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(N5) A recently recovered Young Cossack Badge, manufactured from steel. The badge was recovered from the Czech Republic about 3 year ago and has just been sold to me through an indirect source. The badge has had a pin soldered to the reverse but I feel that this was done recently, but there are no signs of the loops. The badge is of stamped steel metal with the remains of a silver plated finish. Very very rare to find an original and similar to the one I had stolen a few years ago.

GBP 750.00 (UK Pounds)

(COMRARE) A Rare 2nd Siberian Cossack Cavalry Regimental Cross.The cross is made of nice tombak metal with blue and yellow enamel.The reverse is maker marked both on the pin and badge. A superb quality item. Rarer than a Knights cross, these crosses gave the holder a one way trip back to Russia at the end of the war, (If he was lucky to A Siberian Labour camp otherwise......) and as such few survive. SORRY I AM LEFT FOR REF (POR)

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