Rodolf Souval Awards At Third Reich  
Rodolf Souval Awards At Jamie Cross  
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(V882) A German Post War manufactured Souval Balloon Badge in silver. The badge is of early post war quality being manufactured out of zinc metal with a good silver plating applied. The badge has the classic Souval postwar clip and was probably made in about 1946. Scarce to find. Offered at a fraction of the price of an original. These Souval badges have become popular collectibles in their own right. GBP 150.00 (UK Pounds)

(MC942) A Collector's made SS Officer's Belt Buckle by the well known and prolific reproduction maker Sean Barry West, who used the clover leaf design on many of his badges as well as the WB and S mark. This was manufactured in the 1980's and this style of buckle is desired by many re-enactors as it is visually correct in fittings and construction, close to the original. As many of you know, Sean Barry West's other claim to fame is the assassination of Dirty Den from Eastenders and the fact that he then went to America to seek his fortune. Sadly, this wasn't the case, to put it mildly! GBP 50.00 (UK Pounds)
(V426) A Set of Reproduction German Hermann Goring Shoulder Board Insignia that were used in the film "The Battle of Britain" starring Heinreiss as Herman Goring in this 1969 movie. The shoulder board insignia are of nice quality and construction and even have an issue number or silver number of 800 stamped into the tip of the batons and L20 onto one of the eagle batons. To me, they don't appear to be silver, but I feel they are copied from the original, but don't know why they were stamped 800 when they were made for the film, which makes me suspect they are more than they appear. With this pair comes the book The Battle of Britain, the story of the production of the battle of Britain by Leonard Mosley. The book was printed in 1969. SORRY I AM SOLD 27.7.22

(JT2) A nice and rare to acquire Post War Souval 1939 Grand Cross of the Iron Cross in a hard case of issue. The cross has a non-magnetic centre, and being of very nice quality and construction, but with the low swastika as is often found on his items. The cross is marked "800" to the back of the frame under the eye ring. which dates it from the earlyer 1940's to late 1940s, I believe. The frame is nicely silvered and well finished and burnished . The loop is doubled ended and is "800" silver marked also. The Post war case is a two piece steel hinged case, utilising the war time pattern in red with a gold blocked Eagle to its lid, with a non- magnetic press stud. To the underside of the lid you have the makers name of Rodulf Souval, etc. The ribbon on this example is in my opinion the original war time. It is the rayon type that does not glow, nore melts with heat and measures 27 cm approx . Very hard to find. Super Rare item Originals cost well over 30,000.00 Plus. This is a bargin for such an early historical item SORRY I AM SOLD

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