were removed by a Canadian at the end of the war along with a flag and some other badges and medals. The Canadian soldier was called Alfie Miller and the story goes from the son. "My dad was with the1st Company, Canadian Army Forestry Corp. After he was shipped from Halifax, he was stationed in Scotland near Inverness for a while, and then in '44 was transfered to the 21st British Battalion in NW Europe where they were involved in pushing back the Germans out of Belgium and Holland. The story goes that in a town they were liberating in Belgium, dad saw the flag that you now have on a building and when him and some of the boys were clearing the building, he took the flag by hanging out a window and taking it down. Some of the articles were taken from a couple of officers that were captured in another building, and some were given by the prisoners as barter for a little more food." These are dated 1944 and priced Each at

GBP 2.50 (UK Pounds)

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