There is not much I can actually say about this item, as there seems to be little reference to them anywhere other than they were awarded/given to members of the 90th Panzer Grenadier division who were in Sardinia and fought a rear guard action against the Allies. The interesting thing is that when given, it was issued with a separate citation that was to be placed into the soldiers record book, to show entitlement to the badge. And only those who were there from the 90th Panzer Grenadier division got the badge.

Shown below is the actual pair of Sardinia shields

The award itself is stamped out of a silvered metal and shows the outline of Sardinia with two towns shown being Olbia and Cagliari to the bottom and a sword at a 45 degree angle across it with the point at the left hand side and the hilt to the bottom right. There is a pin soldered to the reverse at an angle along the reverse of the sword.

Shown below is the reverse of two Sardinia shields

notice the two different pins used

The pin is made from brass stock wire. So far, all those seen have been of the same construction as the one shown. It is believed that the sword placed over the map of Sardinia is to show the combat significance of the 90th .Panzer Grenadier division in Sardinia against the allies Also shown is the only known style of citation (to me anyway) that was issued/given with the badge. The words on the citation translate roughly as "To be placed in the back of the Soldiers book, The holder is a member of the 90th Panzer Grenadier division and carries on the cap the Sardinian shield" This citation is quite small 20 cm by 26.4 cm high and has the divisional stamp of the 90th Panzer Grenadier division to the left hand bottom side of the citation and the wording is in printed in black to it, some times a signature may also be encountered.

Shown below is the only known award citation for the shield and a pair of shield`s



Over the last Year or so many, "New Sardinian Shields" have filterd onto the market place.
Made from good quality metal and stampped as the originals were made, many collectors and dealers have been fooled with this copy.
These award though good are when shown next to an original let down by there soft detail. This Copy example was brought from the
reproduction maker as such and is shown next to an Original Example for Comparision (Original Left)


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